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Chapter 32

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Quinn’s POV

My right leg hurt like crazy, but that didn’t matter. I climbed out of the car and went around to the other side. Hayden was fine, and I opened the smashed door and pulled her out.
‘Daddy, is Mommy ok?’ She asked.
‘I don’t know honey.’ I told her truthfully as the cops and a few ambulances showed up. Surprisingly the car was still on all four tires. I walked to Lilly’s door and bent down in front of it. She looked horrible. The ambulance men ran up and pulled me out of the way.
‘Sir you need to move, she could be in critical danger.’ They were telling me. All I wanted was to be by her side. They opened her door and started pulling her out. There was so many things wrong with her I didn’t know where to start. Another man pulled a stretcher up and the two lifted her up onto it.
‘We’re riding with her.’ I told them placing my hand on Hayden’s shoulder.
‘What is your relationship with her?’ One of them asked me.
‘I’m her husband, and this is our daughter.’ I told him, and he let us into the back. Hayden and I sat close to the front and I grabbed Lilly’s hand.
‘Is my mommy ok?’ Hayden asked the EMT.
‘I’m not sure, she is breathing, just barely, which is good.’ He told her.
‘I want mommy to be ok daddy.’ She looked at me like she was going to start crying.
‘Don’t worry honey, she will be alright.’ I lied. I really wasn’t sure. We got to the hospital faster than I expected. As soon as we were inside, someone took Hayden and told me they needed to make sure she was completely ok. I let them, but when someone tried to see if I was, I wouldn’t go for it. I wanted Lilly to be ok first. I ran to the emergency room she was in and went to her side.
‘…Quinn…’ She mumbled.
‘Lilly.’ I was so happy to hear her voice. ‘Everything will be ok, please stay with me.’
‘I-I love you.’ She mumbled once again and grabbed my hand as best as she could. I felt her grip on my hand start to loosen, and the doctors start to push me out of the room.
‘She’s going into shock, get the paddles!’ A doctor yelled at one of the nurses in the room.
Another nurse was pushing me out the door.
‘You need to wait in the waiting room, sir. We are doing everything we can to help your wife.’ The lady told me, but I didn’t want to go.
‘No, I need to be here. What harm am I doing?’ I asked her, taking a few steps back into the room.
‘You might get in the way of the doctors. Please, sir, don’t make me call security. I don’t really want to have to do that.’ She said lightly pushing me back out of the room, ‘Just wait in the designated waiting area, and a doctor will be with you soon enough.’ I knew she would call security, so I went to the waiting room and collapsed into a chair. I couldn’t keep my mind off what could be happening in Lilly’s room when my phone rang.
‘Yeah?’ I answered it too quickly.
‘Quinn? Where are you guys?’ Livvy asked.
‘At the fucking hospital!’ I lashed out at her.
‘Why are you there?’ She wondered.
‘I was driving us home and I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road I kept looking at Lilly and she told me to keep my eyes on the road but I wouldn’t, I didn’t think anything would happen. And then we were going through a four way stop and a truck ran a stop sign and hit us on Lilly’s side and she’s not doing good at all and the nurses made me leave the room and--’ I was rambling.
‘Quinn Quinn calm down. We’ll be there soon, ok?’ She said into the phone.
‘Yes, bye.’ I hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket before she could answer. I sat there for about five to ten minutes before Livvy, Bert, Branden, and Jeph showed up. They all took seats by me, Livvy on my right side, and Bert on my left.
‘Have they said anything to you?’ Bert asked me.
‘Something about Hayden being just fine or something but I couldn’t hear them.’ I told him.
‘So, nothing then?’ Bert asked me.
‘No!’ I replied, my aggravation showing.
‘God damn Quinn, calm down.’ Branden muttered to me.
‘Don’t tell me to fucking calm down Branden! Why don’t you shut the fuck up!’ I snapped at him. I was too worried to care about what I said to anyone at this point.
‘Visitors for Lilly Allman.’ A doctor peeked out of the door. I jumped up and almost ran up to the doctor. ‘Are you Mr. Allman?’
