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Chapter 3

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Lilly's POV

-Next morning-

What in the world? Why am I outside? And, why is Bert laying here with me? I hope nothing happened, that would be bad. Now would be the best time to get up. I noticed there were only a few people still here, maybe they all passed out in the house or something. I could see Livvy and, at first I couldn't tell who she was with, but then it hit me. It was my brother. Weird.
I decided to greet them as I walked through the door.
'Hey you guys.' I smiled.
'Hey little sis. Did you enjoy my par-tay?' He laughed at his dumb humor.
'I guess idiot, but I don't remember more than half of it.' I laughed. I was still worried something happened with Bert and I. 'Uh, Livvy. Can I talk to you?'
'What, you can't talk to me? HUH? YOUR OWN BROTHER!' Sonny gasped.
'Uh..yeah sure.' She said looking at the ground. I dragged her into a different room, away from Sonny.
'Do you know what happened with me last night? Because I woke up next to Bert, and I've been freaking out. I don't like Bert like you do, and I find it weird.' I told her.
She sighed, 'You got drunk obviously, and Bert not so much. I found you two kissing once again outside.'
'What?!? EWW! Oh my god that is so gross. I am so sorry. Ew, Ew, Ew. That's it though, right?' I asked her.
'I'm pretty sure, I walked away. He was supposed to find me later last night to talk, but he never did. I guess he'll have to when he wakes up. I hung out with Sonny for most of the night.'
'Oh, I see. I still am very sorry. I think I should stop drinking. I get very friendly when I get drunk. A little bit too friendly, I think. Well, that's what I've heard.' I told her.
'Well I'm not mad at you so much, really just Bert. We haven't even been dating 24 hours yet.'
'Wow. Maybe that's the way he is. You never know, but anyway. What did you and my brother do for all those hours?' I laughed. Instantly something very wrong popped in my head.
'A little of this and a little of that,' She laughed, 'Hah, not really. We pretty much hung out and talked. Played some Guitar Hero. And I've come to the conclusion that he's not very good at it.'
'Haha, you had me thinking something very wrong right there. Ah, GH nice. I like playing that. And, Sonny sucks insanely at it.'
'What's for breakfast?' I heard someone say from the living room full of drunks.
'Who dat?' Livvy laughed.
'Jeph you dumb butt.' I told Livvy. I wasn't sure if I was right, when a body emerged from the drunk ones.
'Oh, Jeph. It's you.' Livvy laughed. She seemed like she was in a good mood considering what was going on with her and Bert. Maybe it had something to do with Sonny? I was trying to remember what had happened last night, but the last thing I remembered was kissing Jeph.
'Of course it is! Last night I heard some stories about you're 'amazing pancakes' as Quinn put it. Mind making me some?' He asked me.
'I don't mind, anything for the sexy one.' I smiled.
'Damn sexy.' He sizzled himself. I just laughed and walked into the kitchen. Jeph followed me. I took out everything to make the pancakes and accidentally grabbed Jeph in his area. ‘Ooooh ohh Lilly. I didn’t know you felt that way-ohhhh my god.’
‘Oh, umm, yeah. It seems as though I do. Since my hands can’t help themselves.’
‘Most can’t, with me anyways.’ He smirked. I decided to do what I came in here for, and make the pancakes…again. ‘So uhh, now what?’
‘Well I’m going to make you your pancakes and you’re going to eat them.’ I told him.
‘I figured that much. But I mean, will you marry me? Cause, you know, I’m ready.’
‘Oh of course.’
‘Oh, umm, I really wasn’t prepared for this. I don’t have a ring. Wow,’ He laughed, ‘I was serious.’
‘Oh, you were? Is this just because I’m making you pancakes?’ I asked laughing.
‘Nooo. So,’ He leaned on the counter where I was mixing some pancake batter, ‘When is this wedding of ours?’
‘WHAT?! Wedding?’ Livvy walked into the kitchen.
‘OH MY FREAKING GOD LIVVY! GO AWAY.’ Jeph yelled at her. ‘I love you.’
‘Make me.’ She said, ‘Now, don’t change the subject. Wedding?’
‘Yeah, we’re-’ Jeph put his arm around me. ‘getting married. Uh, next week.’
‘Funny, not really.’ Livvy waved his comment off. I seemed to get no say in this whole wedding thing.
‘I’m serious, it’s happening sista.’ Jeph said. Livvy had a blank stare and the straightest face I think you can have.
‘Oh um ok. Next week? A little soon ehh bro?’
‘Maybe, but I don’t care.’ He laughed. I had a feeling this was all really going to happen.

