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Chapter 26

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Livvy’s POV

‘Livvyyyy!’ I heard Sonny yelling for me from the other room. I was about to make myself something to eat, but I decided to follow his voice.
‘Sonnyyyy!’ I yelled back at him, wondering and knowing where he was. I thought he was in my room, so I walked in there, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. ‘Sonny?’
‘Hey.’ He jumped from behind the closet door and scared me. I screamed and he quickly apologized.
‘What was that for?’ I asked.
‘I just thought you needed a good scaring today.’ He smirked looking me up and down. I did the same to him and laid on the bed. ‘What’s this? Are you trying to do something missy?’
‘Oh yes.’ I laughed grabbing his hand and pulling him on top of me into a deep kiss.
‘Well, on our honeymoon, we can make some sweet love.’ He flipped me over so I was on top of him. I didn’t mind it, but it made me think about Bert. I pushed the thought of him away.
‘Oh, that’s not fair.’ I pouted. He just kissed me as if trying to tease me.
‘You can wait, can’t you?’ He asked sitting up so I was straddled in his lap.
‘Of course I can.’ I smiled and decided to get up. Sonny grabbed my hand and kissed it before I left the room. He had someone planning our wedding for us, so there wouldn’t be a ton of stress for me. I was glad. I closed the door behind me in time to hear the doorbell ring.
‘GET THAT!’ Travis screamed from the kitchen. I picked up my pace and walked up to the door, glaring at Travis in the process. I opened the door to be met with Bert.
‘Heyyy baby.’ He smirked hugging me. ‘I came here, just for you.’
‘Hey, I’m glad to see you.’ I hugged him back. Ignore potential Bert feelings.
‘Aw, you missed me?’ He asked picking me up and throwing me a little bit before setting me down again.
‘Course I did!’ I exclaimed, as he walked inside and I closed the door.
‘Well, how’s that wedding shit going?’ He asked me sitting down on the couch.
‘It’s good. I got my dress last week. Hayden got hers too.’ I smiled taking a seat next to him.
‘How is that little booger?’ He asked me.
‘The usual, being a booger.’ I told him as Hayden came running into the room.
‘BIRD!’ She yelled and ran up to him. Bert picked her up and set her on his lap as she started talking about her latest adventure.
‘So, do you want a drink or something?’ I asked him, not knowing what to say.
‘That’s a classic “I need to leave the room” line.’ He laughed, ‘Nah, I don’t need anything.’
‘No, I just didn’t know what to say. Hayden was doing most of the talking.’ I laughed a little with him.
‘So, you and Sonny are doing good then?’ He asked looking over at me.
‘Better than ever.’ I grinned, ‘You have anyone in your life?’
‘No, I’m living the single life for now. It’s nice too. I can kiss you and not get in trouble.’ He smiled.
‘Maybe so Bert, but I would get in trouble.’ I reminded him.
‘Yeah, yeah. I know. It would be fun though, you have to admit that.’ He said.
‘Sure.’ I laughed as I heard Travis tell Branden something about Martha coming on soon. Great.
‘FUCK MARTHA!’ We could hear Branden yell as he walked into the living room.
‘Fight the Travis.’ Bert told Branden snatching the remote from the coffee table, ‘I need to use the bathroom.’ Bert threw the remote at me and walked off toward the bathroom.
‘Sup man?’ I turned to look at his fuming face. He really does not like Martha, ‘Chill.’
‘I can’t, I hate Martha. I should just go for a walk.’ He said bitterly.
‘It’ll be alright.’ I told him as he got up and left the house. I looked around the empty living room and sighed as I heard laughter from the kitchen. After deciding that the living room was boring enough, I walked into the kitchen to find that Quinn and Alison were the ones laughing and Lilly was standing by Bert.
‘Hey you two.’ I said walking up to them.
‘Hey.’ Lilly sighed.
‘Yo.’ Bert said lifting his hand up for a high five.
‘Mhm.’ I mumbled slapping his hand and returned to my earlier agenda: finding something to eat.
‘You will help me out?’ Bert asked Lilly.
‘Yeah, most definitely.’ She told him.
‘Help with what?’ I asked as I went through the cupboards and pulled out a box of cereal. I didn’t bother pouring a bowl, I decided to eat out of the box.
‘Nothing.’ Bert said.
‘What he said.’ Lilly pointed at him and reached in my box for some cereal.
‘Hey! You don’t deserve any!’ I pulled the box away and smirked.
‘Whatever.’ She said and grabbed Bert’s shirt, and pulled him out of the kitchen into the living room. I stared after them questioningly, then sat down on a stool to ponder.