‘Yes, is she ok?’ I asked impatiently.
‘She is stable, but we don’t know for how long.’ The doctor told us. I was about to leap for fucking joy. The last thing I ever wanted was for her to be gone forever. ‘We need to keep her here until her wounds heal up, and to keep an eye on her. You may go see her now.’
‘Whatever she needs, please, just make sure she lives.’ I pleaded with the doctor before he left.
‘See, not too much to worry about.’ Livvy reassured me.
‘Yeah, I guess so.’ I said walking down the hall to her room and peeking around the door. ‘Lilly.’ I said walking through the doorway. I wanted to make sure she wasn’t asleep.
‘Yes.’ I heard her say faintly.
‘Lilly, oh my god, I thought I lost you. Please, don’t ever do that. I couldn’t bare to lose you, it would kill me.’ I grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly into mine.
‘Ow.’ She mumbled.
‘Oh, sorry.’ I said loosening my grip on her hand. She slightly smiled and closed her eyes, ‘Stay awake.’
‘Quinn, I’m tired.’ She told me. I could hear in her voice that she was tired, but I was still so scared to lose her.
‘I love you so much Lilly. Just, stay with me.’ I begged.
‘Ok.’ She smirked, ‘I love you too.’ I saw her close her eyes again, but I didn’t wake her this time. She did need the rest. Instead, I sat by her side until she woke up again. ‘Where’s Hayden?’ She asked me right when she woke up.
‘She’s with the doctors, she’ll be fine.’ I reassured her before she fell back asleep. Eventually, I sat on a chair next to her bed and fell asleep sitting there too. It felt like I had just fallen asleep when I was woken up by the sound of the door opening. I lifted my head up a little to see that it was a nurse checking up on Lilly. She peeked around the door at Lilly, and then me, and then back at Lilly, before closing the door behind her. I sat up a little and looked around the room, my eyes settling on Lilly, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep.
‘Quinn.’ Lilly muttered, ‘can you get Hayden here?’ She still sounded out of it.
‘Yes, hold on.’ I got up quickly and left the room in search of a nurse. I was walking down the hallway when I found one. ‘Hi, can I bring my daughter to her mother?’
‘Who are you?’ She asked me flipping through her charts.
‘I’m Quinn Allman, here for Lilly Allman. My daughter is Hayden Allman.’ I informed her. She flipped through her charts a few more times and then walked away. A few moments later she came back with Hayden.
‘Hi Daddy!’ Hayden exclaimed.
‘There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your daughter, you’re very lucky.’ The nurse said before walking away.
‘Lets go see Mommy.’ I smiled at Hayden before taking her hand and walking to Lilly’s room.
‘Mommy!’ Hayden squealed when we walked into the room.
‘Hayden, come here baby.’ Lilly put her arms out to Hayden. Hayden ran up to her and gave her a hug. Lilly seemed so frail, like she would break every bone in her body at the slightest touch. Hayden pulled away from Lilly and sat on the nearest chair. I walked up to Lilly and looked at her for a moment before bending down and hugging her tightly. She hugged me back, just not as tight.
‘How are you feeling?’ I asked her.
‘I’m alright, could be much better.’ She smiled.
‘I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.’ I smirked.
‘But, that wasn’t your fault. You waited at the stop sign. That guy ran it.’ She explained.
‘Well, I feel like this is my fault.’ I told her kneeling down beside her bed. Hayden found the remote to the TV and handed it to me. I took it and turned on some cartoons for her.
‘It’s not your fault though, please don’t blame yourself.’ She tried assuring me.
‘Well I do.’ I rested my head on the bed.
‘Quinn…’ She whispered to me. ‘Why blame yourself?’
‘Because I was driving. And if anything worse would’ve happened to you I still would’ve blamed myself.’ I answered her.
‘But, that wouldn’t be what I wanted you to do. I don’t want you to blame yourself, I could have been driving and that still would have happened.’ She told me.
‘Then I would be in this position.’ I reminded her. ‘Not you.’
‘Yes, I know. Please, don’t beat yourself up over this. I’m still here with you, and so is Hayden.’ She smiled at me closing her eyes again.
