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Chapter 17

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Livvy’s POV

‘Good morning sunshine.’ I heard Bert say loudly. I opened my eyes a crack and light filled the room as he opened the shades to the window.
‘Thank you.’ I smiled and pushed my hair back out of my face.
‘You’re welcome baby.’ He smiled back at me.
‘Is everyone else awake?’ I asked sitting up in bed. I looked over at the clock that read 9:08.
‘Well, I saw Jeph wandering around the palace, other than him, no.’ He laughed.
‘I think I’ll go wake Quinn and Lilly.’ I said sitting up in bed. ‘Afterwards, I can make breakfast?’
‘Alright.’ He smiled and pulled me out of bed.
‘I’ll be right back. However long it takes to wake Lilly and the sleeping rock.’ I said and gave him a kiss before leaving the room. I walked down the hallway and opened the basement door. It was dark and silent. I crept my way down the stairs and sprinted towards where Quinn’s bed was.
‘Get up get up get up!’ I shouted. I heard a few grunts before either one of them spoke.
‘Go away.’ Lilly said to me.
‘It is 9 in the morning. Get up. You know we don’t sleep in past 9.’ I laughed, then started jumping on the bed. ‘Quinn! QUINN!’ I kicked what I was hoping was him.
‘DAMN IT LIVVY! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!’ Quinn yelled at me.
‘Oh don’t you yell at me like that Mister. Get your ass out of bed.’ I ordered him while prodding his side with my foot.
‘No. I’m naked.’ He said.
‘Enough said. Peace out.’ I said and hopped off the bed like it had an STD.
‘He’s not really naked!’ Lilly laughed.
‘You weren’t suppose to tell her Lilly.’ Quinn said to her.
‘Well she likes me more.’ I stated. ‘I take that back.’ I kicked him again. ‘I wish you had a window.’
‘It’s a good thing I don’t. Biotch.’ Quinn said.
‘I’m making breakfast. There’s the possibility of pancakes. But if you don’t come upstairs there’s also the possibility of your arch enemy the waffle. Of course I would only make the waffle for you.’ I said and stepped off the bed.
‘Pssh, I’m not even hungry.’ Quinn told me.
‘I need to go.’ Lilly said while getting out of the bed, ‘I’ll be back in a little while.’ She started to walk away from Quinn and I.
‘Wait up.’ I followed her up the stairs and into the hallway. ‘What’s up?’
‘I just feel really bad. I’m not even with Quinn, and yet we were making out last night. Damn it, I hate myself so much. I cheated on Wil.’ She smacked herself on the head really hard.
‘Oh stop it! Maybe this means you should be with Quinn. Sit down and think for a while Lilly, don’t smack yourself.’ I advised her while walking into the kitchen. ‘What should I make for breakfast?’
‘Omelets,’ She suggested, ‘I don’t want to think anymore. That’s all that I’ve been doing. I want to, well, I don’t want to love Quinn anymore… but I fall for him every time I see him…’
‘Maybe you should let fate happen?’ I wondered while taking eggs and other ingredients out of the fridge.
‘Yeah, I don’t know. He hurt me though. I don’t want it to happen again, but I know I’m going to let it happen again, and the same thing is going to happen over and over.’
‘Quinn isn’t a bad guy Lilly. He’s obviously just scared. Do things feel right with Wil? Or anyone else besides Quinn for that matter?’ I asked her, taking out a pan from the cupboard.
‘I know he’s not a bad guy… I felt like I had a little celebrity crush on Wil, if that’s a good way to put it, but I know he’s not the guy for me. I feel as if I’m using him. And, Quinn is the only one I feel safe and myself with.’ She told me.
‘Well then you should give Quinn another chance, even if you want to hate him with everything you’ve got.’ I said chopping up some ingredients.
‘I have a feeling that if we start dating again… something bad will happen. Like him cheating on me again. Maybe if I just leave Wil, and… I don’t know…’ She seemed so confused with herself.
‘Take a break from dating altogether?’ I asked, as Bert and Jeph came into the room and I heard the bathroom door close.
‘I guess taking a break from the dating world would be good for me.’ She thought on this.
‘Yes, it probably would. Want one Jeph?’ I asked.
‘Sure.’ He replied.
‘I’m going out, I’ll be back in an hour or so.’ Lilly told me as Quinn entered the kitchen.
‘Alrighty. I’ll make you one.’ I smiled holding up an egg, before she left.
‘See you in a bit?’ Quinn said innocently.