Livvy’s POV

So Jeph just said that him and Lilly are going to get married. They looked like they were joking, but I could tell Jeph wasn’t.
‘I hope all goes well.’ I smiled and left the room.
‘PANCAKE! AHHHHH!’ Quinn screamed running past me in nothing but boxers, an unneeded sight.
‘Go get ‘em tiger.’ I laughed at him and stepped over someone I didn’t know. I walked outside and found Sonny.
‘Hey’ I smiled walking up to him.
‘Hi.’ Was all he said.
‘So uhh, interesting news from the kitchen. My brother and your sister are going to marry each other, sometime next week.’
‘WHAT? Haha, that’s a joke.’
‘I’m pretty sure it’s not, at least to Jeph.’ I explained.
‘That would--will be one interesting wedding.’ Sonny said as Jeph, Lilly, and Quinn came outside with plates full of pancakes.
‘…damn straight I got some pancakes.’ Quinn finished his sentence.
‘Yeah but--’ Jeph started.
‘A BUPBUP, no more!’ Lilly yelled over their voices. The way Jeph and Quinn go on about those pancakes made me want to try some. So I tore half of one of Quinn’s pancakes off when they walked up.
‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T!’ He exclaimed making a grab for the half a pancake. He was too late, I shoved all of it in my mouth. Oh my god, it was so good. How can someone make such good pancakes? Well if she’s from France….I’m not gonna get into that though.
‘Sorry, so tempting.’ I said with a mouthful.
‘Yeah that’s what I said.’ He mumbled. I looked up and saw Bert slowly standing up, my good mood was now gone. Everything from last night flooded back.
‘Smells good.’ Bert grumbled.
‘That’s MY pancakes!’ Quinn said glaring at me. I made a grab for the other half, shoved it in my mouth, and gave him a look that was daring him to try something. ‘And she’s eating them. WHY?’
‘There is more, don’t you two know that?’ Lilly said to us.
‘Is it…is it ok if I have some?’ Bert asked reaching for some pancakes. I saw Lilly smack his hand away from the food.
‘No, BACK OFF MY PANCAKES!’ Quinn yelled defensively at him. Bert looked defeated, while I looked at the ground.
‘Did anyone hear what I said?’ Lilly asked, ‘There’s more.’
‘I LIKE THESE ONES.’ Quinn said, ‘Can’t I have my OWN pancakes in peace for once?’
‘Yeah sure Quinn.’ I said and went in the house. I myself, was hungry. I noticed Sonny had followed me.
‘Hey, are you alright? Maybe you should talk to him… I mean.. I like you… uh, I umm..’ He ran out of the kitchen. Did I just hear that right? I stuck my finger in my ears to make sure they were clear. They’re fine. I decided to confront Sonny on that later, and get some pancakes now.
‘Can’t believe him…’ I mumbled to myself, ‘The nerve.’ I put a bit of pancake in my mouth to shut myself up. I decided to sit outside and eat with everyone else, and yes, even Bert. As I sat down, I heard them discussing the wedding. I guess they were both serious about it now.
‘You’re awfully quiet. What’s your opinion on the matter?’ Matt asked me.
‘Oh the wedding? It’ll be great.’ I half-smiled glancing at Bert out of the corner of my eye.
‘Well umm, Lilly? Can I talk to you?’ Matt directed his attention to her.
‘…Yeah sure.’ She said unsure and walked inside, and Matt followed her. I was really wondering what he was going to say, so I pretended to bring in my plate to listen in and take my mind off of Bert.
‘Why are you doing this? Are you trying to make me jealous or something?’ Matt asked Lilly.
‘No, I just. I don’t know Matt, I just want to have some fun.’ Lilly was saying.
‘Why didn’t you just have fun with me when I asked you to marry me? We were dating for 2 years and you barely even know Jeph. Why don’t you just call it off?’
‘I didn’t want to get married when you asked me, okay? That is all in the damn past, I think this whole thing with Jeph and I could really work out.’ She was starting to get mad, I could tell. Maybe I should go. Erg, but I can’t, I have to hear more.
‘I bet when things don’t work out, you are going to come running to me like you use to do. I thought you had loved me then too.’
‘You know what, I’m fucking done with this. I’m not going to come running to you, because things are going to work out between Jeph and I.’ I heard her raise her voice and start to walk away.
‘You know your drinking is going to cause problems. You see what it did to us, huh?’
‘Shut your mouth.’ She said and walked to where I was. I quickly picked up my pace like I had just walked inside. I entered the kitchen and saw a very mad looking Matt and Lilly walking past me.
‘Hey Livvy.’ She murmured at me and continued walking. I noticed she didn’t go outside, but instead down the hallway. I decided to mind my own business this time and do what I actually came in here to do. I walked over to the sink, rinsed off my plate, and set it inside. I turned around and Matt was gone. I leaned up against the counter with my elbows resting on it. I took this time to think.
So my brother wants to marry Lilly next week. Lovely. Wait--I don’t really even know her. She could be a murderer or something. No, haha kidding. But everything that’s happened, it seems like a lot. She wants to marry my BROTHER! Ahh well, their choice. Jeph better hope he doesn’t catch her with someone else….like I have. Wow, that was rude. I slapped myself. Wait--I shouldn’t have slapped myself. She’s the reason Bert and I are fighting. Then again…he plays a part in it too. So much for my perfect boyfriend. I thought he would be. My thoughts were interrupted when Sonny walked into the kitchen.
