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Chapter 23

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Lilly’s POV

Jeph and I were left alone to talk, and for the longest time it was silent. I didn’t know what to say to him. I still wanted to be with him, but I just didn’t know anymore. Before either of us could say anything his phone rang.
‘Hello?’ Jeph answered his phone.
‘Jeph, where are you?’ I could hear Taylor’s voice even though Jeph didn’t have the speaker on.
‘Talking with my girlfriend.’ He told her.
‘I thought we were a couple now. You said so after we slept together.’ She said. God, I didn’t want to hear anymore of this. But I had to listen.
‘No, I didn’t. Are you still here?’ He asked her.
‘Jeph! I have no where else to go, you brought me here. And, you DID say that we were.’ I heard her yell. I took the phone from Jeph…
‘Go fuck yourself bitch.’ I told her and hung up, ‘Now, we can talk.’
‘Thank you.’ He took his phone from me and put it in his pocket. ‘This floor is starting to become uncomfortable.’ Jeph said while getting up, and jumped on Livvy’s bed.
‘Mm, it is.’ I said and got up to lay on her bed, ‘Why is her bed so comfy?’
‘I wouldn’t ask questions,’ He laughed, ‘Now, about this talk…’
‘Yes, about it…’ I said waiting for him to start the conversation.
‘I don’t want to lose you. I know I messed up, and I guess that makes me an asshole right?’ He asked.
‘If you say so.’ I said.
‘Well, would you be willing to forgive me?’ He wondered.
‘I don’t know, are you ever going to give up on me when things look bleak?’ I shot at him.
‘Never again.’ He promised.
‘I guess I can forgive you for this one little thing.’ I tried to keep my face serious, but began smiling.
‘Thank you thank you thank you!’ Jeph exclaimed rolling over next to me and giving me a sideways hug.
‘You’re welcome.’ I said and rolled on top of him.
‘I’ll never do it again.’ He smiled and kissed me.
‘Good.’ I said and kissed him. Out of nowhere, we could hear moans coming from the bathroom, ‘Oh my, I don’t even want to know.’
‘Well, I think Livvy resolved her issues, and so did we.’ He explained.
‘I think so.’ I smiled at him and stood up, ‘I feel weird in her room.’
‘Yeah, I don’t even want to know what goes on in here.’ He got up as well, ‘Where to?’
‘I need to go talk to Quinn first. He’s the one who pressured me into forgiving you.’ I told him.
‘Alright, I’ll be in the living room.’ He smiled at me and left the room. I left as well and went to find Quinn. I was walking through the kitchen and something out of the window caught my eye. I walked up to it and noticed a Blondie sitting in the middle of the back yard. The sight of him brought a smile to my face. I walked outside and sat down next to him.
‘I have good news.’ I bent my head in front of his so he had to see me.
‘Yes?’ He asked looking at me.
‘Jeph and I made up.’ I told him wondering if it was the right thing to tell him.
‘Oh, I’m happy for you two.’ He smiled, ‘Are you together now?’
‘Yeah, I believe so.’ I told him while laying on the grass to look at the sky.
‘That’s good. I’m glad you’re happy.’ He said.
‘Are you ok?’ I asked him pulling him down to a laying position.
‘Of course. I’m fine.’ He tried to convince me, re-positioning himself on the ground to try to get comfortable.
‘Uh-huh.’ I said not believing him.
‘Yes. So…what are you’re plans now?’ He asked me.
‘Maybe to get some ice cream.’ I told him.
‘Sounds yummy.’ He tried sounding enthusiastic.
‘Quinn, you’re not ok.’ I told him flat out.
‘Yes I am.’ He responded.
‘No, you’re not! I know.’ I said.
‘How so?’ He asked sitting up and leaning on his elbows.
‘I can feel it in my heart that something isn’t right.’ I said, ‘I don’t know why, but I can just feel it.’
