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Chapter 7

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Livvy’s POV

A Few Weeks Later.

I can’t believe Sonny and I have been dating for 2 weeks, when Bert and I lasted 2 freaking days. It was nice. Jeph has been drinking non stop. I didn’t like it, and everyone else thought it was weird. I knew why he was drinking too, Lilly. He told me all about how he loves her and stuff and that’s why he’s been drinking so much. I was laying on the couch watching TV while everyone else was asleep when I heard the door start to open. Quinn and Lilly walked into the house with their stuff and then some. I guess they did a little bit of shopping while they were there.
‘Hey Livvy.’ Lilly said to me as she sat down next to me.
‘Hey.’ I said to her, ‘Oh, any idea when they’re going on tour again?’
‘No, we should ask though.’ Lilly smiled. I knew what she was thinking, us going with them. I knew we wouldn’t be able to though. I was never able to.
‘Alright, let’s go.’ I jumped off the couch and began searching for Jeph. Lilly followed, and I knew it wouldn’t be good if he saw her. He was still asleep in his spare bedroom. I didn’t bother knocking, because I knew he wouldn’t hear it. He probably had a hangover. Lilly followed me into the room.
‘Is he ok?’ She asked. I didn’t answer. I walked up to Jeph and shook him.
‘Jeph. Jeph wake up.’ I said. But, he wouldn’t get up. I decided to whisper something in his ear that Lilly wouldn’t hear, ‘Lilly’s here.’
‘What?’ He said as he sat up. ‘Lilly…’
‘I’ll leave you two to talk for a bit.’ I said and left the room. I wonder what they’re going to talk about. Oh well. I should let him be, he’s been awfully sad while she was gone. Maybe this’ll cheer him up. I hope so. I walked back to the couch and plopped down.
‘Livvy. How have things been?’ Quinn asked me as he sat on the couch.
‘Alright. I mean for me they have been really great, but as for Jeph… Well I’m not going into that one.’ I told him. Jeph and Quinn were good friends, and I don’t think Jeph wants him to know what he’s been doing.
‘I see. Well, at least things are going great for you and Sonny-’ He began.
‘Hey! How did you know about that?’ I interruptedly asked.
‘Lilly got a call from Sonny.’ He laughed at me. As if I was trying to keep it a secret.
‘Oh, when are you going on tour again?’ I asked suddenly.
‘Well, I think in a few days. I was just on the phone with Bert and that’s what he said.’ Quinn told me as he got up, ‘And, they, Bert and Branden, are going to meet us here.’
But, I can’t see Bert. Not now. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just hope when he gets here, things go ok. I don’t want to get into an argument with him. I want us to be friends again. Like we were before we dated. Quinn went into the kitchen, no surprise there. As he did that, Sonny came into the living room and sat next to me.
He kissed me on the cheek, ‘Did you sleep well?’
‘Yes, thank you.’ I smiled. I swear I started blushing a little, even though I have been sleeping in his room for the past week now. It was nice. ‘I guess, TU is going on tour in a few days and Bert and Branden are going to meet Jeph and Quinn here.’ I told Sonny.
‘Yeah, we have to go on tour soon too. We did finally release that album we were recording.’ He laughed. I wonder when they’re going. ‘We’re playing on Warped Tour.’
‘Aha, I love Warped.’ I smiled.
‘Maybe you can see us play when warped comes here.’ He smiled back.
‘I would love to.’
‘I can get you in for free.’ He giggled in such a girly way.
‘You are so silly, you know that. You just sounded like a girl right then.’ I laughed.
‘Ahem, cough, girly voice What are you talking about?’ He laughed along with me. Whenever I was with him, I was completely happy, and that’s all I needed right? I just needed love and happiness. I heard a knock at the door as I thought about Sonny. I saw Lilly open the door to greet Bert and Branden. Bert looked right at me. I was pretty much laying on Sonny.
‘Hey guys.’ Bert said and moved to a different room. After they walked inside, a girl comes in. I knew who she was the minute she walked into the door. Her name was Una, Bert met her on tour and she moved to the US to be with him. I hated her so much. She was the ex girlfriend.
‘Oh my god, it’s you Livvy.’ She said and sat next to me. She knew that I hated her, and she loved it. I don’t know why though.
‘Una.’ Was all I said to her and left the living room. Sonny followed after me. She was the last person in the world that I wanted to see right now, Bert was the second to last person.
‘Who is she?’ Sonny asked after we were far enough away from her.
‘Bert’s ex. The one I hate so much.’ I told him.
‘Oh, what is she a slut or something?’ He asked. I started laughing. That is exactly what I would consider her, but I didn’t think other guys thought she was one.
‘Haha, I think she is, but I guess Bert doesn’t.’ I finally stopped laughing.
‘Guess not. Well, do you want to go outside for a little bit? Just so you don’t have to be around them.’ Sonny asked me.
‘How about we go to your room?’ I smiled. I wasn’t thinking anything wrong, I knew someone who would have taken that wrongly though. Luckily Lilly wasn’t here listening to us.
‘Sounds much better.’ Sonny smiled back as we walked to his room.

