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Simple Comfort

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Shizuru was a wonderful outlet, but more than that she was very good company. [Shizuru/Keiko]

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Keiko, Shizuru Kuwabara - Published: 2006-05-02 - Updated: 2006-05-03 - 347 words - Complete

Author's Notes: For Armand's (SPS-kun) birthday, 2006. He's awesome, so I decided I would write him some of his pet yuri pairing. There's also much mentioning of Yusuke/Keiko.

Simple Comfort

Sometimes she swore he existed to drive her mad.

He was always pulling some stupid stunt, completely ignoring her careful warnings. Keeping him in line was almost as exhausting as worrying about him. She loved him, but that didn't stop her from needing an outlet when she wanted to rant about him.

Shizuru was a wonderful outlet, but more than that she was very good company. She did not have much advice, saying that she had never had much luck with men, but she always listened. She was almost like a big sister, though what they had didn't quite feel like it could be described as 'sisterly'. There was a certain understanding between them, something deep and uncomplicated at the same time.

Soon Yusuke's recklessness became but an excuse. Their meetings became one of the few times where Keiko felt like she could be herself around someone without being expected to offer something in return.

"He's such an idiot sometimes," she declared one day. As usual, her tone betrayed her, and it wasn't difficult to tell she felt more concern than anger.

"Yeah, he is. A rather big one, actually. But then, he wouldn't be the Yusuke-kun you love if he wasn't, would he?" Shizuru moved closer to her on the couch and wrapped an arm around her, an act that didn't cause her to flinch. Rather, it caused a slight blush to creep across her face, an occurrence that mystified her.

"Keiko-chan, remember when I said how all the beautiful men walk out of my life?"

Keiko nodded. Shizuru held her closer.

"Well, I've never had such bad luck with women."

The younger girl stared at her for a moment before her lips curved into a smile. She rested her head against Shizuru's shoulder, thankful for the warmth and comfort the body it was a part of gave.

Sometimes a simple understanding was more than enough.
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