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Random Day

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Bob gets freaked...and ray is drunk

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WTF!?!? i dont know why this story is being weird, I'm gonna try to post it again. Sorry for the confusion! I'll give you a cookie for your guy's patience!


Thanks for those who read and reviewd 'This is how I Disappear', lots of love

This is Part 2...but it has nothing to do with the first xD. I got kind of tired at the end so sorry if it has a crappy ending hehe

This will be the last installment...unless the awesomest person ever (whoever they might be) gives me an idea for another?


TaTtOo_MaN: yea, so I was like "no habló inglés" yet I have english words clearly tattooed all over my body

Cupcake_fairy: LMAO! nice dude. Did he buy it?

TaTtOo_MaN: totally! Barney totally left me alone!

Cupcake_fairy: Hollywood freaks...

ILoveUnicorns! signed on at 3:30 PM

ILoveUnicorns: Hey Frank! How's LA?

TaTtOo_MaN: As shitty as ever...I love it!

Afro-Man signed on at 3:32 PM

Afro-Man: Whoo Hoo! Afro-Man is in the house! Party time!

Cupcake_fairy: okay?

TaTtOo_MaN: Are you drunk?

Afro-Man: pfft, know!

ILoveUnicorns: He's drunk...

Afro-Man: YOU'RE DRUNK! I haven't have 1 bear!

ILoveUnicorns!: You spelled 'no' and 'beer' wrong...ur so drunk...

Sailor_Bob signed on at 3:38 PM

Sailor_Bob: haha guys guess what!? I spiked Ray's Red Bull with vodka!

TaTtOo_MaN: That explains a lot.

Cupcake_fairy: Talk about a major hangover about to come on.


TaTtOo_MaN: Okay Mikey that wasn't weird at all...

Sailor_Bob: oh shit, help me!

Cupcake_fairy: what's wrong?

Afro-Man: Gerard's not a cupcake...or a fairy! He's a man!

Cupcake_fairy: okay, whatever you say fro-boy

Afro-Man: It's Afro-Man to you, you cupcake!

Cupcake_fairy: whatever...what's up Bobert?

Sailor_Bob: There's a herd of fans outside my house!

TaTtOo_MaN: Well tell them to go away.

Sailor_Bob: I can't!

ILoveUnicorns!: Why?


ILoveUnicorns!: oh jeeze.


TaTtOo_MaN: I'd come and help...but I'm in LA.

Sailor_Bob: oh yea, how is it?

TaTtOo_MaN: Shitty Awesome!

Afro-Man: You're shitty awesome!

Sailor_Bob: can someone go knock Ray in the head for me? I'm being attacked here, and he's
over there being all drunk.

ILoveUnicorns!: On my way...

ILoveUnicorns! signed off at 3:56 PM

Sailor_Bob: anyways, what do I do?

TaTtOo_MaN: Go over there and smash the camera's!

Sailor_Bob: no, I don't wanna be mean.

Cupcake_fairy: just politely tell them to go away.

Afro-Man: Hey! Mikey's here!

Afro-Man signed off at 4:10 PM

ILoveUnicorns! signed on at 4:11 PM

ILoveUnicorns!: The deed is done...

Cupcake_fairy: what'd you do?

ILoveUnicorns!: Nothing really...he's just sleeping off his drunkenness ;-)

TaTtOo_MaN: you evil, evil man.

ILoveUnicorns!: >:-)

Sailor_Bob: how do I solve my problem!?

Cupcake_fairy: I already told you!

Sailor_Bob: ...

Cupcake_fairy: Bob?

Sailor_Bob: They're gone. I told them my man eating dogs will be released if they don't leave.
Surprisingly worked.

Cupcake_fairy: oh

ILoveUnicorns!: nice


TaTtOo_MaN: SPIDER!!!!!!


The End

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