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Drunken Miracles-3-END

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Mikey loves his brother and would never hurt him. Frank loves his lover and wishes for nothing more than his happiness.So, what happens when the two most important people in Gerard's life stab him ...

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Mikey's Thoughts

Fuck. I can't do this.

Just as Mikey stood up to leave Gerard and Frank came crashing through the clinic doors.

"Oh god NO! Please tell me you didn't Mikey?"

"Gee, I-I-I couldn't go through with it"

"Thank god, that's my little niece or nephew in there so you can't do this"

"But Gee, I just don't want to hurt you and this baby it would it it it"

"Mikey, what you and Frank did hurt me, it hurt me bad but this Mikes, this would kill me"

"Oh Gee, I am so s-sorry" Mikey cried, throwing his arms around his brother and sobbing into his shoulder.

"Shh Mikey, calm down, calm down. Now, listen to me. Mikey, you are my brother and I love you. It's going to take time but I think in time we can get through this"

"All of us?" Mikey questioned as he threw a hopeful glance in Frank's direction.

"Yes, all of us" Gerard smiled and pulled Frank into the hug between himself and Mikey.

It was hard but over the last six months Gerard had come to trust both Mikey and Frank again and now the three men were closer now than they had ever been before. Frank and Gerard had moved in together and were extremely happy. They had even helped Mikey baby proof his house and decorate the nursery.

Today was the day Mikey, Frank, and Gerard would be welcoming a beautiful baby boy into the world.

"You ready Mikey?"

"Yeah Gee, I think so. I'm scared but excited too"

"Mr. Way, we are ready for surgery now"

"Thank you, Dr. Jones"

"I love you Mikey, now go have my little nephew"

"I love you too, Gee"

"Hey Mikes, everything is going to be fine and when we see you again you will have given birth to our beautiful son"

"Thanks Frankie and I love you guys"

Gerard and Frank each planted a kiss to Mikey's forehead and wished him well.

In truth, Mikey was terrified but he hadn't wanted to frighten Frank or Gerard by telling them how nervous he really was. That all changed fifteen minutes later when Mikey heard the first cries from his son and then laid eyes on his son's beautiful face.

He looked just like Frank and he was beautiful. The baby was cleaned and checked before finally being placed in Mikey's waiting arms. As he looked into his son's bright hazel eyes he knew he had never nor would ever love anything or anyone more. Then, it hit him, they had never taken the time to think up names but as Mikey glanced back down into those big hazel orbs he knew what his name would be.

"Oh my gosh, look at my beautiful nephew. Frank, he looks just like you"

"He is beautiful, thank you Mikey"

"For what, Frank?"

"For giving me the most beautiful and precious gift I could ever ask for"

"He really is beautiful, isn't he?"

"Wait he doesn't have a name yet"

"Yeah, Gee is right, he doesn't"

"Yes, he does. It's Anthony Gerard Way-Iero after his father and uncle"

"Hey there little Anthony.I'm your Uncle Gee and this is your daddy Frank and that guy over there is umm... your mommy Mikey"

"Mommy?" Mikey quirked an eyebrow at Gerard while Frank tried to suppress a giggle.

"Yeah, whatever" Mikey rolled his eyes at them.

"Aww, Anthony, your mommy doesn't want to be called mommy" Frank snickered.

At that moment Mikey knew his son was going to be the most loved and most spoiled baby to ever enter this world. And that was okay with him.

so that was the last part. i hope you liked it and please let me know what you think. :)
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