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Family Circus

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As Keisha goes to get dinner, Davis and Rose play "Confuse-Keisha's-Boyfriend" while they get to know him.

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Family Circus:

Keisha and Paul returned to the table. Her family looked up when they heard footsteps. The happy couple stood before them. The matriarch of the home looked at them, smiling.

"Everyone," she said. "This is Mr. Paul Green." She turned to her boyfriend.

"Paul," she said. "This is my daughter, Lola, niece, Rose, nephew, Davis, and granddaughter, Lulu." Silence filled the room for a moment. Lola raised an eyebrow at this man. Rose and Davis grinned at the new prey. Lulu gave him a big smile.

"Hi!!!" she cheered. Paul gave her a little smile.

"Hello there," he said. Lola gave him a funny look.

"Momma, who is this man to you?" she asked. Keisha began to blush. Rose smirked at her.

"Do you want me to tell her or are you?" she cut in. Lola turned to her.

"Tell me what?" she asked. Her cousin sat up with a smirk on her face.

"He's Keisha's boyfriend!" she boldly announced.

"Oooo!" Davis cheered for effect. Keisha's face reddened as she looked away.

"Mommy, what's a boyfriend?" Lulu asked. Her mother was too shaken up to speak. The matriarch clapped her hands together as she snapped back into reality.

"Right!" she said. "Now that we're all here, I'll go get the food! Paul, just take a seat and get to know the family, okay?"

"Fine," Paul said. Keisha gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before disappearing into the kitchen. The man quietly took his seat at the table. Rose and Davis grinned at each other. Show time! May the questions fly!

"So where do you work, Mr. Green?" Davis asked.

"At the drug store," Paul replied.

"For how long?" Rose asked.

"Ten years," he replied.

"How long have you and Keisha been dating?" Davis asked.

"About four or five month," the boyfriend said.

"Where did you meet?" Rose asked.

"The Y," Paul answered. The niece and nephew turned to each other, grinning. Now, for the head games.

"Have you and Keisha done it yet?" Davis threw out there. Paul blinked at him.

"Sorry?" he asked.

"Is Keisha your bread?" Rose asked. The man blinked at her now. The questions sped up and kept coming.

"Do you have a tattoo?"

"Have you been in prison?"

"Are you secretly married?"

"Any bastard children?"

"Do you have any diseases we don't know about?"

"Are you in debt?"


"Do you have any ties to the mafia?"

"Are you a fugitive?"

"Have you ever been in the military?"

"Were you ever in war?"

"Were you a woman?"

"Are you on drugs?"

"Are you an alcoholic?"

"Do you shave?"

"Do you bathe?"

"Does your breath stink?" The questions were endless. Poor Paul could barely keep up. They could all see his head spinning. Lola and Lulu couldn't grasp what was going on. Rose and Davis were too busy enjoying their game.

The fun had to stop when Keisha came into the dining room and said, "Food's ready." Paul breathed out in relief as the niece and nephew stopped talking. Order was restored to the table as everyone ate.

"Mommy, what's the mafia?" Lulu asked at one point. Lola nearly choked on her chicken.

"We'll talk about it later, sweetheart..." she had to force herself to say. Rose and Davis tried to keep from laughing. Keisha looked at them funny. They did their best to look away from her. The rest of dinner went on without incident. Afterwards, Keisha walked Paul to the door. She gave him a kind little smile.

"So," the matriarch spoke up. "What did you think of my family?" Paul gave her a nervous smile.

"Great," he replied after a short, nervous pause. "But your niece and nephew are a little weird..."

Go to the Devil, the Lord Said
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