‘I guess.’ She said and left. Now, I was the only girl among these guys. I flipped the egg “pancake” and the only sound that could be heard was the sizzle of the pan.
‘So…’ Jeph started, trying to start a conversation. Bert and Quinn turned their heads toward him.
‘Peanuts.’ Bert said.
‘Planter’s peanuts. Geeze.’ Quinn said in a gay voice.
‘Shut your fat mouth Quinn, I was calling Livvy peanuts.’ Bert flipped his hand forward like a girl.
‘Thanks Hun.’ Livvy laughed and set a plate in front of Jeph. ‘Eat it.’
‘That was bold and brave.’ Quinn muttered.
‘You shouldn’t make a joke like that at me Quinn.’ I smirked at him and walked back over to the stove.
‘Brad Pitt is a hot little muffin!’ Bert exclaimed.
‘I’m glad you think so Bert.’ I told him and set a plate in front of him.
‘Ooh, yummy. Thanks babe.’ He smiled and started shovelling his food into his mouth.
‘Anything for my little Brad Pitt lover.’ I said and sat next to him.
‘You know, Una called me. She said she is having a kid.’ Jeph said, ‘I don’t know how she got my number.’ Way to ruin a good conversation bro.
‘Who’s kid?’ I asked him in a serious tone glancing at Bert.
‘That’s the funny part, she was like “I think it is one of you guys. I mean, I slept with all of you four.” I don’t believe I have ever slept with her.’ He laughed.
‘I hate her.’ I said, and I’m pretty sure my irritated mood was noticeable.
‘I’ve never slept with her… Unless… nope, that was Lilly.’ Quinn mumbled, ‘New topic! Where’s mine?!’ He pointed to the food.
‘You said you weren’t hungry.’ I pointed at him with my fork. ‘Did she say anything about Bert?’ Quinn just stuck his tongue out at me.
‘I don’t believe she did. She wanted me to believe that I had actually slept with her. I think she just wants money or something. Stupid bitch.’ Jeph said.
I laughed and got up to make Quinn an omelette. ‘Yeah.’ I sighed and cracked the eggs into the pan after looking back at Bert. ‘Anyways, what to do today?’
‘Beats me.’ Jeph muttered.
‘I don’t know.’ Bert and Quinn said together.
‘Well then.’ I laughed setting a plate in front of Quinn. ‘You better eat that or your ass is mine. Well, you’d better just eat that.’
‘My ass already belongs to someone else, so you can’t have it.’ He said taking a bite of the food.
‘I changed my mind. You know, took it back. I would never want any part of you Quinn. Don’t get your hopes up.’ I laughed and sat back down.
‘You don’t know what you’re missing sweetheart.’ He laughed too.
‘Well, I guess I could find out.’ I suggested red-faced from laughing.
‘I could never give myself up in that way, I’m still a virgin you know.’ He stared at me. The room was quiet for a few seconds until everyone started laughing.
‘That was the worst lie ever dude.’ I told him.
‘I wasn’t lying…’ He fake cried.
‘Pretending to be a virgin is an insult to those of us who really are.’ I told him.
‘Haha, you are so funny. There is no way that you’re a virgin Livvy. I’ve heard you and Bert some nights.’ He laughed. Jeph sighed and looked at the table. I guessed he didn’t need that information.
‘That was the TV idiot.’ I lied.
‘Whatever Livvy, believe what you want.’ He smiled and took his plate to the kitchen.
‘I can’t help that Bert likes to watch porn at night.’ I said.
‘I watch live porn.’ Bert smirked at me.
‘What the hell.’ I looked over at him. Jeph sat there trying to keep a straight face but failing.
‘I watch us in the mirror.’ Bert said.
‘Ha! I knew you’ve fucked Bert.’ Quinn pointed at me.
‘Thanks Bert.’ I smacked him on the back of his head.
‘Well, we’ve done it on the table too.’ Bert said.
‘WHAT? No we haven’t!’ I threw my hands in the air.
‘Livvy, they don’t care. We can tell them all the places we’ve had sex. Don’t worry.’ Bert grinned.
‘I’d rather not, ok?’ I looked at him.
‘Alright.’ He kissed me on the cheek and went into the living room to watch TV.
‘So, this table?’ Quinn asked.
‘Shut the fuck up Quinn.’ I ordered.
‘You scare me.’ He said.
‘How so?’ I asked.
‘Don’t worry about it. I’m never going to tell you.’ He looked at the ground and headed off toward the hallway.
