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The Last Moments of Severus Snape

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As the title says, it's the last moments of Severus Snape.

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The Last Moments of Severus Snape

I lay dying, blood pooling around me.

Reflecting on my life.

Where it all went wrong.

If I hadn't called her a mudblood when she was only trying to help,

If I hadn't turned to the dark,

I could have married her and her child that looks so much like him, would be mine.

Maybe that's why I can never look into his forest green eyes without wanting to scream.

I can feel my blood soaking into my robes,

The burning snake venom coursing through my veins.

How I wish I could have killed that beast, instead she got to me first.

Her child is leaning over me now,

Hands pressing against my wounds.

I only wish I could have protected him from seeing this, he's seen enough death.

But I know he'll see more.

With the last remaining strength I have, I reach into a pocket and hand him an empty vile.

His green eyes stare desperately at me, trying to understand.

I'm sorry Lily

I wasn't able to protect him

Now my strands of memories are being released, he begins collecting them.

Reaching up I touch his nose, her nose.

Delicate as a paper flower.

He's crying, but I know it's her trying to tell me something.

I'm almost afraid to ask.

Like a child seeking comfort.

Choking on the bitter copper, I gurgle my last request:

"Look at me"

Her eyes stare back at me.

They understand.

She forgives me.
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