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Chapter 21

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Quinn’s POV

‘Thank you,’ I smiled at her, ‘Let’s go.’ I pulled her down the driveway.
‘Hold on.’ She said, walked back up the driveway and yelled bye to Jeph, then met me by the street, ‘Ok.’ We started walking down the street in silence.
‘So Lilly…’ I slowly slid my hand in hers, ‘Nice night.’
‘Yes, it is.’ She smiled pulling her hand out of mine and giving me a playful shove, ‘You can’t do that mister.’
‘I like it when you call me mister.’ I grinned.
‘Oh yeah babe.’ She laughed.
‘I feel bad for Jeph.’ I sighed kicking a stone in the middle of the street.
‘You didn’t have to come with me, I would have been fine alone.’ She reassured me.
‘Well, it’s just…’ I looked at her, ‘You’re not going to last one night let alone a whole month.’
‘I can so! I will prove it to you!’ She exclaimed.
‘Alright, we’ll see. So what’s up?’ I asked her kicking another stone.
‘Well, the beautiful sky.’ She said looking up, ‘But really, I shouldn’t be gone too long.’
‘Oh it’s ok.’ I told her, hoping she would agree.
‘I don’t know…’ She sighed.
‘What’s wrong with walking with me?’ I asked.
‘Everything.’ She sighed again and turned around to walk home.
‘Alright, see you at home.’ I told her watching her walk away.
‘Is that it?’ She stopped and asked me.
‘Not really,’ I said and pulled her toward me by the waist, ‘Just, walk with me ok?’
‘Uh, okay.’ She looked at me with a smile. We walked on for a while before we passed a house playing ‘Find A Way’.
‘I like this song.’ I said, ‘It’s nice hearing my music. It’s kind of weird how we happen to be walking together tonight down this road, past this house, that happens to be playing one of my love songs.’
‘Seems like it’s trying to say something…’ She mumbled.
‘Probably.’ I said and pulled her close to me.
‘I should get back now.’ She sighed once again.
‘If you insist.’ I smiled looking her in the eyes.
‘Quinn…’ She whispered looking back at me as if she wanted to kiss me. It began to rain right at that moment.
‘You should stay. I look ten times sexier in the rain.’ I told her.
‘I know…’ She said giving me a hug.
‘Feels good to hug the sexy beast doesn’t it?’ I laughed.
‘Oh yeah baby it does.’ She laughed pulling away from me. It felt like that was the perfect moment for us, if only she were mine…
‘We’re gonna get soaked.’ I said as the rain got heavier.
‘Oh well.’ She smiled looking at me regretfully, ‘I do have to go back though…’
‘That’s alright, I guess.’ I muttered, ‘Let’s go.’ I turned around and looked down the street leading back to the house.
‘Catch me if you can!’ Lilly yelled running past me. She ran down the street, faster than I expected. I chased after her and caught up just as we turned into the front yard. She stopped in the middle of it and I failed to do so, and tackled her to the ground, landing with me on top of her.
‘Well this is nice,’ I smirked, feeling every part of my body touch hers and the wetness of our clothes sticking together, ‘Cozy.’ She rubbed her hands through my hair. I thought she was going to pull my head down and kiss me, but she didn’t.
‘It might be nice, but I…’ She stopped mid-sentence. I took a moment to look at her face, and felt that the moment was so perfect. I bent my head down and lightly pressed my lips against hers just as I heard voices from the end of the driveway. I could feel Lilly almost kiss me back when Livvy yelled at us.
‘GUYS! IT’S RAINING! GET INSIDE!’ She yelled running up to us with Sonny’s hand in hers.