Lilly’s POV

I pushed Bert on the couch and sat next to him.
‘So, how do you want to do this?’ He asked me almost laughing.
‘Depends.’ I laughed, ‘How do you expect to win her back?’
‘We talked about this earlier. We’re making her jealous so hopefully she’ll come back to me before she marries your brother.’ He told me.
‘You know, you could talk to Sonny and tell him that you are still in love with her and you want her back and shit like that. He might listen and give her up.’ I pointed out to him.
‘Right. He loves her too dude.’ He said.
‘Yeah, but he gave her up once so you could have her. He would do it again..’ I looked at the blank TV really unsure of what Sonny would actually do.
‘He gave her up because she wanted me back. I don’t think she does anymore.’ He sighed.
‘I could ask her right now, and I bet she would want you back.’ I said getting up to go ask, but being pulled back on the couch as quickly as I stood.
‘Are you dumb?’ Bert asked me, ‘I think so.’
‘You know what, I’m not helping you.’ I said with the straightest face I could give him.
‘Ok ok I’m sorry.’ He mumbled looking at me.
‘How do you plan on making her jealous?’ I asked dumbly.
‘That’s a team effort Lilly. Me and you, because we’ve never actually gotten together. You’re her best friend, so it’ll bother her.’ He replied like he was talking to a five year old.
‘Alright alright. So what, are we going to get together or something?’ I wondered.
‘Not actually. Unless you want to.’ He smiled at me.
‘It doesn’t matter to me. That’s all up to you.’ I told him.
‘You’re the mastermind in this, I’m just, Bert.’ He laughed, ‘You can think of something good.’
‘Shut up Bert,’ I said pushing him softly away from me, ‘You’re the one who thought of everything so far. I’ve just been asking you questions.’
‘Which is why you should think of something now.’ He pointed out.
‘Hm, I’m thinking of something now.’ I said not telling him what it was. I decided on getting up to find that something.
‘You suck!’ He pouted, ‘Tell me!’
‘Ok, I’m thinking of finding my Snickers. I hid it around here somewhere.’ I laughed as Sonny walked in the room eating the Snickers, ‘YOU! GIVE ME THAT BACK!’
‘Whoa! Finders keepers Lilly. Don’t hide shit in the living room you don’t want someone else to find.’ He jumped back. I walked up to him and started hitting him.
‘Damn you. Give me my Snickers back.’ I said reaching for the candy bar.
‘It’s half gone sis. You don’t want a half gone candy bar, it isn’t as good.’ He smirked taking another bite.
‘Says you, please Sonny.’ I asked nicely almost giving up.
‘Fine! Because I’m nice.’ He handed me the candy bar and went into the kitchen. A few seconds after he went in, Quinn and Alison came out. That got me thinking that I could use the plan Bert and I have to get Quinn jealous too. I sat next to Bert again, just a little bit closer than before.
‘Yes?’ He asked me, looking at me then at Quinn and Alison. I could tell he figured it out when his face lit up and he chuckled a bit. ‘Whatever.’ They sat on the other side of the couch and turned on the TV.
‘So, you want to go do something then?’ I asked Bert. I was getting bored and annoyed sitting next to these two. Alison was sitting the closest to me.
‘Sure.’ Bert stood up and waited for me to do the same. As soon as I did Branden walked through the door. He looked a bit calmer as he continued through the room and to the bathroom.
‘Ok, let’s go jump into the pool from the trampoline.’ I suggested and walked toward the back door, which went through the kitchen. I knew Livvy was in there with Sonny, so if Bert wanted to make her jealous, he would have to start it, not me.
‘You don’t want to change?’ He asked me as I was about to open the back door.
‘Well, I don’t have a suit, did, but don’t. So, I guess not.’ I shrugged.
‘If you wanted to you could’ve borrowed Livvy’s, but oh well.’ He finished as he put his arms around me and guided me through the door.

