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Against the Law or Against You?

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Hemione falls for someone she never thought she would... Rated for language. BTW, these characters are not meant to be themselves! For those of you who rate because of what you know, give this a...

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As I walked the long corridor to meet Harry and Luna in the Great Hall for breakfast, I ran into someone, not paying attention to anything but my feet. One in front of the other. I hit the ground. My books scattered.

"I'm sorry," I heard someone mumble.

My mane of puffy brown hair were blocking my view of who was helping me to my feet, but once I moved the curtain of curly hair, I saw the one person who I wouldn't expect to apologize to me and help me gather my things. His slicked back blond-practically white-hair. The slightly hooked nose. Draco Malfoy was helping what he considered a useless waste of magic.

"Uh, th-thanks," I stammered.

"Don't mention it," he sighed. "And I mean it, Granger. My father would murder me."
I nodded, staring into his pale eyes. Then was when I realized it. He may have said horrible things and he might have hurt people, but in his eyes was fear. Fear of his father and his father's master. We had just gotten back from summer, so Harry, Ron, and I were in our sixth year. I wanted Ron, but I knew that it wouldn't happen, so I just quit trying.

"Are you okay?" Draco asked me seriously. "I've seen the things that have happened to you. I know that LeStrange and Greyback burned down the Weasleys' house. I really never thought they would go that far to get Potter."

"Are the rumors true?" I wondered. Draco tilted his head to the side in confusion, so I grabbed his arm, pulled him into an empty classroom, and added, "That you're a Death Eater now."

Draco sighed and lifted his sleeve revealing the mark of the Death Eaters. He almost instantly retreated, pulling down his sleeve as I lifted my hand to my mouth, dropping my things again. I backed up and in to a desk, knocking it over.

"Harry wasn't lying," I breathed.

"Why did I just show her that?" Draco asked himself as he fell into a corner. He started crying in fear and curled up. "What the fuck is wrong with me? Now that she knows, the Dark Lord is gonna kill me for sure!"

I hopped over my stuff and squatted beside the poor boy. I wrapped my arms around him. Something I thought would never ever happen!

"I won't tell anyone, Draco," I whispered. "On one condition."

"What?" Draco sniffled.

"No more of that 'mudblood' shit," I responded.

He nodded. I straightened myself up then helped him up. I took the handkerchief from my robe pocket and wiped his eyes. He pulled me in and wrapped his arms around me.

"Thank you, Hermione," he sighed with relief.

Hermione? Since when did he use my first name?

"It's fine," I said.

Draco pulled away and went to the door then said, "I can't be nice to you around the Slytherins, though."

"Understood," I nodded once before passing him and running to the Great Hall.

I found Harry and Luna and sat with them.

"Where've you been?" Harry demanded.

"I got into a spat with fucking Malfoy again," I replied with the straightest face I could manage.

"He is horrible," Luna said in her normal dreamy voice.

"Tell me about it," I sighed.

"Ron's been looking for you," Harry said through a mouthful of scrambled eggs.

I nodded once before grabbing something to eat.

"There's Malfoy now," Harry snapped in the direction of his worst enemy.

I turned my head and looked at him. It must have been the way the light was hitting him, but he actually looked hot. He looked at me and nodded once with a little smile. I turned my head back to my plate immediately. I smiled and continued to eat.

A while after, we were filing out and Draco managed to pull me aside without anyone seeing. He dragged me to the dungeons since everyone, but me, who had Professor Slughorn was in class.

"You didn't tell Potter or Lovegood, did you?" he asked shakily.

"No, Draco," I replied. "I didn't go back on my word. I need to get to class then I need to find Ron because Harry told me that he wanted to see me."

"Oh," Draco sighed. "So, you're with Weasley?"

I shook my head rapidly while saying, "No!"

"Then, you wouldn't mind sneaking out tonight to hang out with me down by the lake?" he wondered as I began walking away.

I froze on the spot. Did Draco Malfoy really just ask me out? I wheeled around to see him looking down at the ground with an embarrassed look on his face and his hands in his pockets. I walked to him and wrapped my arms around him.

"What time?" I asked softly.

"Midnight-ish," he replied.

"I'll see you tonight, Draco," I whispered as I fled for the classroom.

Then I thought, what about Pansy Parkinson? Wasn't he dating that bitch? She was even more horrible to me than he used to be! Whatever. I sprinted into the classroom and noticed that Lavender Brown was there. I really began to hope that Ron wasn't in that class because Lavender was obsessed with him! He and Harry were supposed to have a free period that morning anyway, so he shouldn't be there.

Professor Slughorn, short and wide, walked into the classroom and began taking off the tops to the cauldrons on the table lined in front of us. I looked to the door to find Harry and Ron entering.

"Shit," I said under my breath so no one could hear me.

I glanced over to see that Lavender was staring and blushing at him. That infuriated me! I then thought of my date with Draco and, for some bizarre reason, felt better. What the hell was wrong with me? Harry and Ron would shun me and label me as a traitor if they knew. Slytherin house would literally kill me! What was going to happen?

I managed to make it through the class and get back to my dormitory. The rest of the day went by in a blur. Before I knew it, it was fifteen minutes until midnight. I got out of my bed, changed into a pair of jeans and a slim-fitting t-shirt with my sneakers, and slipped on my pink hoodie before silently stepping out of the room, gliding down the stairs, out the door at the bottom, through the common room, and out the portrait hole at last. I kept a lookout for prefects, teachers, and Peeves the Poltergeist. Finally, I managed to escape the castle, enabling me to run the rest of the way to the lake. I checked my watch to see that I had five minutes until twelve, so I sprinted.

The lake came into view and I saw that almost-white hair shining in the moonlight. I ran to him, out of breath, and smiled.

"Did you run here?" he laughed.

"I fell asleep for a little while," I panted. "When I woke up, I had fifteen minutes until twelve, so I dressed and ran down here after I escaped the castle."

"I'm really glad you came," Draco smiled.

I smiled back. May the date begin!
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