Livvy’s POV

The rain was pounding down on us as I was yelling at two figures in the middle of the yard. I didn’t know who they were but I hoped it was two people of opposite genders, seeing as they were on top of each other.
‘Alright.’ I heard Quinn groan. What the fuck? I saw him stand up and bend over to pull…Lilly up?
‘Lilly?’ I asked. It couldn’t be her. She wouldn’t do this to Jeph again, would she? I decided not to jump to conclusions. Sonny had enough of staring at people in the yard while being rained on and decided to go inside, Quinn followed. I stood there as Lilly walked up to me. She pulled me to the porch under the awning. ‘What are you doing?!’
‘I was walking with Quinn… I had him try to catch me, and that’s how we ended up. I didn’t do anything though. He tried kissing me. There is something I should probably tell you…’ She sighed looking over at me.
‘Yes?’ I asked, waiting for the answer.
‘Quinn bet me that I couldn’t resist him for a month, and if I couldn’t then I would have to leave Jeph. I agreed to the bet, I don’t know why I did. He said he would leave me alone if I made it through the whole month… I have resisted him so far. I hate him but love him and I’m trying to get over him. I know I will eventually…’ She was rambling.
‘Why would you do that?’ I asked her, ‘You know you can’t resist him. You can’t deny your feelings.’
‘I don’t know… Why does everyone say that? I know I can resist him. He is just trying to make it harder for me. I can do it, but you and Quinn have no faith in me…’ She told me.
‘It’s not that I don’t have faith in you, it’s that I know what it feels like to have feelings for more than one person.’
‘Bert and Sonny?’ She asked, ‘At least you understand…’
‘Yes, but I’ve decided to finally make up my mind, which is what you should do.’
‘I have, I want to be with Jeph.’ She protested.
‘Alright, then resisting Quinn should be no problem if you truly love Jeph.’
‘I know, and it will be no problem. Quinn thinks otherwise. He will see. I love Jeph.’ She smiled and looked at me, ‘What’s on your hand?’
‘A ring.’ I looked at it and smiled.
‘So, Sonny went through with it. That’s good. I’m happy for you two.’ She said, ‘Let’s go inside.’
‘Alright.’ I stood up, opened the door, and walked inside with Lilly behind me. I heard ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’ playing on the TV and saw every member of The Used huddled around it.
‘Look! There’s me!’ Branden squealed pointing at the TV frantically.
‘Hey you guys.’ Bert said as we sat down next to them.
‘Did you hear, we’re going to Cali with FFTL. We have to go on tour for a few weeks.’ Branden informed us.
‘Oh um, that’s cool.’ I sighed, not wanting them to leave.
‘Guess what, Livvy and Sonny are engaged.’ Lilly blurted.
‘What?!’ Travis screamed from the kitchen, running into the living room, ‘Nu-uh.’
‘True enough.’ I said. I noticed Bert looking at the floor. He stood up and left the room. I looked around at everyone and followed him into what was at one point our room. I walked in and closed the door behind me.
‘Bert…’ I sighed.
‘What?’ He asked laying on the bed and patting it for me to lay next to him.
‘You know what.’ I told him sitting down on the bed.
‘I’m sorry.’ I tried.
‘For what? You didn’t do anything.’ He sighed.
‘I saw your reaction in there.’ I told him.
‘So, why would it matter what my reaction was? You’re happy with him right?’ He asked me.
‘I umm..’ Now that I was alone with Bert again I wasn’t so sure. What was I thinking? Of course I’m happy with Sonny. ‘Yeah…yeah.’ I nodded unsure of myself.
‘Uh-huh. I love you Livvy.’ He said out of nowhere.
‘You make being with someone else so hard.’ I mumbled.
‘Don’t be with someone else then. I would do anything to get you back. I love you so much, and I need you in my life as more than a friend…’
‘I love you too,’ I whispered, ‘I’m marrying Sonny now though. I’m sorry Bert.’
‘Livvy, please don’t. You love me, you said it yourself. Please, be with me. I love you too. Livvy… You should leave the room before I do something stupid.’ He sighed.
‘You know, I was so sure of myself before I saw you again.’ I said.
‘That’s why you need to just leave me alone until I go.’ He said getting up and walking me to the door.
‘I umm… sure.’ I said not wanting to leave the room for some reason, but left anyway. I decided I needed to talk to Lilly, again. I went and found her in the living room on the couch watching more of The Used DVD’s.
‘Lilly. Come here.’ I called from the doorway.
‘Okie.’ She said getting up and walking up to me, ‘What is it?’ I pulled her into the kitchen and we sat down at the table.
‘I know how you feel. And it sucks.’ I confessed.
‘It really does, but usually the guys just don’t get it.’ She told me.
‘Yeah well I mean, when I’m around Sonny I love Sonny, and when I’m around Bert I love Bert.’ I looked at her for help, but decided she probably couldn’t help me since she was dealing with the same thing.
‘Well, what type of love do you think you have for Sonny?’ She asked me.
‘The type to say I’d marry him.’ I answered.
‘What about Bert?’
‘I don’t know.’ I told her.
‘Well, who makes you happier?’ She asked.
‘Oh my god. You’re asking me these questions that you should be asking yourself.’ I laughed then continued, ‘Again, I don’t know. Both of them.’
‘I have asked myself these questions, and I decided that Jeph makes me happier and he treats me how I want to be treated.’ She said, ‘Ok, life or death situation, if you had to choose Bert or Sonny to save you, which would you want?’
‘Why would you ask that. Now I HAVE to answer it or I’ll die. I think I would choose--’ I began but was cut off by Lilly.
‘It’s Bert right? You love him so much, it’s written all over your face.’ She smirked.
‘Yes…’ I sighed.
‘You might want to talk to Sonny about this then. Maybe wait until after he comes back though, so you can really think things through.’ She advised me.
‘Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Thank you.’ I smiled.
‘Alright. I’m going back out there to talk with Jeph, before they go. I have a feeling they’re leaving tomorrow.’ She said.
‘Alright. I think I’ll go out there, nothing fun to do in here.’ I got up and followed her into the living room where she whispered something in Jeph’s ear. They both got up and left the room. I looked around then sat next to Sonny on the couch. I felt as though I was betraying Sonny.
‘Everyone’s staying the night here.’ Sonny told me.
‘Fine with me.’ I mumbled watching Quinn admire himself on TV.
‘We’re leaving tomorrow…’ He sighed.
‘Already? Wow.’ I glanced over at him.
‘I’m sleepy, where can I sleep?’ He asked me.
‘Well, I’m sleeping in my room, if you’d like to join me.’ I smiled at him and stood up.
‘Ok, let’s go.’ He smiled and followed me to my room. Just as we got to my room, Bert walked out and went to the living room. I laid on the bed and moved to my side so Sonny could get in. It felt weird with him in the bed Bert and I used to share. I whispered goodnight to Sonny and instantly fell asleep.
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