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Chapter 1

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‘Are you sure you should be out here with me?’ He asked looking down at me and resting his forehead against mine. ‘No. I probably shouldn’t, but you have some hold on me and I can’t wal...

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Lilly’s POV

The man at the counter had just handed me the coffee I had ordered and as I turned around, I didn’t realize where I was going and ran right into a very unfamiliar person. She was a bit shorter than I was and had red, blonde, and black hair. I guess I hadn’t realized it, but my coffee had spilled all over her.
‘Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even see you there.’ I apologized.
‘Uh, it’s alright. Where is the bathroom?’ She had asked me.
‘It’s over that way. I cannot believe I ran into you. Gah..’ I answered pointing to the left.
‘Thanks.’ She muttered and walked there. I waited for a while for her to come out of the bathroom. I wasn’t even sure if she was coming back out at all, until she emerged from the bathroom. I walked over to her.
‘Hey, I feel bad about that,’ I was looking at the brown spot on her shirt, ‘Can I buy you a coffee or something? It would make me feel better.’
‘I normally don’t take that kind of offer, but I’m in the mood for a smoothie.’ She said pulling a sweater over her. While she went and sat down, I ordered us a smoothie and a new coffee. She was sitting in a corner close to the window. After I got our drinks, I went and sat by her. Just as I sat down, I heard her cell phone ringing.
‘Jepha!’ She smiled. I couldn’t help but listen to her conversation, although I only heard it from one side.
‘Oh, you’re at the studio already,’
‘Ah, I see.’
‘I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.’
‘Kisses and hugs bro.’ with that, she hung up the phone.
‘Here’s your smoothie.’ I handed it to her wondering what that was about.
‘Thanks, but I’ve got to go. Sorry, and don’t worry about my shirt.’
‘All right but, what’s your name?’ I asked.
‘Livvy, Livvy Howard. And yours?’
‘Lilly Moore.’
‘Ok, but by any chance do you know how to get to the Reprise Recording Studio? I was dropped off and I’m not from here.’ She asked.
‘Yeah, I was just about to head over there myself. My brother is there working. You can ride with me.’ She thanked me and I led her to my car. We hopped in and got to the studio in 10 minutes. I greeted the woman at the front desk and told her my business.
‘And you?’ She asked pointing to Livvy.
‘I’m here for The Used.’ She responded.
‘Awesome, I didn’t know you knew The Used… Well, of course I didn’t….’ I started to say, but stopped myself.
‘Yeah, I’ve known them pretty much my whole life. Jeph is my brother.’ She laughed.
Before I could say anything, the elevator opened and we were hurried inside. Livvy pressed Floor 6, the same floor I had to go too.
‘Cool, my brother is recording also.’ I told her.
‘Who’s your brother? If you don’t mind me asking.’ She wondered.
‘Sonny Moore, he’s awesome.’ I smiled.
‘Oh cool--’ she said and was interrupted by the elevators ding! ‘Well I’ve got to go this way.’ She pointed left and waved goodbye.
I had to go to the right. I probably would never see Livvy again, but who knows. I walked into the door of the recording studio and was greeted by Matt.

