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Fate and Destiny

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If Steve had defeated Darren, become Lord of Shadows and gotten caught up with Fate and Destiny. [one-shot]

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“I hate you Steve. I hate you!”
She threw another knife at my head, I barely dodged it in time, “Listen you don’t understand Fay! You don’t understand what happened!” I shouted, she was getting on my nerves again but I couldn’t stand hurting the girl, why didn’t Mr. Tiny mention this happening!
“Steve I’m going to kill you, I swear to the Gods of the Vampaneze that I will kill you.” She hissed, she never usually threatened to kill me but this time I had messed up bad.
“Calm down Fay! Let me explain!” I yelled at her, I was the Lord of the Shadows but still defenceless against my partner.
“I saw what happened out there Steve.” She growled at me, throwing more blades, her aim almost perfect, a long cut appeared on my shirt.
“Stop trying to kill me, will you?!” I barked at her, she looked like she was going to burst into flames. “I’m the Lord of the Shadows; do you want me to have you killed?”
A sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth, “Darren Shan will return from the grave before you ever kill me oh great one.” She laughed, tossing a final blade and then she had vanished, she had flitted out of the room and out of my life.

Two Years Earlier…:

I watched her carefully, making my prey feel frightened was the most fun, ever since I had taken over humans had become scarce but I had the freedom to kill as many as I wanted to, every other Vampaneze could only have one human a month, we had no others to fight, the vampires were long dead so it didn’t bother my fellowship.
She walked with a hop in every step and smelt of a sweet perfume; she was going to taste delicious.
As she turned the corner I thought it my time to attack. I stalked her down the street and then pounced-
“Ack!” I shouted; a small dagger lodged itself into my left arm, dangerously close to me heart. “Ah a human with a knife, this is going to be fun.”
I glowered at the blade and pulled it out of my arm and looked up to mock her but she had vanished.
In a moment I was then on the damp ground with a knife to my neck, two wide red eyes gawked down at me dangerously and I couldn’t move my limbs, she had me completely pinned to the path.
“You’re not human.” I sighed, urging her off me but she didn’t move for a moment.
“You scorn me with that insult.” She spat.
“Off me woman, I’m the Lord of the Vampaneze.” I growled at her.
She looked like she was considering it a moment before she pushed herself off my torso and pulled a knife from my leg, I didn’t even notice her stabbing me there. That was skill.
“I should have you killed for that.” I barked; she ignored me completely, “Did you hear me? I can have you killed.”
She turned around and rolled her eyes at me, fixing her blades into leather straps on her trousers. “You dare insult me woman?” I snarled at her but she was already walking down the street.
I flitted in front of her and stopped her in her tracks, shoving her arm hard. “Touch me again and I will kill you Lord of the Vampaneze.” She said quietly, smiling lightly. She was one of very few Vampaneze that would cross me.
“What’s your name?” I asked more casually, loosening my shoulders I held out my hand to her, “I’m Steve Leopard.”
“I’m Fay.”

One Year Earlier…:

I invited her to the finest restaurant for ‘dinner.’ I was going to ask her to be my mate for a few years, sure why not? The Lord of the Shadows deserved anyone he wants and he wants Fay.
She wore a black dress with a red shawl, if anything she was a Vampaneze of the finest stature. She was well respected as a lady and as a fighter. Every Vampaneze knew who she was, she didn’t look like a Vampaneze though, her skin was purple like the others, she didn’t take human blood very often; no one really knew her secret.
“Evening Fay.” I greeted her coolly; I was aiming to be slick with this, this girl needed to be mine.
“Hey Steve,” She said with a small smile and kissed me on both cheeks. “What’s the occasion?”
I smelt her hair as she kissed me and when I breathed out I could only grin at my beautiful Vampaneze princess. “What? I can’t treat you to nice things now?” I acted shocked and pulled out her chair.
I straightened my tie and sat opposite her, humans around me looked almost frightened for her as I leaned in to speak to her.
“How are you Lord of the World?” She teased; her huge red eyes glittered in candle light.
I licked my teeth and smiled, “Well not that good,” I began, pouring her a drink of red wine, “I’ve been feeling a little… Lonely.” I looked her in the eyes again and grinned as she sipped her drink.
“That’s awful Steve, the whole Vampaneze population not good enough for you baby.” She teased.
“I don’t want the whole population; I’d rather just one of them.”
I caught a smile twitching at her cheeks, “I knew you loved Vinnie.”
My face dropped as she laughed and bit into her lip with a smile, I laughed and moved as close to her as I could without knocking the table over, “I was talking about you Fay.”
She put down her glass, “I know Steve.” She beamed.
“Want to be mates for a while?” I asked casually, looking at her hand.
She was looking at me with a smile, “Sure baby.”

Two Years after the Fight…:

“Please, please sire! Spare me!” Another grovelling Vampaneze screeched but I didn’t even need to order his death, Vincent knew by my face what I wanted. The sad soul didn’t even get to finish his sentence before Vincent had stabbed him.
“Rough day sire?” Vincent asked, cleaning off his axe like it was a fragile piece of glass.
“Very crap day.” I moaned.
“Why don’t you take a break from the executions for today? There’s only one left and I can deal with her.”
“Yeah maybe…” I grumbled at my loyal servant, “Who is she?”
“Fate; trailed for not finishing off a human that she drank from, treason really.”
“Fate? Wait you mean my Fay?! She’s in the castle here?!” I said, jumping from my throne in what used to be Vampire Mountain.
Vincent nodded dryly and dropped his head, “I’ll show her to you, but be careful, she seems more twisted than she used to be.”

