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Who needs brothers when you've got comic books?

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Way brother's one shot. Kind of short. Very slight frerard mentioned.

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"I just don't think you guys are right for each other, Mikey!" Gerard yelled at his brother who was stood in the doorway to his home office. Mikey had barged in while Gerard had been working on The Umbrella Academy. He was doing rough sketches to send to Gabriel. Originally Mikey had just wanted to spend more time with him but Gerard had made the mistake of mentioning how much time Mikey spent with Alicia and the argument just escalated from there.

"I don't care any more if you don't think we're right for each other! I love her and I think she's the one for me Gee. And you know what? This argument isn't even about her! It's about you not spending any time with me anymore. Sure we share the same apartment but I never see you. You're always hiding in here and doing god knows what!" Mikey yelled as his face went red with anger and he flailed his arms around to exaggerate his points.

"She can't be the one Mikey! She's...Well She's.." Gerard stumbled to figure out why he didn't think Alicia, Mikey's new girlfriend, was right for him.

"See Gerard you can't even think of a reason why you hate her. You know what? I think you just hate the fact that I had the balls to ask her out and you can't even tell Frank that you're gay!" Mikey said with a smug smile on his face.

But before Mikey could feel the slight guilt he always got when insulting his brother, Gerard's fist was hitting his face. After the heavy thwack sound died out, both brothers just stood staring at each other. Neither could believe what had just happened. Gerard had never hit Mikey and never thought he could have.

"Well...Clearly you don't want to spend any time with me. I can't believe you hit me Gee. That's just..." Mikey shook his head before leaving the room and eventually the house.

Gerard just slowly made his way back to his desk chair and carefully sat down in a daze. Gerard shook his head and figured (hoped) that Mikey would forgive him eventually. He picked up his pens and went back to his sketch book. Gerard tried to get back to figuring out what number four would look like but his thoughts were just filled with Mikey. He found himself remembering their child hood and all the fond memories he had of just him and Mikey.

After several long moments of thinking Gerard looked down to his sketch book and realized that he had been thoughtlessly drawing the whole time. There Mikey was on paper in cartoon form. He had made Mikey's jaw line a little bit more square but he was still pale with the same dark hair and arched eyebrows. Gerard was shocked. It worked for the character. He had been stuck on Klaus for ever. He had no clue what Klaus would look like or what his powers would be. It was so bad that Gerard had just skipped over him and finished the other characters.

But now Gerard had plenty of inspiration. He decided that he would do this character for Mikey. Gerard already had the looks down now he just needed to figure out Klaus's abilities. Gerard started thinking about their childhood some more. When they had been little and would watch cartoons on Saturday mornings Mikey's favorites had always been the creepy characters. The ones who could see ghosts, talk to them, or anything to do with hauntings.

'Being able to contact the dead would be a cool power.' Gerard thought. He started scribbling that down as he thought of Mikey's thankfully brief obsession with flying when he was younger.

Gerard couldn't count the times he had caught Mikey trying to jump off of things. He would always exclaim the same things as Gerard hauled a six year old Mikey to safety. 'But Gee! I was gonna fly this time!' in a cute, whining, squeaky voice. Gerard thought that the power of levitation might make Mikey's younger dreams come true. Another ability was added to the list, but Gerard wasn't done remembering.

He thought of the first time he showed Mikey the X-Men comic. Mikey's favorite had always been Jean Grey. Gerard found it hilarious that while she was his favorite for the masturbating material, Mikey loved her simply for her powers. He had always thought it was so cool that she could move things with her mind. Gerard could remember that any time Mikey was asked if he could have a super power what would it be, he would always respond with telekinesis. So that was added to his growing list.

Gerard sat lost in his own mind for several hours until he had completed number four. He had added some of Mikey's wit and dark humor to complete Klaus's personality. He was thinking about how he knew more about Klaus than he did any of his other characters, when he heard the TV come on in the living room. He set his material down before slowly making his way to the living room to apologize to his brother.

Gerard stood in the doorway and watched his brother. Mikey was sprawled out over their couch and was icing his slightly swollen cheek. Gerard silently made his way through the room and sat down by Mikey's feet. Before Gerard could start his well needed apology, Mikey was fixing him with a death glare that clearly said he didn't want to talk. But Gerard was stubborn.

"Mikey....I'm sorry. You're right about everything. You and Alicia do make a good couple and I was.... am just jealous because I'm too much of a wimp to talk to Frankie. And I am so sorry for hitting you. I don't even know how it happened. I didn't even think...I know that it's no excuse and I.. I will never be able to make it up to you. But I'm going to try my hardest too." By the end of his speech Gerard's eyes were tearing and he just missed his brother.

"Gee it's okay. We're guys, we fight. It's fine. And I knew even then that bringing Frankie into this was a low blow. I can see where that would make you mad. I just wanted to spend more time with you Gee. You're always in that office and it's like I don't even have a brother anymore." Mikey said as he sat up and hugged his brother.
"Well I wont be in the office as much any more cause I finally figured out my last character for Gabriel. I had been stuck on number four but I have him figured out now. Would you like to see?" Gerard gushed excitedly. He hoped Mikey would love it.

"Sure Gee." Mikey smiled.

Gerard hurried to his office and collected his rough sketch's and the list of super powers before making his way back to the living room. He carefully watched Mikey's face as he looked at all the papers.

"Is this... Me?" Mikey asked with a voice filled with awe.
"Yep. I figured it would make it up to you for all the times we couldn't hang out. And the best part is his powers." Gerard exclaimed as Mikey's eyes continued to poor over the pages.
"What are they?" Mikey questioned as he took a quick glance at Gerard's beaming face before going back to looking at Gerard's amazing art work.
"Well he can contact the dead, because I know how much you like that spooky stuff.I also nick named him Seance because of that. And he can levitate because you were always trying to fly as a kid. The third and final power is telekinesis because you always admired Jean Grey." Gerard explained to an awed Mikey.
"Seriously?!?!?! You're the best brother ever Gee." Mikey squealed as he launched himself at Gerard for a hug.
"Thanks Mikes." Gerard replied.
"How about we do a horror movie marathon tonight? Just you and me. Like we used to do." Gerard asked after a few minutes of silence while Mikey continued to look over the character.
"I'd really love that Gee. You get the movies and I'll go order the pizza." Mikey smiled as he hauled himself off the couch and to the phone. Both Brothers couldn't wait to start spending more time with each other.

Hello everyone! I finally got to read The Umbrella Academy: Dallas today and by the end i just couldn't shake the thought of how much Seance or Number Four looked like Mikey. So this fic was born! But seriously am i crazy? Or does someone else see it too? I hope you guys enjoyed my story. xo-Erin
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