‘I know.’ I smiled, realizing that she was right.
‘You should take Hayden home, I would much rather have her home than here.’ She suggested.
‘I want to be here with you.’ I mentioned to her.
‘Can Livvy take her?’ She asked me, ‘I want you here too.’
‘I’ll go ask.’ I got up and walked to the door, and opened it only to see Livvy with her hand raised like she was about to knock.
‘Hi.’ She laughed.
‘Hey, Lilly and I were wondering if you guys could bring Hayden home when you go.’ I somewhat asked her.
‘Yeah no problem, bring her out.’ She smiled, waiting by the door as I went to get Hayden.
‘Bye Mommy I love you!’ Hayden yelled as she walked through the doorway. ‘LIBBY!’
‘Hey you.’ Livvy smiled, and waved at me before turning to go after her as she walked down the hall to the waiting room. I turned around and went back into the room, closing the door behind me. Not too long after I closed the door, it opened, and a nurse came in.
‘How are you feeling Lilly?’ She asked Lilly.
‘I’m ok. I really want a shower or something though.’ She told the nurse.
‘Alright, I’m sure we can arrange for you to take one soon enough.’ The nurse smiled.
‘I want to take one with him.’ She pointed to me.
‘Ok, I’ll talk to the staff about it.’ The nurse said before leaving the room.
‘Don’t get any ideas in the shower.’ I warned her.
‘Oh, I won’t.’ She winked at me before she started coughing.
‘Good.’ I looked at her concerned before the nurse came back into the room.
‘I talked with your doctor and he said you’re going to need to get a CT scan before showering.’ She informed Lilly writing things down on her clipboard.
‘Ok, right now?’ Lilly wondered.
‘Yep, she’ll be right back.’ The nurse reassured me and took Lilly away in a wheel chair. After about a half an hour, she was back in bed, waiting to take a shower with me.
‘I can’t wait.’ Lilly smiled talking about the shower.
‘Aw, I’m flattered.’ I chuckled taking a seat in a chair. Not too long after I sat down, the nurse came back with a couple of towels and a clean hospital gown for Lilly. She made Lilly sit in the wheel chair, which I got to push, and showed us to the shower. ‘We’re just showering, ok?’
‘Uh-huh.’ Lilly laughed trying to stand up, but failing. ‘I just need to stand up once on my own, and I can do it fine.’ She told herself. ‘You know what would make me feel a hundred time better, don’t you?’
‘We’re just showering Lilly.’ I reminded her taking my shirt off.
‘Quinn, look at this.’ She put her hands behind her back and untied the hospital gown she was wearing. When she took it off, she had nothing on underneath. ‘Please.’
‘…just showering Lilly.’ I muttered to myself taking my pants off. ‘We’re in a damn hospital.’
‘All the more hot, we’re not at home. You know you want to.’ She smirked rubbing me.
‘That’s no fair. I’ll leave missy.’ I tried threatening.
‘You wouldn’t.’ She pressed, ‘Quuuinnn.’
‘I would.’ I laughed beginning to pull my pants back up.
‘No you don’t.’ She said pulling them right back down almost making me fall over.
‘You know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, doesn’t look like it, or seem like it. I guess we can go home now, eh?’ I smirked pulling them back up.
‘Nooo.’ She protested. Instead of pulling them back down, she stood under the shower trying to be sexy for me.
‘Geeze Lilly. Why are you so damn horny?’ I asked her.
‘It’s all because of you, you turn me on.’ She smirked.
‘I can turn just about anyone on. I bet I could even turn Branden on.’ I laughed.
‘I don’t think so.’ She laughed along with me, ‘Quinny, get in the shower with me.’
‘Damn it Lilly.’ I sighed smiling as I kicked my pants off and got in the shower with her.
‘Thank you love.’ She smiled at me, looking me up and down. ‘Damn sexy.’
‘Back at you.’ I replied. We stood there under the water together for quite a while, but she started feeling me again. I finally gave in.

A week later.

Livvy’s POV

I was getting dressed in my room when I heard the phone ringing.