Livvy’s POV

‘124.….126...132.…141, got it.’ I mumbled as I walked into Studio 141 only to be jumped on by Bert.
‘FUCK. FATASS! You’re not as light as you think you are!’ I screamed in pain.
‘Maybe not, but I’m as sexy as I think I am.’ He exclaimed with such pride.
‘Oh yes you know it Bert.’ I laughed shoving him off of me.
I walked over to the soundboard to see what Jeph was doing. It seemed as though he was drifting off while staring at a blank TV screen. The perfect time for a scare.
‘RAH!’ I yelled into his ear as I jumped at him.
‘HOLY- WHAT THE FUCK? Oh, it’s you Livvy.’ He screamed.
‘Just Livvy? Try- Livvy you’re amazing sister---your only sister.’
He waved his hand at me as a signal that he had to get back to work. Back to staring at the screen, Haha I thought.
‘Guys! Guys! Let’s get recording.’ Brian, their manager said.
As they were all walking into the recording area there was a knock at the door.
‘Livvy could you get that?’ Brian asked me.
‘Yeah sure.’ I responded walking over to the door. I opened it to see Sonny of From First To Last, and Lilly standing there. ‘Uhh hi.’ I waved stupidly.
‘Hey there. Is Bert still here?’ Sonny asked.
‘Yeah, but he’s recording right now. Did you want to come in?’ They shook their heads yes in response and I opened the door a bit wider to let them inside. They both sat on the couch by the TV, and I decided to sit next to them and strike up a conversation.
‘So what did you guys need from Bert?’ I asked curiously.
‘I needed him to perform something that would involve only us in a personal way… involves a bed.’ Sonny laughed.
‘Oh he’ll get right on that.’ I joked.
‘Wonderful!’ Sonny exclaimed just as The Used finished recording the last song of the album.
Bert saw Sonny through the window and started making monkey faces. I laughed and rolled my eyes. ‘Typical Bert…ahh’ I thought.
‘Dude, Bert, you have to come sing in my song.’ Sonny laughed, ‘Then we can do what we planned.. You know. We can finish, ahem, business.’
‘Dude, Sonny, I’ll get right on that.’ Bert said with a smirk on his face. Sonny had wide eyes.
I looked over at Jeph and saw him looking to the left of me--at Lilly.
‘Psst! Lilly!’ I whispered loudly. ‘Psssssst!’ Again, and she looked at me. ‘Look at Jeph.’ I pointed at him. She looked over and grinned, as he looked away.
‘Aww that’s so cute.’ Lilly said. ‘He’s shy isn’t he?’
‘Always has been.’ I laughed.
‘Should I take him outside and “talk” with him?’ Lilly asked me.
‘Go for it. That’ll be his highlight of the day. Nahh I’m kidding, I love him.’ I said looking oh so passionately at my brother.
‘Does he have a girlfriend?’ Lilly seemed interested.
‘No. He’s single.’ I said motioning for her to go get him.

Lilly’s POV

I walked up to Jeph and started talking to him. I had almost forgotten to introduce myself.
‘Hey, I’m Lilly.’ I smiled.
‘Jeph. I’m guessing you already knew that though?’ He said.
‘Yeah, I did..’ I said as I stared at him. I hadn’t said anything for a little while when he started to speak.
‘So…?’ He said. I felt like it was going to get very awkward.
‘Hm, do you want to go somewhere?’ I asked him not knowing exactly where we would go if he said yes.
‘Uh sure. We’re done recording the album………Hey guys! When are we leaving for Utah?’ He asked everyone.
‘A week or so.’ Branden replied.
‘Oh, alright.’ Jeph said while I pulled him out of the room.
I was hoping he wouldn’t of thought that it was rude of me to do that, but I wanted to get to know him a bit. We walked up to the elevator and that thing was taking forever, so I asked him if he wanted to take the stairs instead.
‘Are you crazy?’ He asked. ‘Jeph Howard doesn’t take stairs.’ He was laughing as we walked up to the stairway door.
‘Always, I’ll race you to the bottom.’ I smiled.
‘Alright, You’re on.’ He said as I was already taking off down the steps. ‘Hey, that’s no fair!’ I could hear him laughing as we were running. He was catching up to me. We reached the bottom and walked outside, out of breath. We sat on a nearby bench under a tree.
‘Good game.’ Jeph panted. ‘I won though. I always win.’
‘So it seems.’ I agreed.
‘Why did you want to talk to me, and not somebody else?’ He asked.
‘Because, I wanted to get to know you more.. I kind of like you a little.’ I blushed.
‘Oh really.’ Jeph smiled. His ego definitely went up. ‘Tell me more. Please do.’ He made hand motions for me to go on.
‘Well, I honestly don’t know what to say. You are very cute.’ I looked him up and down.
‘And so I’ve noticed.’ He said looking me up and down as well.
‘You’re a really nice guy.’
‘I am? Alright. Thanks. You seem really nice to--owwww!’ He was saying when he got hit in the head with a bouncy ball.
‘HAHA HOWARD!’ Bert yelled extremely loud and ducked his head back inside. Jeph held his middle finger up to the now empty window. ‘Bitch, I’m Howard.’ You could hear Livvy say from inside.
‘That didn’t hurt, did it?’ I asked touching the side of his head.
‘I like to make him feel good about himself.’ He looked at me. ‘Not in that way! In other words, I pity him.’
‘Uh-huh,’ I said taking my hand away from his head. ‘We should probably get back up there.’ I really didn’t want to go, but I knew we had to. To my surprise he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I smiled and we stood up to go inside.
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