Lilly’s POV

After Livvy left the room, I sat on Jeph’s bed. I guess this spare room was considered his now. Jeph just looked completely sad. I knew why too. The room reeked of alcohol. I knew Jeph hadn’t been feeling that great ever since Quinn and I started dating. I felt so bad, mostly because this was all my fault.
‘Jeph, I’m sorry. I didn’t kno-’ I began.
‘What? You didn’t know what, that I would start drinking because of you? Huh?’ Jeph asked. He was still a bit drunk, maybe he had an angry hangover. I giggled a bit to myself at that thought.
‘No, I didn’t know you would do that. You said it was ok for me to see how things would go with Quinn. You are the one who told me to go for him if I wanted to, and I did.’ I said.
‘You believed me, you fucking believed that everything would be ok. Are you kidding me Lilly?’ Jeph said. I didn’t know what to say. He did tell me that it would be ok, but I guess it’s not.
‘I did Jeph, I did believe you. You said you would wait for-’ I started again, but he interrupted.
‘Quinn is going to fucking hurt you. I know it. I’ve seen him do it so many times.’ Jeph told me as he moved closer to me.
‘Jeph, you have a nasty hangover, and I’m starting to think that you are somehow still drunk, and I don’t like it.’ I pointed out to him.
‘Didn’t you hear me? Quinn will hurt you. Badly!’ He exclaimed not caring about what I just said.
‘I did hear you, and I guess we will see about that. I need to go Jeph. I am truly sorry.’ I stood up to leave.
‘No, Lilly. Please don’t go. I need you.’ He said as he grabbed my arm.
‘Jeph, you are going on tour today, stop drinking. Ok? Then I might stick around long enough to actually talk to you again.’ I said and left him in the room. When I walked out of the room, I ran into Quinn.
‘Lilly? What were you doing in Jeph’s room?’ He asked me.
‘Jeph wanted to talk to me, but he was drunk. It’s hard to talk to a drunk person. I’ve learned that.’ I told Quinn.
‘Oh, I see. Yeah, I know. I guess we’re leaving for the tour in about fifteen minutes.’ Quinn smiled, ‘But, the fourth stop will be here. So, we have something great to look forward to.’
I hugged Quinn, ‘I’m going to miss you, you know that.’ He just hugged me tighter and kissed me. When we went into the living room, everything of theirs was setting out. They were really going so soon. I saw Livvy saying bye to Sonny. I pretty much said bye to Quinn.
‘Bye Sonny.’ I waved to him as he got into the, bus? I didn’t know Bert and Branden came in a bus. Weird. Jeph came running outside and hopped on the bus before it left. It was just Livvy, some girl, and I.
‘Wow, now what are we going to do for the next three months?’ Livvy asked me.
‘I have no idea. Who is that?’ I asked her pointing to the mysterious girl.
‘Una, Bert’s ex. The one I told you about.’ She answered.
‘Oh right.’ I said as we went into the house. I had Livvy walk in before me, and after I was in, I shut and locked the door so Una couldn’t get inside. Livvy and I had a good laugh then.
‘You know what?’ Livvy asked me.
‘Not really, tell me.’ I said.
‘We’re going to Warped Tour in a week.’ She said jumping up and down as if it was the best thing in the world.
‘Awesome. Let’s find a way to surprise everyone when we see them.’ I smiled. She nodded her head as we began planning.

Jeph’s POV

5 days later.

The tour has been going pretty good so far. No fights with Quinn or anything. I expected there to be, but there wasn’t. Not yet anyway. We were in Arizona, close to California, for the next show. In two more days we would see Livvy and Lilly again. It made me happy. I haven’t drank anything the whole tour, well any alcohol that is. I walked off of the bus to see where we were playing today when I saw Quinn with some girl. No surprise there really, but it really pissed me off because he was with Lilly. I knew he was flirting with the girl. I was watching him from behind a speaker when I saw him kiss her. He was cheating on Lilly, already. I didn’t understand why. I wish I could tell her. Wait, I can tell Livvy.
ring…ring… ‘Hello.’ Livvy answered.
‘Livvy, how are you doing?’ I asked her.
‘Great, bored though. Why?’ She asked.
‘I was just wondering, gee. There is something I need to tell you, but don’t tell Lilly.’ I said to her. Now I really had to tell her.
‘What is it?’ She asked me.
‘Well, umm, I uh, I saw Quinn making out with another girl. That’s not the first time either. There were others. I just don’t want her to know right now. She doesn’t need to be hurt.’ I told Livvy.
‘Don’t worry Jeph, I won’t tell. You had to tell me that, didn’t you?’ She said to me. I knew it was something she didn’t want to know, but I just had to get it off of my chest.
‘Yes, and thank you. See you in two days.’ I said to her and hung up the phone. Now, back to what I was going to do.
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