‘Hey, what was all the noise?’ he asked me.
‘Matt and Lilly. They went that way if you’re looking for them.’ I pointed down the hallway.
‘I bet they were arguing about the whole wedding thing. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’ve been trying to keep those two apart so they don’t fight.’ He looked away. Maybe he didn’t mean to tell me anything about what was going on between those two. ‘Did you hear anything they were saying?’
‘Yeah, some of it.’ I looked up.
‘Oh, so then you probably know about them now.’ I wasn’t sure if that was a question or not.
‘Yes? I know about them.’ I said.
‘Should anyone inform Jeph, or do you think it doesn’t matter? I mean, that was like three or four months ago that they were dating, but.. Yeah.’ He said.
‘If anyone, it should be Lilly since she’s his fiancée, but if he still doesn’t know when wedding time gets close, I’ll probably say something.’ I answered wishing Sonny would talk to me about something else. Wait, why do I care what we talk about? I don’t like him. Or…do I?
‘Oh, ok. Have you talked to Bert at all?’ He looked like he wanted to say more, but stopped himself.
‘I told him to find me, and that’s what I’m waiting for.’
‘I see. Well, if you’re ever available, come to me. I’d treat you perfect. …uh, I mean I’d like to date you…’ He blushed. My first instinct was to give him a hug, and I trusted it. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. Just as I did that, I heard the door open and Bert walked in. I pulled away from Sonny.
‘Is this why you haven’t wanted to talk to me? Because you’ve decided to take him instead of me?’ Bert asked.
‘No! I told you to find me last night and you said you would. I love you Bert…I mean…yeah.’ I looked away. I can’t believe I just said that.
‘Uh, I think I’ll leave you two alone. …I feel so stupid…’ Sonny said and walked out leaving us alone.
‘You did? Oh, you DID. Sorry, I guess I forgot. Umm, do you mean that? I love you, but right now it’s friendly type love. Not complete love. You know?’ He told me.
‘Bert, you’re dating me. Have been, for all of 2 days. I’ve been waiting for this for years. I want to know how you feel about me.’
‘Maybe friends shouldn’t date each other. It seems to have caused us problems…’
‘You’ve caused them. I haven’t done anything. You decided to drink last night at the party, I didn’t. You could have said no and spent the night with me.’
‘Uh, I don’t know what to say. I think when we go back to Utah, you should stay here and get things together. I mean, I know I could have, but I didn’t and I can’t change that now. I just think a little time apart would be ok. But, we wouldn’t be considered boyfriend and girlfriend during that time. We have spent a lot of time together with you always coming with us. So, just stay.’
‘Ok, I’m Jeph’s sister. You’re telling me not to go home? Are you breaking up with me because of the problems you’ve caused?’ I asked. ‘So much for you being the best boyfriend ever, right?’
‘Sorry. Jeph’s staying too. So, you’ll be with him.’ He said and went outside. Everything was really quiet after he walked out. I was just about to start crying when I heard sobs coming from the room Matt and Lilly were in. I hope she’s ok. I wasn’t sure if I should go and see if everything was alright. I decided to get Sonny.
‘Sonny!’ I yelled outside not noticing him standing right next to me. ‘Oh, there you are. I think you should see if Lilly is ok. I heard crying, I think from where her and Matt are.’
‘Shit.’ Was all he said and walked away. I followed behind him. I was curious as to why he seemed so worried. What could be happening that was that bad? When Sonny opened the door, we saw Lilly in the corner of the room with Matt standing there. You could tell she was crying. Was she bleeding?
‘Dude get the FUCK away from her!’ Sonny yelled pulling Matt away from Lilly.
‘I’m NOT DONE!’ Matt yanked himself away from Sonny. Just as he did that, Quinn and Jeph came running into the room.
‘What’s going on in-’ Jeph began when he noticed Lilly sitting in the corner with Matt standing over her.
‘Oh, fuck this shit!’ Quinn exclaimed and walked out of the room.
‘Please, can all of you leave the two of us alone? I need to talk to Lilly some more.’ Matt tried to ask as nice as he could.
‘FUCK NO!’ Jeph yelled at him and jumped at him. That’s when the big fight broke out. Quinn heard the fight start and came running back into the room, only to trip over my foot and fall on his face. Matt, Sonny and Jeph were going at it. I believe Sonny and Jeph were winning. Quinn shrieked like a girl and started swinging everywhere.
‘Don’t hit me don’t hit me!’ He yelled, while he was hitting everyone, which caused the fight to pause and everyone look at Quinn. ‘I…uh…don’t hit me!’ He shielded his face.
‘Matt can you just leave the room, please?’ Lilly asked.
‘Lilly, I just want to talk to you.’ He responded.
‘Your talking involves hitting, HITTING of all things. WHY? Why do you want to hurt me like that?’ Lilly asked him.
‘Fuck you guys, every one of you.’ He yelled and left not only the room, but the whole house in general.