‘Well you’re wrong. I’m just fine. You’re happy, and that makes me happy.’ He looked over at me. I sat up completely and felt the wet grass with my hands. It made me think of Quinn again.
‘Damn it.’ I sighed.
‘What’s wrong?’ He asked me, looking up at the sky as it started to rain again.
‘Why does it have to do this? I’ve chosen ok. …I hope I made the right choice too…’ I mumbled to myself.
‘I’m sure you made a great choice. Jeph is a great guy.’ Quinn looked at me regretfully.
‘Whenever I’m around you though…’ I didn’t want to finish my sentence. I couldn’t.
‘Whenever you’re around me..?’ Quinn repeated.
‘Nothing, if I say it, it will change everything.’ I told him looking away from him.
‘I understand.’ He told me as the water ran down his face. Oh god, it’s just like he said. He looks so sexy right now. I began to blush a little for some reason. ‘Why are you blushing?’
‘Um, no reason.’ I lied.
‘Sure.’ He got up and pulled me up with him so we were standing inches apart, ‘You’re right, there is something wrong. I’m not happy. I’m happy for you because you’re happy, but I’m not. I’m not trying to make you change your mind, or pressure you into coming back to me, I just want you to know. When I’m with you I feel like the luckiest man alive. And I just want you to know that. I love you, and I won’t love anyone else like I love you.’ He looked me straight in the eyes.
‘Quinn…’ I said looking at his chest and putting my hand where his heart is. I could feel it beating. I got butterflies in my stomach as he said those words. Quinn looked so good right now, I just wanted to feel him and kiss him, but I know that would be wrong, especially to Jeph. I still had a week to resist Quinn. ‘I was blushing because I thought about how sexy you looked in the rain, and then what you said…’ I drew a heart over his with my finger.
‘I warned you about me and the rain. And what I said is only the truth.’ He told me and grabbed my hand, entwining his fingers in mine. I didn’t pull my hand away this time.
‘I know.’ I moved a little bit closer to him without even realizing it.
‘Are you sure you should be out here with me?’ He asked looking down at me and resting his forehead against mine.
‘No. I probably shouldn’t, but you have some hold on me and I can’t walk away.’ I told him smiling.
‘Is what you’re doing considered resisting?’ He asked with a big grin plastered across his face.
‘Depends on what you define as resisting.’ I told him.
‘I really don’t want you to resist anymore, seeing as how I can’t.’ He explained and placed his lips upon mine as the rain fell to the ground around us. I couldn’t resist anymore either, I was kissing him back before I could even stop myself. I wanted to pull him to the ground and kiss him there, but I didn’t.
‘Seems as though I couldn’t either.’ I said after we pulled apart.
‘I guess it’s my lucky night, with the rain and all.’ He indicated the falling water droplets and smiled at me as he wiped water off his face.
‘I guess so.’ I smiled back, ‘What does this mean?’
‘I love you.’ He said instantly, almost cutting me off, while looking into my eyes as if he were searching for an answer.
I wanted to say it so badly, but something was holding me back, am I trying to kid myself? ‘I love you.’ I managed to say. He smiled before picking me up and twirling me around then lying me down on the wet grass as he hovered above me.
‘You make life perfect,’ He told me as he moved a piece of hair out of my face, ‘Worth living.’ I was speechless. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it again. I was the happiest I have ever been right at that moment. I wanted it to last forever. After a moment of silence Quinn settled himself beside me and grabbed my hand as we laid there and watched the stars.