‘SOMEONE GET THAT!’ I yelled, knowing there was someone stubborn sitting next to it.
It rang two more times and then stopped. I finished getting dressed just as the door opened.
‘LIVVY!!!’ Bert jumped up and down, ‘LIVVY!’
‘BERT!!!’ I jumped up and down, ‘BERT! …what?’
‘WE CAN GO GET MAX!!!!!!!’ He exclaimed, jumping up and down some more, then squealing like a little girl.
‘Aw, believe me, I’m excited, you just, REALLY show it.’ I laughed kissing him. ‘Ready to go then?’
‘Of course.’ He said as we walked down the hallway.
‘We’re going to pick up Max, and I think Lilly’s getting out of the hospital today. We’ll be back, unless you guys want to go?’ I asked looking at Jeph and Branden. Then both grunted while staring at the TV. Bert and I continued outside then got in the car. We were to the hospital in less than five minutes.
‘We’re here for Max McCracken.’ I told the lady at the front desk when we walked inside. She flipped through a few files until she came to a folder that had Max’s name on it.
‘Here you go, go down that hallway,’ She pointed left, ‘and you’ll see the nursery on the right.’ We thanked her and took the way she told us to. On the way I opened the folder and saw all of Max’s documents, like his birth certificate and footprints. Bert walked inside the nursery first and I followed him to the desk inside. We told the lady our business and she brought us Max. Bert took him before she had the chance to hand him to me. The lady handed me a bag with diapers, formula, and a few other things for the baby. Not long after handing me the stuff, she wished us the best of luck and let us take Max. We left the nursery and were headed for the exit when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw Quinn and Lilly coming up to us.
‘Hey guys!’ I exclaimed as Bert turned around and walked back up to me.
‘Hey hey.’ Quinn said pushing Lilly in a wheel chair.
‘How are you guys?’ Lilly asked looking at little Max.
‘Exhausted already. This kid wears me out.’ I joked. ‘No, we’re good. You?’
‘I’m fine. I just can’t believe what the doctor told me before I left the room. I didn’t tell Quinn.’ She laughed talking to me.
‘Go on.’ I encouraged, finding humor in the fact that Quinn was standing right there.
‘I’ll tell you when he’s not within earshot.’ She smirked looking up at Quinn.
‘Aw, sucks to be you Quinn.’ I teased as we all walked outside.
‘Shut up.’ Quinn said to me.
‘You two heading back to the house?’ I asked them.
‘Yeah.’ Lilly answered, ‘Hey Livvy, you wanna do a little switch? I ride with you, and Bert rides with Quinn.’
‘Sure.’ I laughed and turned to Bert. ‘You taking Max, or me?’
‘I’ll take him.’ He smiled walking up to Quinn.
‘Aw you two have fun, but not too much.’ I said before pushing Lilly to the car. ‘You need help in?’
‘No, I’m good.’ She responded getting out of the wheel chair quicker than I thought she would. I got in the drivers’ seat and pulled out of the parking lot.
‘So…’ I started.
‘I thought I was well enough to leave the second day I was there.’ Lilly laughed out of nowhere.
‘Whatever man.’ I laughed. ‘Do you even have pain?’
‘Hell yeah I did, but Quinn made that all go away in the shower.’ She cracked up laughing.
‘EW! NO!’ I squealed. ‘I don’t want to hear about your shower sex Lilly. Unless you want to hear about mine.’
‘So, how is Bert in bed then?’ She questioned.
‘You have problems Lilly.’ I rolled my eyes at her. ‘He’s horrible, that’s why I keep going back for more.’
‘I know I do.’ She laughed again, ‘Do you two use condoms all the time?’
‘If there’s one at hand. I don’t know, we don’t go out of our way to get one. Like, all those times in the bathroom, and surprisingly I never got pregnant. What about you two?’ I came to a stop at the stoplight.
‘Hardly ever. He just pulls out… Which he forgot to do in the shower…’ She mumbled.
‘Well, I hope you have a baby, so I’m not the last one to have done so.’ I laughed. ‘Kidding.’
