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He'd let her go six months ago, but now was ready to re-claim her and start over. TNA fic.

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A/N: Written for Rhiannon Leigh Black, a.k.a. my awesome bestie and little sis. I hope you like this! Also, thank you for helping me with the prologue!

Disclaimer: The following events are not real and never happened.

It was the picture of perfection: a beautiful, sunny, May afternoon, with a gorgeous sunset. There was a slight, soft breeze blowing, gently swinging the tree branches and kissing the leaves. All in all, it made for the perfect setting for a wedding. There were about 50 or so guests packed into the small church, all of them anxiously awaiting the evening’s festivities.

One guest, in particular, was feeling a bit more anxious than the others. She pushed through the church’s large wooden doors, not caring what the other guests were probably thinking.

Robin Janine, the bride to be, tugged at the hem of her white dress as she shifted her bouquet of lilies from one hand to the other. She swept her eyes over the parking lot quickly, trying to catch a glimpse of a familiar vehicle. Where was Josh? Everyone was waiting impatiently, and she was ready to get this show on the road, so to speak, so that they could enjoy their wedding night.

“Where is he?” Robin mumbled to herself as she idly picked at her fingernails. “It’s not like him to be late…and especially not today…”

The man in question was her fiancé and soon to be husband, Josh Harter, professionally known as Chris Sabin, one half of the Motor City Machine Guns. Josh was always punctual, in fact, he was known for showing up to appointments earlier than necessary. So the fact that he still hadn’t shown up, less than twenty minutes before his wedding was scheduled to begin, was very out of character for him. Robin swallowed thickly as she tried to focus on the positives and not the fact that something very, very terrible could have happened to the man she loved. She tried to consider all the possibilities before jumping to conclusions, but it just wasn’t like Josh to be late, and definitely not to his own wedding. As they joked, Josh was so punctual that he would probably be early for his own funeral.

The redhead clutched her bouquet tighter as she bit her lip.

"God, please...I know I ask this a lot, but please keep him safe. Please let him be okay." Robin begged as she raised her eyes to the sky. “Wherever he is, please keep him safe.”

A shaky sigh escaped her lips as she aimlessly paced back and forth across the sidewalk.

Little did she know that Josh was actually only inches away from her, hiding behind a couple of bushes. It took every ounce of willpower he possessed to not jump through the bushes, pull Robin in his arms, and tell her how much he loved her and how much it hurt him to see her cry. But he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. Josh knew that this would crush her and absolutely devastate her, and he knew that she would never understand why he had jilted her on their wedding day.

Instead, he collapsed on the ground, folded his arms across his chest, and watched the woman he loved as she paced back and forth across the sidewalk. She wasn’t crying, but her shoulders were shaking, and Josh knew that tears were inevitable.

“I’m such an asshole,” he mumbled to himself as he peeked through a small shrub. “I'm such a dick. Look what I did. She’s crying, and I’m the cause of it.”

Josh bit his lip again. He couldn’t stand to see Robin crying.

“Oh no, baby,” he whispered. “Please don’t cry.”

He could feel his resolve and strength weakening with each sob, and it was all he could do to not break down into tears himself.

“This is for the best,” he insisted. He shook his head again.

“This is for the best,” Josh repeated. “But I hate seeing her cry…fuck. Baby, don’t cry.” He gripped his hair tightly.

Meanwhile, as Josh was cursing himself in the bushes, Robin had pulled out her cell phone and was attempting to reach him, to find some reason why the man she loved still hadn’t shown up for their big day. A few rings later, she was greeted with the familiar message of his voicemail. Choking back tears, she spoke,

“Josh, where are you? We’ve got a flight to catch, but we’re not gonna make it if you don’t get here soon…”

She couldn’t help herself after that. The tears came, and began to flow freely, despite her best efforts to stop them.

“Baby, we have a plane to catch, and a life to start, and…” Her voice hitched for a second, before she swallowed and continued.

“We’re gonna miss our wedding night in Maui. Please…just call me or something. Let me know you’re all right.”

The phone was snapped shut and practically shoved into her small clutch at that. Robin was so confused. She just couldn’t fathom what had happened to Josh. Why wasn’t he here? Everything had been perfectly fine just hours ago. Maybe something had happened; maybe he’d gotten stuck in traffic. Maybe he’d taken a wrong road and was now trying to find his way to the church.

“What if something bad happened?” she mumbled to herself. “Oh God, what if I never see him again? Maybe he got lost.” She tried desperately to rationalize the situation.

Or maybe the jackass stood you up.

She tried to push the thought away. It was ridiculous. Josh was the man she loved; they had been dating for three years. Why would he bail now, if that were the case? Why would he put a ring on her finger, vow to proclaim his love for her in front of their friends, family, and God, if this wasn’t what he absolutely wanted?

She didn’t know. It didn’t make sense, and Robin wanted answers, but she couldn’t get in touch with Josh, so that was hopeless.

“Damn it,” Josh hissed softly as he took everything in. “I can’t stand seeing her like this.” He pulled out his cell phone and swiftly pressed the number for speed dial, but pushed End just as quickly as he had pressed his fiancée’s number.

“You are a dumbass,” he chided himself. “You really are. This is everything you’ve ever wanted, why the hell are you screwing it up?”

Josh shook his head. He’d never acted this way before. He knew that he was breaking Robin’s heart, but in his mind, he just didn’t measure up. She deserved a perfect life, with the man of her dreams. How could he be the man of her dreams when he wasn’t even home half the time? How could she be happy with someone who could miss holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays?

“Because she deserves better than me, that’s why,” he said softly. “She deserves so much more.”

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even realize he had stepped on a twig, until the snapping of the brittle branch brought him to reality.

“Shit,” he cursed.

“Josh, is that you?” Robin asked, surprised. She rushed to the bushes. “Oh God…are you okay?”

Gotta get out of here, gotta get out of here, his mind screamed. He scrambled out of the bushes quickly, not even noticing in his haste that Robin was watching him.

The woman he loved was watching as he ran away, as far away as he could, at breakneck speed.

She didn’t know whether to be angry, embarrassed, or upset.

Why would he do this?
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