Lilly’s POV

I thought everything with Matt was over. But, I was very wrong. It seems as though he still wants to be with me, which is not the greatest thing. The way things ended with us months ago was horrible, I had to break up with him and disappear for a little while. I just never thought he would hurt me ever again. And now, I’m getting married. And to someone I barely know, it’s just crazy. But, I am going with it. I want to see how things are going to work out. I’m going to be Lilly Howard, instead of Lilly Moore. Weird.
Everyone left the room, leaving Jeph and I there. We were in my room.
‘Lilly..’ He whispered.
‘Oh my- Jeph.’ I cried. Everywhere hurt. I just couldn’t help but to cry.
‘It’s alright, tell me, what happened?’ He held me tightly.
‘Matt followed me here, into my room and started asking me what I was doing. Why I was marrying you when I barely even know you. I didn’t want to talk to him, because he was abusive. I use to date him and that was for two years. I should tell you that we just broke up about four months ago. But that doesn’t matter because I am with you now. I feel like I love you, but I need to get to know you better. I cannot wait for this wedding, I am so excited for it. I just have a feeling that your sister doesn’t like me, or maybe thinks this isn’t going to work, but I’m not sure. We should really go on a date.’ I was babbling. It was so hard for me not to. I just needed to get everything out. This whole thing seemed a bit crazy, I just couldn’t believe I was getting married.
‘Here,’ Jeph smiled as he got down on one knee and pulled out a box, ‘Will you marry me?’
I smiled, ‘Yes, I will.’ He stood up and slid the ring onto my finger. Now I knew this was all real and was going to happen.
‘I think we can go out on a date tonight.’ He smirked.
‘Ok but-’ I began.
‘Ah, I’ll surprise you.’ With that he walked out of the room. I was left in there all alone to collect my thoughts.
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