‘Haha, that’s funny. You probably won’t be the last then.’ She laughed with me.
‘Interesting Lilly. You really want another one?’ I questioned her as the light turned green and I pulled forward.
‘Yeah, that’s why I’m pregnant now.’ She told me, explaining the test that the doctor did before she left, ‘That’s what Quinn doesn’t know.’
‘HOLY SHIT! Geeze, you two are baby makers.’ I exclaimed. ‘Hey, Max and the newborn will be closer in age. You should have a boy.’
‘I’ll try, but no guarantees here.’ She said.
‘Alright. As long as you’re trying.’ I laughed as I pulled in the driveway. ‘When are you telling Quinn?’
‘I don’t know. Probably after we’re married.’ She said getting out of the car after we parked. Not too long after we got there and got out of the car, Bert and Quinn were home.
‘Oh damn, that’s coming up isn’t it? I’ll be sure to get rid of this pregnancy weight.’ I laughed as the guys walked up to us. I held my arms out to take Max but Bert wouldn’t give him to me. ‘Selfish bastard.’ Bert took off inside, leaving me to carry Max’s things from the hospital. Lilly and Quinn were about to walk in when Hayden came running out.
‘Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!’ She exclaimed running around them once before stopping in front of them. I watched her do that, but decided to go inside. I wanted to be with my baby too.

Lilly’s POV

‘Hey Hayden.’ I smiled at her as she stood in front of us. ‘How was hanging out with Branden and Jeph?’
‘I watched Spongebob.’ She told us, then began explaining an adventure she was on with pirates, and Jeph and Branden were the bad pirates. She said she killed Branden and he was laying on the table dead right now. ‘…and Jeph, Jeph told me he’s gonna GET ME with his sword when I come back! He’s gonna make me walk the plank!’
‘Oh no he didn’t!’ Quinn played along as Hayden shook her head up and down. ‘We’d better go get him.’
‘Yes, daddy can get him, come on.’ She said dragging Quinn inside. I laughed watching them, and followed after them. When we walked in Branden was drinking a glass of juice and talking to Jeph in the kitchen.
‘HEY! I thought you were dead!’ Hayden pointed at Branden. He quickly put his glass on the counter and dropped to the floor.
‘Arr?’ Jeph said holding up his hand like a pirate hook.
‘That’s so fake Jeph! I can’t believe you ruined it.’ Hayden complained. ‘Can I have that juice?’ She pointed at Branden’s glass.
‘Go for it.’ Jeph smiled handing the glass to her.
‘HEY!’ Branden hopped up. ‘That’s mine!’
‘What are you, two?’ Jeph asked. ‘Get your own damn juice.’
‘That was mine!’ Branden defended himself.
‘Jeph, Jeph, Jeph, I’m two, see I’m two.’ Hayden tugged on his shirt to get his attention.
‘Yes but that was my juice.’ He explained.
‘Oh shut the hell up Branden.’ Quinn demanded before taking a seat at the table.
‘I’m going to lay down.’ I told whoever was listening. ‘On the couch.’
‘I’m coming with.’ Quinn followed me into the living room. ‘So, we’re supposed to get married next week. Is that still the plan?’ He asked me lying down next to me.
‘Yes, it is. Unless you changed the day.’ I smiled at him before kissing him.
‘No, I didn’t.’ He wrapped his arms around me. ‘Excited?’
‘Of course I am, are you?’
‘Yes, I am.’ He said as Hayden came running into the living room.
‘What’s up?’ I asked her.
‘I don’t know. I want to run.’ She told us jumping up and down.
‘Um, go ahead and run. Burn off some of that endless energy.’ Quinn told her as Bert and Livvy walked into the room.
‘Hey guys.’ Livvy smiled.
‘Heyy.’ I said smiling back at her.
‘Taking a nap?’ She asked, sitting down on the other end of the couch.
‘Kind of.’ Quinn said. ‘Why?’
‘I dunno. Just wondering. That’s boring.’ She laughed.
‘I wanna go to the club.’ I said to no one in general.
‘That sounds like fun!’ Livvy exclaimed.
