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Letting You Go Is The Only She Knows

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I walk these deserted streets knowing this is the last time I'll see any of this, the buildings blurred by the tears falling from my smudged eyes.

My mother doesn't even know I've gone, I kissed her cheek as she slept before slipping out the back door, by the time morning comes she will hate me, I'm breaking my promise, I'm doing the one 'Stupid' thing that will break her heart.

Rain pours down on me, trying to wash away the thoughts of what I'm about to do, but it can't, it won't stop me.

Everyone I know will know why I'm doing this, except one, the one person I'm doing this for, the one I would do anything at all for.

Why can't I be the one for you?!
Why can't you see how much I care?!

I've tried so hard to make you notice but nothing works,I try so hard only to fail again, the pain of trying is just too much to cope with any longer, it has to stop.

After yesterday I knew it had to stop, seeing the two of you together shattered my heart beyond repair, I knew then I had to let you go in the ony way I could.

All I ever wanted was to be in your arms
And for you to want me there

These streets I walk echo me; empty, cold, alone, footsteps echoing my limited heartbeat.

My steps are numbered, I know where I'm going, the one place I'm bound to be found by you.

I don't bother to dry my tears as I near my final place, there is no point, why keep in the pain I should have stopped long ago?

The cool metal under my fingers as I climb helps me remember why I'm doing this, the reason I came here rather than somewhere random, only you and I know about here, it's our secret, that's why it's my special place, it reminds me of you.

To anyone else it's a rooftop but to me and you it's a place of peace, our sanctuary we share, but even you don't realise why I love it so much. Just me and you here, nothing and no one else matters.

The city looks so beautiful from here, the rain making everything shine like crystals, so fragile and unique. The horizon glows with the coming day, a day I will never see, making me aware of what needs to be done.

Sitting on my usual ledge feet dangling off the egde, I wait for the coming sun, the signal that my time is over, my time to finally let you go, I love you too much to not let go.

Orange filled my vision as the sun rises over the horizon. This .45 seems so right presses against my skull, the cool metal only telling me it needs to be done.

Today you'll cry for me
Like I'm crying for you
Today you'll miss me
Like I've been missing you
Today you'll realise you love me
Like I love you

Four simple words and I'll let you go...

"I love you Gerard..."

A/N: So what do you guys think? my first one shot that came to me at about 2 in the morning a few months back

and I must apologise for my lack of updating, I have been so busy with everything that has been going with A-levels and getting my new motor bike, i've had literally no time to write at all!

My summer starts in a few weeks time so imma have loads more spare time on my hands, there should also be an update on 'Hiding in Darkness, They Lurk...' as i'm using it in one if my A-levels! :D

updates anytime soon people!

xoxo Sam
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