Livvy’s POV

Bert and I finished up in the bathroom just as someone knocked. Bert walked out before I did, and talked whoever needed to use the bathroom out of it. I left soon after Bert did, and felt the need for some fresh air. I walked through the kitchen and ended up in the backyard. I sat down in a chair close to the door and noticed Lilly and Quinn lying on the ground. I decided not to bother them, what harm was lying on the ground anyway? Unless they were about to do something else. I heard someone walk outside, and saw Jeph sit next to me.
‘Hey.’ He said to me looking over at Lilly and Quinn.
‘Hey, what’s up?’ I asked him, noticing that he was watching them.
‘Nothing, why?’ He asked.
‘Oh I don’t know, just wondering I guess.’ I said.
‘Ok.’ He said as Bert walked outside and sat on me.
‘Hey.’ I smiled up at him.
‘Hey baby.’ He smirked, ‘Is that Lilly and Quinn out there?’
‘Ahh. I see.’ He said, and whispered to me, ‘Don’t you think they look cute?’
‘Umm…’ I looked over at Jeph, ‘Kind of. How can you tell in the dark and rain while they’re lying down, hmm?’ Jeph got up and walked back inside.
‘I can just tell, just the way that they are, and stuff. They look like they’re dating.’ Bert said to me.
‘I know. It’s just that Jeph was right there.’ I explained looking back at the yard just as Quinn pointed at something in the sky and Lilly laughed.
‘That Taylor girl was pretty cool, why didn’t Jeph want to stay with her?’ He asked, himself?
‘Bert!’ I looked back at him with wide eyes, ‘He pretty much cheated on Lilly with her, and now won her back, and now she’s out here with Quinn.’
‘They’re just watching the stars.’ He muttered.
‘You said yourself that they look like they’re dating.’ I told him.
‘Yeah yeah yeah… And, I know he cheated on her. I found that out, yesterday? Hm, I just think Jeph would have been better off with that other girl. They seemed really happy when we were on tour, and she’s a year younger than him.’
‘I don’t know. I think Lilly and Quinn might end up together to be honest.’ I sighed.
‘Eh, who knows.’ He said and kissed me, ‘Let’s go to bed, I’m tired, that bathroom party was some work.’
‘Oh, my poor Bert. Are you serious?’ I asked him as I got up and pulled him up with me. He whistled at Quinn and Lilly as if he were whistling to a hot girl. ‘Behave yourself.’ I laughed. I turned around to open the door but realized that it was already open, with Jeph standing in the doorway. ‘Oh, Jeph. Did you hear that?’
‘Unfortunately, yes.’ He sighed and went inside.
‘I’m sorry bro!’ I called after him but he keep walking and went into the kitchen. I didn’t feel like going there, and suspected that Bert didn’t either so I kept walking. ‘You sure you want to go to bed?’ I asked.
‘Yeah, but you can stay up.’ He told me.
‘Ahh it’s ok, I’d rather be with you.’ I smiled as we walked into my room and closed the door.
‘Peace at last.’ He said and jumped into bed.
‘You are a horny fucker Bert. I hope you really plan on sleeping.’ I said as I got into bed after him.
‘Oh, I know. But, I do plan on sleeping. I am tired.’ He smiled and kissed me goodnight. He fell asleep within seconds, but me, not so much. I looked over at the clock and realized I had actually dozed off for about an hour. My mouth was really dry so I got up to go get some water. As I walked down the hallway I heard ‘Find A Way’ playing from the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen I saw Quinn and Lilly cooking food.
‘Whatcha making?’ I asked them, startling Quinn.
‘Pancakes!’ Quinn exclaimed turning around to look at me while licking the spoon.
‘I see that.’ I laughed as I went and got a glass of water, ‘So, what’s the status between you two?’
‘We are unstatusable.’ Quinn said before Lilly could say anything.
‘Interesting.’ I said before taking a drink of my water and leaning up against the counter.
‘Don’t mix the water in there yet Quinn.’ Lilly muttered to him. She seemed to be acting a bit strange.
‘Lilly. Come here.’ I ordered her.
‘Fine.’ She said dropping her mixing spoon and walking over to me.
‘What’s wrong?’ I asked her. There was definitely something wrong.
She began whispering in my ear so Quinn wouldn’t hear, ‘I feel really bad, but I’m happy…’
‘It’s not your fault that Quinn makes you happy. I saw you outside earlier, you two looked cute. Bert thought so.’ I told her.
‘Wow, Bert said that… It’s just, this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. But, I just made up with Jeph…’ She sighed.
‘I don’t know. I’d say you’re just a bit happier with Quinn than Jeph. My opinion.’ I finished my water and set the glass in the sink.
‘That’s the thing, I am happier with him. I just never realized that until tonight.’ She told me.
‘Maybe you should act on those feelings.’ I advised her while watching Quinn try to flip a pancake.
‘I don’t know what I’m doing! Don’t let me ruin pancakes!’ Quinn said frantically.
‘Alright, here.’ She said walking back over to him. It seemed as though she tried to touch him as much as she could.
‘You two are adorable. I’ll see you in the morning.’ I smiled.
‘Why thank you, I certainly agree that I am.’ Quinn said making himself look bigger.
‘Yes, thanks Livvy. Goodnight!’ Lilly said.
‘Don’t go and get a big head now Quinn.’ I mumbled while walking out of the kitchen and back to my room where I climbed back into bed and fell right asleep.