I found her hung upside down by chains and tied heavily; it seems that she had killed when they didn’t have her bound. They had her gagged with a mental bar and what looked like a bad straight jacket around her; other prisoners were huddled at the walls watching her with fear in their eyes.
I looked into her eye and saw demented red eyes smiling at me, shivers ran down my spine at her, but I couldn’t help but want her again. “Why is she bound?”
Vincent pointed behind me; five guards were stuck to the stone walls with blades in their necks, “How the hell did she do that?!”
“The prisoners say that she moved quicker than anything they’ve ever seen, didn’t even look like she moved.”
I put my hand to the side of her face and looked at Fay gently, “Untie her and I’ll discuss her sentance with her privately.”
Vincent looked awkward, whispering in my ear, “Be careful sire.”

Fay stood in front of my throne, looking at me almost without blinking. “Looking as lovely as every Fay.” I smiled politely.
“Still the flatterer.” She said bluntly.
“What happened us Fay?” I grinned; she returned my smile with a demented mirror reflection.
“You were cheating on me with seven others Steve, and then I said you could kill me after Darren Shan came back from the dead.”
“Well you’re sentenced to death; I hope you’ve brought him back so we can kill you.” I teased; she stood smiling evilly at me, her red eyes digging into me.
“Don’t worry, I did bring him back.” She said quietly.
At that moment there was a slam into the hall, a small chubby man that I haven’t seen in years appeared, “Where is she?!” He shouted, “Where’s that she-demon?!”
“What’s the meaning of this Mr. Tiny?”
“She defied me! Bringing that blasted traitor back!” He shouted.
I gazed at Fay, she was smiling at me still; “Fay is this true?”
She nodded and smiled at me lightly and turned to walk over to Mr. Tiny. She was only an inch taller than the man but right now she looked way taller. “What are you going to do Des?”
He shrunk further in size, “Nothing sister…” He whispered, looking back from me to her.

I blinked.

It was only Mr. Tiny and I in the room.
“Mr. Tiny, what happened?” I asked stiffly.
“You crossed my sister.” He whispered, looking up at me.
“I’m the Lord of the Shadows; I can kill her can’t I?”
Tiny looked at the ground, “She re-wrote the script, Darren will overthrow you.”

Tiny stirred the cup of tea with a shaking hand, “My sister and I were made as the script writers, she was the more powerful so she agreed to allow me to take control so she wouldn’t over turn all, she wanted to live a normal life for a few centuries.”
“And then she met me…” I continued, putting my head on the table.
“You should have known better than to cross her, what did you do?”
“Crossed her with seven others…”
Tiny put his cup down slowly and then shook his head, “You can only expect seven days before Darren takes over, with her power in his favour, you will lose easily.”

Seven Days Later…:

Fay stood with Darren by her side, he looked fierce and majestic by her side; she always was royalty. Beside Darren stood the ever tired looking Latern Crepsley and behind them, an army of vampires. I looked up at them from the ground, Darren had fought me well; he was stronger and quicker than I had ever seen him.
Mr. Tiny was standing by me, I was his son. “You cannot defy me Fate, killing the Lord of the Shadows will destroy my script.”
“I’ve thought about that Desmond, you see think of it as a switch, my Darren and Steve will trade places you could say.”
Mr. Tiny looked back and forth from me and Darren, “But you will be ripping the story that has already been written!”
“The world does not need Steve Leonard in it. It simply needs a Lord of the Shadows.”
“Fay, please don’t do this! It was a mistake, I’m sorry!”
Darren stood in front of her, “It’s too late Steve; she chose me.”
“Don’t you dare take my girl.” I leapt towards him angrily, hitting and kicking him but I fell through his body, hitting the air wildly.
“What the-” I cursed at him.
Fay was glowering at Mr. Tiny, “Well played brother.” She whispered, fading away lightly.
I pounced up and glared up at all the others, “What is this?”

Before I cheated but after the return of Shan…:

I shot up, cold sweat trickling down my spine and I trembled for a moment. I looked around me, I was lying in my coffin, but the door of it was open. I was having Déjà vu badly. I stepped out of my coffin panting and looked around me.
“What- the-” I panted, Mr. Tiny walked over and glared up at me.
“Don’t make the same mistake twice.” He said in a low voice.
I heard a quiet knock on my door, in a dark blue dress stepped in Fay, her jet black hair almost shining. “Who are you talking to Steve?” She smiled, walking in and wrapping herself around me. “Is my brother still here?”
I shook my head and babbled for a moment, “Was all that a dream or- or?”
“Des offered a trade I could not refuse, it became just a dream.” She smiled and kissed my nose.
“What did you give you?” I asked; baffled by what had just happened.
“Your soul; forever.” She smiled.
I smiled a little and hugged her tightly, “You already had that.
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