Livvy’s POV

What the hell? I wondered as Bert closed the door behind them. I leaned up against the counter so I was facing Sonny but couldn’t help glancing out the window. I saw Bert picking up Lilly and throwing her into the pool as she screamed. I saw Hayden run out there to see what was going on. I felt a little better knowing it wasn’t just the two of them, but not totally. I noticed the room was completely silent and decided to break it.
‘Well, that was…different.’ I mumbled looking up at Sonny.
‘Yeah, they’ve been hanging out today. I saw them in the living room too. I guess its better that Lilly doesn’t think about Quinn…’ He rambled.
‘Yeah…’ I agreed softly as I put my cereal away. I turned to look out the window again, and saw Hayden running up to the house. She came bursting into the back door and walked calmly up to us.
‘I’m hungry.’ She said to me, ‘Can you get me something?’
‘Well that depends. What do you want?’ I asked her, turning to face her.
‘Peanut butter and Jelly.’ She told me pointing to the fridge where the jelly was.
‘Ok, hold on.’ I smiled and got the peanut butter and jelly out. I made her a sandwich and handed it to her with a napkin. ‘Eat it at the table or outside.’
‘I know. Table.’ She sat at the table and started eating her pb&j. ‘I think my mommy likes Bird.’
‘Does she really?’ I asked her. Not that it bothers me.
‘No, Bird likes mommy.’ She said acting like she knew it all, ‘I heard him say it.’
‘Alright Hayden.’ I laughed and turned back to Sonny.
‘Uncle Sonny, can we go to the park?’ She asked.
‘Uhh, sure. When do you want to go?’ He asked her.
‘Right now!’ She exclaimed dropping her sandwich.
‘Alright lets go.’ He said waiting for her.
‘You two have fun, I’m gonna stay here.’ I smiled at them. Sonny nodded and walked out of the kitchen. Quinn came into the kitchen, without Alison. For once he didn’t have her glued by his side.
‘What’s going on out there?’ He asked me looking out the window.
‘Bert and Lilly are spending time together.’ I informed him without looking at him as I threw the rest of Hayden’s sandwich away.
‘Wonderful.’ He said sarcastically as Alison yelled to him about water, ‘God damn, she wants me to do everything for her.’
‘Bitch.’ I laughed and sat down, ‘Better get her what she wants Quinn.’
‘Lilly’s better off without me..’ He muttered looking out the window again. He grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and looked at me, ‘Are you alright?’
‘Yeah yeah, I’m fine.’ I lied and I sat up straighter and looked at him.
‘Uh-huh. I’m not.’ He said sitting next to me.
‘QUINN!’ Alison yelled again.
‘I’ll be there in a minute!’ He yelled back.
‘Break up with her dude.’ I advised him.
‘I don’t know. What will I have if I do leave her? I can’t have Lilly back. She doesn’t want me, obviously.’ He looked at the water bottle and spun it around, ‘What do you think of them two?’ I knew who he was talking about without even saying who.
‘If they’re happy, I suppose. I never thought it would happen.’ I sighed watching him spin the bottle.
‘Yeah, who would have guessed. But, really, what do you think? Don’t give me the “oh if they’re happy” bullshit, tell me straight up.’
‘Quinn, I’m getting married. It shouldn’t bother me, so I’m not gonna let it.’ I told him, and looked back at him.
‘It bothers you though, you know it. It bothers the fuck out of me. There is nothing I can do. If I could take it all back, I would.’ He sighed, ‘And who the fuck cares that you’re getting married, I mean its nice and all, but don’t act all like Sonny is around right now and can hear your every word Livvy.’
‘Fine. It bothers me. Happy?’ I asked him.
‘Not really. Do you love him?’ He asked pointing out the door.
‘Bert? I don’t know right now. I guess a part of me still does, or this wouldn’t be bothering me.’ I pointed out the window.
‘That’s just your jealous side. Now, yes or no, do you love him or do you think you love him?’ He asked me. I didn’t understand why he was questioning me like this.
‘Why do you care?’ I asked him.
‘Just wondering. Marriage is big you know. You can’t just leave Sonny once you’re married. If you love Bert, go after him. Then maybe I can win Lilly back.’ He finally stopped spinning the bottle.
‘But it would be the second time I’ve left after he proposed.’ I sighed.
‘Who gives a fuck. Go with your heart man.’ He told me and stood up to go back into the living room, ‘Just follow what your heart tells you. Don’t be with Sonny because you feel bad about leaving him again.’ With that he walked out of the room just as Bert and Lilly came into the room. They were laughing but stopped when they saw me.
‘Hey guys.’ I mumbled.
‘Hey, what’s wrong?’ Lilly asked me as she sat down, completely wet, on the counter across from me.
‘Nothing. I’m fine.’ I smiled. ‘Did you have fun?’
‘Yeah and, liar.’ She said and walked out of the room to go put on dry clothes. I was about to say something to Bert, but he followed her.
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