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Never Coming Home

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A letter is sent.....frerard oneshot

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Oh my god I've had this written out for months, I can't believe I haven't posted it before

Anyways, it's a "sad" one; depends on what you think of it.



To You Know Who

There's just no point to life. Why do I even bother anymore? You don't love me, I don't love me, no one loves me. I'm just a fly on the wall. What's the point? I kissed you, but you didn't kiss back. I knew that you weren't gay are anything, but it didn't stop me. Why? I don't know, it just didn't. I saw how happy you were with her. It made me wish I was just as happy too. Sure, I have my "special friend", but she doesn't know my secret; at least she didn't. She probably figured it out after last night's fiasco. She'll probably leave me now. I won't be surprised if she's packing all her stuff right now. She'll probably come strolling down the stairs and tell me that she doesn't accept me for who I am and what I did last night.

I won't be surprised if you never talk to me again either. I'll probably just leave the band after a while and everyone will go back to normal. My soul will most likely be dead by then so it won't seem like I'm there anyways. It's weird because on stage, to you, a kiss is just a kiss; a little show for all the teeny-boppers, to me, it's something that makes my very soul shiver. Off stage, to me, a kiss is showing someone my love and passion for that person, to you, it's a crime. You have nothing against homosexuals, or even bisexuals like me, it's just the fact that your married...and it was your best friend.

I guess I'll just leave now. It'll save everyone, especially you, a few months of awkwardness. Leaving is bound to happen sooner or later anyways, better sooner than later right? Don't bother calling or looking for me, I won't be home. My body will most likely be lying in a ditch somewhere. All because you didn't kiss back like I thought you would, I'm never coming home.

F. enstein

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