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He Has His Moments. F + G

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Frank and Gerard end up in a hotel room. giggidy ;)

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Frank Iero’s always has his moments, some good like when he decided to join MCR or when he took up guitar lessons. And some bad, like when he stood on top of that kick drum while performing, or when he got a picture of Jimmy Urine tattooed on his arse. Right now he was having one of those moments; he had decided that tonight would be the night that he would tell Gerard that he liked him. He chanced a look over towards him; he was trying to open the window with his nose. Idiot, that was one of the things he loved about Gerard – he may be a complete and utter retard, but he was a fucking awesome one.
At the moment the band were touring around New Jersey, he was glad to be back, a couple more shows and he could go and stay at his parents house, if they ever got there that was. The tour-bus had run out of petrol further down the road, some old guy with a tractor had towed them to the nearest village where they were to wait for their manager, Jeff. He pulled up after a couple of hours in a new looking Mercedes, lucky bastard, being careful not to catch the red leather interior he stepped outside.
“guys! What the fuck have you done now?” he asked frowning
“hey. We haven’t done anything, it was that camera man that was driving that was too busy trying to record us that forget to check how much fuel we had. We were just sat there.” Bob muttered defensively.
“okay whatever” Jeff sighed pulling out a thick wad of money “after you’ve performed this evening I’ll book you in a one of the hotel rooms somewhere ‘round here. But don’t get used to it, the Van’s being fixed as we speak.”

Gerard frowned as he looked up the stairs to the hotel. ‘just one more flight’ he told himself. the rest were following somewhere behind him, or at least he hoped they were, he was too tired to care. The show had pretty much worn him out to the point of collapse, and all he wanted to do now was lay down in a nice comfy bed and go to sleep. As he got to the top there was a beep to his right and the rest of the band trudged out of the elevator. Where the fuck was that earlier? Cursing under his breath he walked towards them. Ray was squinting at a receipt with the hotels name on the back.
“it says we have three rooms, room 67 is a single room and rooms 68 and 69 are for two people. He walked in the direction of room 67 before Bob grabbed a handful of his afro and dragged him back. “I want the single bitch” he muttered before locking the door. Mikey and Ray both walked towards one of the double rooms, leaving Frank and Gerard to room 69. they pushed open the door and groaned as they saw what was inside, a shabby double bed sat in the middle of the midget sized room, faded flowery curtains hung lifelessly from the keyhole of a window and a disintegrating wooden door revealed an open yellow toilet seat next to a cracked bathtub with a tap over it so that it looked somewhat like a shower.
“it’s just like Jeff to find us the fucking cheapest hotelin New Jersey. And a double bed too. I’ll sleep on the floor.” Frank told him.
“umm, are you sure about that” Gerard replied looking down at the mite eaten floorboards, the several yellowish stains and mouldy rug didn’t add to the overall appeal of it.
“yeah … good point” he sighed, loosening off his red Tie. He slipped in-between the sheets in just his boxers and Gerard did the same. Frank had decided that it was time to tell Gerard. The fact that they were laying in the same bed half naked didn’t help, or did it?
“Gerard?” he asked uncertainly
“mhmm” was the sleepy reply he got. Was now a bad time?
“If I tell you something, do you promise not to freak out?”
“I could try” he said, turning to face him.
“okay well. I ummm …… I kinda, err … like … you.” Frank stuttered.
Gerard’s face lit up and broke into one of his famous crooked smiles.
“really?” he asked surprised “I never thought that you would, I though you were straight”
“Mhmm. Your not creeped out are you? don’t lie” Frank mumbled from behind his fringe
“of course I’m not Frankie” his head jerked forward slightly bringing them closer together.
“ I-I like you too” their lips met above the pillow as they kissed lazily in the semi-darkness.
“well would you look at that we’re in a double bed in room 69. I wonder what we could do now.” Frank whispered
“yeah how’d you manage that?” he joked
“I have my moments” were the only words needed
“don’t go telling people, okay?” Gerard told him with a smirk.

The concept of cheap hotels didn’t seem quite so bad to either of them anymore.
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