‘Alright so, Jeph, my best brother ever.’ I smiled putting my arm around him.
‘I feel awkward right now.’
‘Cause of that conversation?’ I guessed.
‘Yeah sorry about that. I think you would have much rather thought I was a virgin. It disturbs me that you’re not. And don’t even tell me you are.’
‘I’m not. I’ve slept with a few people… It’s weird saying I have, because I’ve slept with Lilly and so has Quinn.’ He shuddered.
‘Haha! You’ve slept with Quinn!’ I laughed.
‘I guess in a way I have… Ew, Ew.’ He shook his hands.
‘You have A.D.D. bro.’ I told him.
‘Whatever.’ He said, ‘Why don’t you go be with Berty?’
‘Fine. I’d much rather be with him than you!’ I laughed and went to the living room.

Lilly’s POV

I went looking for Wil. I needed to tell him everything, and I was going to leave him. I eventually found him at the motel he was staying in.
‘Wil, can I talk to you for a minute?’ I asked him knowing he would say yes.
‘Yeah.’ He smiled at me.
‘I’m sorry. I feel as though I’ve cheated on you. I made out with Quinn. I don’t think we should be together anymore, a relationship isn’t what I need right now.’ I told him. He didn’t look too hurt. It was as if he expected all of this.
‘No it’s ok. I didn’t think you would want to stay with me anyways. It just didn’t seem like it.’ He pulled me into a hug.
‘Well, I did until I realized something… I don’t want to talk about it though. I hope we can be friends.’ I said hugging him back.
‘Yeah of course. Was there anything else you needed?’ He asked me holding me in front of him by my shoulders.
‘I don’t think so.’ I told him, ‘You can call me anytime you want to though.’ I smiled.
‘I’ll take up that offer.’ He winked at me.
‘But, I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you around then.’ I smiled at him and hugged him once more before I left. I knew what was going to happen eventually, I was going to end up back with Quinn. As much as I didn’t want it to happen, I just knew it was going to anyway. He has some sort of hold on me, like a spell controlling all my love. I felt the need to see my brother, but then again, I really didn’t want to talk to him about this. He would just tell me to follow my heart. I’ve tried that, but it ends up being broken. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, which brought me out of deep thought. I pulled it out and looked at the caller id. Sonny.
‘Heyyy bro.’ I said answering the phone.
‘Hey, what’s up?’ He asked me.
‘Nothing really. I’m just walking around town now.’ I told him.
‘Are you ok?’ He asked, obviously concerned.
‘Yeah, I am alright. I just broke up with Wil, but I’m ok…’ I went on.
‘As long as you’re ok.’ He said, then continued, ‘Well, I actually have a reason for calling.’
‘Oh, and what’s that? You’re magically going to appear in front of me?’ I laughed.
‘Well no, not exactly. But we’re passing through right about…now. We need a place to stay sis.’ He laughed.
‘You may stay at Livvy’s place. I will escort you there. Just meet me at the bus station, since I am pretty much already there…’ I told him.
‘Are you sure?’ He asked wearily.
‘Yeah, it’s no problem. I’m not scared and Livvy won’t care.’ I assured him.
‘Alright, see you in a few minutes.’ He said and hung up before I could say anything. I put my phone back in my pocket, and kept walking. I could see the bus station from here. By the time I got there, they were pulling into the parking lot. I smiled at the sight of their van and walked up to it as it stopped. Derek burst through the door, grabbed my arm, and pulled me inside, closing the door behind him.
‘Welcome aboard.’ He told me.
‘Neat.’ I commented and started pointing where to go as we pulled out of the bus station’s parking lot.
‘SIS!’ Sonny screamed jumping on my back from behind.
‘Ouch! Jerk! Get off me.’ I yelled spinning in circles.
‘I thought you missed me.’ Sonny pouted, getting off my back.
‘I did, but I didn’t want your fat ass on my back.’ I said to him, ‘I’ve had enough problems.’
‘Oh so now you’re calling me fat!’ He said, ‘Don’t say a word to me, biotch.’
‘Fine, I’ll talk to someone else then!’ I shot at him and sat down.
‘I was kidding, kidding!’ Sonny said quickly, as we pulled into the driveway of Livvy’s house.
‘Sonny, I’m not exactly ok. I feel like I’m going crazy…’ I sighed.
‘Why?’ He questioned me, as we all got out of the van.