When I woke up, I could smell the pancakes and they did smell delicious. I felt next to me and noticed that Bert wasn’t there. So, I got up, got ready for the day, and went to the kitchen. When I walked in Lilly was setting plates of pancakes in front of people at the table. Quinn squealed when she gave him his and dug in. There was an open seat next to Bert and I took it.
‘Morning Hun.’ I smiled at him as a plate of pancakes was set in front of me.
‘Morning.’ He smiled back and started to eat his pancakes. It has been a while since we’ve had pancakes.
‘Thank you Lilly.’ I said, ‘So, how is everyone this morning?’
‘Good.’ Bert said.
‘Excellent.’ Quinn commented.
‘Just perfect.’ Jeph sighed.
‘Yummy.’ Branden said eating some pancake.
‘That’s good.’ I said taking a bite of my pancake after drowning it in syrup. ‘So what are the plans for today?’ Gee I am the only one making conversation.
‘Nothing.’ Jeph and Branden said in unison.
‘Yeah, what they said.’ Quinn said.
‘Just to be with you baby.’ Bert said grabbing my free hand.
‘I like Bert’s idea. You guys are boring.’ I laughed indicating the rest of the room.
‘Mm, my ideas are the best.’ Bert joked.
‘That they are. I liked yesterdays idea.’ I smiled looking at my plate of pancakes then at Quinn’s empty plate.
‘Hehe, that was fun.’ Bert smirked and went back to eating. My stomach refused anymore pancake so I rested my head on Bert’s shoulder and watched everyone else. The only person who wasn’t eating was Lilly. She was sitting on the counter by the sink.

Quinn’s POV

My plate of pancakes was no longer there, it was just a plate, sadly. There was some syrup that had happened to escape around the edges of the plate though. Enough of that. I looked up and saw Lilly sitting on the counter. I pushed my chair back, stood up, and walked to the sink with my plate in hand. I set it in the sink after rinsing it off, then turned to face Lilly.
‘What’s the matter?’ I asked her sincerely after walking closer to her.
‘It’s nothing really.’ She told me looking at her lap.
‘Don’t lie to me.’ I said.
‘I don’t want to talk about it here, in front of everyone.’ She said.
‘Want to go somewhere else? My room?’ I suggested.
‘Sure.’ She jumped off the counter and followed me toward my room. I opened the door to my room and stepped back so she could go down first. After she went down I closed the door behind us and followed her.
‘What is it?’ I asked again after we both sat on my bed.
‘It’s just, Jeph and I got into a really big argument last night after everyone went to sleep. Some hurtful things were said.’ She sighed.
‘I’m sorry.’ I said and pulled her into a hug.
‘It’ll be ok though, won’t it?’ She asked me.
‘Of course. I’ll be sure of it.’ I told her.
‘I believe you.’ She smiled at me, ‘He broke up with me. He said, “Why should I bother chasing you again if you have your mind set on Quinn? I love you enough to let you go, because I want you to be happy. Quinn seems to be the one that does the job, and I’m not going to get in the way anymore.” That’s not all that was said though… there were a few mean things.’
‘Is it true? Am I the one who makes you happy?’ I asked her, hoping the answer was yes.
‘It is. I was telling Livvy that last night with you was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.’ She looked up at me with a smile.
‘I’m glad. Cause I was really trying to win your heart.’ I smirked.
‘Well, you did.’ She said and in the process of hugging me, forced me to lay down.
‘Question.’ I started, ‘Does this mean you’re free to be swept off your feet?’
‘I guess it does, doesn’t it?’ She smiled.
‘Good, because that’s what I plan on doing.’ I informed her as she began planting kisses on me.
‘Are we together then?’ She asked me.
‘Only if you want to be.’ I told her.
‘Of course silly, I’ve been waiting to be with you.’ She poked me in the nose and started laughing. It was good that she was smiling again.
‘Well then I guess we are then, aren’t we?’ I grinned and rolled over on top of her before the room became silent.
‘Mhm. Now, let’s have a baby.’ She giggled.
‘That would be one cute looking baby.’ I said, ‘Are you serious?’
‘Yes, I am.’ She said with complete seriousness in her voice.
‘I love you.’ I said and began kissing her after pulling off my shirt.
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