‘Lilly, that sounds like you want a piece of ass.’ Bert mumbled.
‘Fuck you Bert.’ I said, ‘You only wish you could have this ass in your bed every night.’
‘I could if I wanted to.’ He replied.
‘Haha. You fucking wish.’ I laughed at him.
‘Not funny Bert.’ Livvy laughed.
‘See, Livvy wouldn’t like that.’ I said to him.
‘Way to not deny the fact that you’d bang me if you had the chance.’ Bert threw out there.
‘You wanna bet?’ I blurted before realizing it.
‘Hey Quinn, lets go have hot sex in the bathroom.’ Livvy suggested.
‘Knock yourselves out.’ Bert and I said in unison.
‘C’mon Quinn.’ She said standing up and pulling him up as well.
‘Wait, let’s have a foursome!’ Bert yelled out in between laughter.
‘Bert, the only reason you said that is because you want some reason to be gay with Quinn.’ Livvy told him.
‘So true baby, so true.’ He confessed.
‘I’d hit that.’ Quinn said looking Bert up and down.
‘No you won’t.’ Livvy laughed. ‘That’s mine to hit, you have Lilly.’
‘So, when you wanna do this Bert?’ Quinn asked completely ignoring Livvy.
‘Tonight? That good for you?’ Bert replied winking at Quinn.
‘Anytime is good for me if it’s going to be spent with you.’ Quinn licked his lips.
‘So Lilly, I’m not having lesbian sex with you, so are you still up for the club?’ Livvy asked me laughing.
‘Hell yeah bitch. They can stay behind and have their gay sex. At least they can’t get each other pregnant.’ I joked.
‘Yes, like some people.’ Livvy smirked. ‘Lets go get ready, wait! Are you two going?’ She asked Bert and Quinn.
‘Eh, I don’t know.’ Quinn shrugged, ‘Girls will be all over us, you know, because we’re so sexy and famous.’
‘Aw, it won’t be that bad.’ I assured them, ‘I’ll beat back any bitches who try to fuck with you. I’m serious about that too.’
‘What do you think Bert?’ Quinn looked over at him questioningly.
‘Sure, but will Branden and Jeph watch Hayden and Max?’ He wondered.
‘Yeah.’ Branden piped up.
‘That’s no problem man.’ Jeph contributed.
‘Thanks guys.’ Quinn said. I went downstairs to change, and was up before anyone else. Bert and Quinn took the longest to actually get ready. I walked down the hall to Livvy’s room and saw her ready to go, standing by Max’s crib.
‘Should I be going?’ She asked me.
‘Fuck yeah, if you don’t get your nights out, you will go crazy.’ I told her.
‘Alright,’ She seemed convinced, ‘Lets go.’ After we left, it took us about fifteen minutes to get to the club. It was already getting late, it had to be 11 at night. We got into the club with no problems, we didn’t even have to show ID, even though it was a 21 and up club, and the guy was checking everyone’s ID. Being at the club, made me want to party again.
‘I want to get drunk.’ I muttered to Livvy.
‘Here we go.’ She laughed a little. ‘Are you serious?’
‘Yeah.’ I said to her. ‘Why?’
‘I don’t know just wondering. You can, I’ll have fun watching.’ She assured me as Quinn and Bert brought back beers. Bert handed a Mike’s Hard Lemonade to Livvy and she actually took it. I took a beer from Quinn a took a few sips.
‘Let’s dance!’ I exclaimed as ‘Gimme More’ by Britney Spears started playing.
‘Have fun Lilly. I’ll chill here for a bit.’ Livvy told me.
‘Quinn, are you going to dance?’ I asked him.
‘Maybe in a little bit, I’ll stay here and check things out for a bit first, we just got here.’ He responded taking a seat next to Livvy.
‘Well Lilly, I want to dance.’ Bert hinted, smirking.
‘Ok, You’re going to wish you wanted to dance right now Quinn.’ I informed him walking out onto the dance floor with Bert. I made sure we were within sight of Quinn and Livvy. I started dancing somewhat sexual with Bert, and he was really getting into it too.
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