‘Quinn mostly… I don’t know though. I just feel like no matter what I do, my life is going to be fucked up and will not be worth living.’ I explained to him as we walked to the front door.
‘Don’t say that.’ He said and smiled at me, ‘I’m always here for you! Now, you go first.’
‘Ugh, fine.’ I walked into the house and began shouting, ‘LIVVY, SONNY IS HERE! HE WANTS TO FUCK YOU!’ I began cracking up.
‘What the fuck!’ Sonny said to me, giving me a death glare as Livvy walked in looking at everyone then resting her eyes on Sonny.
‘Haha, I’m just kidding. They just need a place to stay for the night, ok?’ I looked at Livvy and smiled.
‘Uhh, yeah sure.’ She said looking at me.
‘Alright, let’s party.’ I smirked.
‘We’re all in the kitchen. You guys can come in.’ She laughed at the guys standing by the door. They walked into the kitchen, and I just followed. I didn’t know what was going to happen with Quinn and I. Jeph and Bert were sitting at the table, and Quinn was by the cupboards. He was opening and closing the cupboard with the pancake mix in it.
‘I don’t know if I’m hungry!’ He shouted then turned around and saw the new additions to the room. ‘Oh, hey.’ The guys waved at him and found places to sit down. I decided not to sit. Jeph got up from the table and walked over next to me.
‘Can I talk to you?’ He asked me. I shook my head and followed him into another room, away from everyone else.
‘What is it?’ I asked him. He didn’t say anything for a while, but then he kissed me hard. I pulled away after a few moments, ‘Jeph…’
‘I’m sorry…’ He mumbled.
‘It’s ok.. I just, I can’t do this… I don’t think we should ever be..’
‘It’s fine. Just, go be with Quinn..’ He said resentfully.
‘Maybe I don’t want to be with Quinn, ever think of that?’ I questioned him, realizing that I was getting a bit angry, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you..’
‘Whatever Lilly. Did you ever think that maybe, with me coming after you and all, I was accepting that possibility?’
‘I guess… Please, don’t come after me or anything… it wouldn’t work out… fuck…’ I mumbled.
‘No, it’s fine, I got it.’ He said and began to walk out of the room.
‘Don’t go.’ I said grabbing his arm. I had no idea as to what to say at this point. He stood there looking at me, while I was grabbing his arm.
‘Yes?’ He asked me, looking at his arm.
‘I’m really confused… that’s all…’ I sighed letting go of his arm.
‘Well, sort out your feelings. People aren’t going to wait forever.’ He advised me.
‘Would you wait forever for your one true love? …I would…’ I asked him. I felt like I was getting depressed for no reason.
‘Of course I would, cause I know who that person is. But you, you wouldn’t be able to because you’re stuck between guys.’ He said.
‘I’m an idiot. Who is your true love? It’s not me, is it?’ I began asking him.
‘No, of course it isn’t you. It’s Livvy.’ He said looking at me like I was mentally retarded.
‘Oh my… I never knew sister-brotherly love went that far.’ I said almost smiling.
‘No, it doesn’t. I love her, but not like that.’ He laughed.
‘I know silly.’ I laughed pushing him playfully.
‘Don’t get physical with me missy. I’m abstinent.’ He told me.
‘Uh-huh.’ I glared at him before pulling him into a hug, ‘Thank you.’
‘For being here.. For talking with me, even kissing me. What should I do? I’m still so confused…’ I began telling him as I pulled him into another kiss.
‘Well for starters, doing that will just confuse you more. I know I’m irresistible, but you’ll just have to resist.’ He said.
‘I don’t want to, something is telling me to keep going, to keep kissing you.’ I said looking into his eyes.
‘Lilly, don’t mess with me. I’m serious. I don’t want to get my hopes up.’ He sighed looking back at me.
‘That’s what you think I’m doing?! Just messing with you. Whatever.’ I said and walked toward the door. I felt the need for another walk.
‘Lilly you know I don’t mean it like that. It’s just, you’ve done this to me so many times, and believe me, I’d like to just let you keep kissing me, but I just…don’t want to get hurt again. You said yourself that you fall in love with Quinn more and more every time you look at him.’ He reminded me.
‘Well, maybe for once, I was listening to my heart, and doing what it says.’ I mumbled.
‘And by that you mean…?’
‘Nevermind.. It’s nothing, you would think I’m just messing with you or something, let’s talk about this later on ok? I need to go out for a while.’ I said and walked out the door toward the nearest bar.
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