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Little Blue Bottle

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Coffee flavoured lube and Frank jerking off in a recording studio, enjoy ;)

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“GERARD!!” an angry voice filled the silence. an empty void that was only ever usually filled by casual conversation or the gentle baseline of somebody’s i-pod. The whole band sat up from their almost asleep positioning and turned around to face the younger Way brother.
“what is it Mikey?” Gerard muttered from his designated corner at the back of the bus. “are we out of coffee again? Did I drink the rest of the beer? Or were you just looking for your eyeliner that I supposedly borrowed and never gave you back, huh?”
Mikey Way emerged from the shithole that they called a bathroom, red eyed and with a small blue bottle in his hand. “did you use my fucking lube again? Because if you did –”
“why the hell would I want to use your lube Mikey? Why do you even have it in the bus anyway, we don’t all need to know. And I’m pretty sure that the rest of Europe doesn’t either!”
“then who did use it? I know I didn’t”
“Mikey I honestly have no idea where your lube has gone, okay? He told him firmly taking off his sunglasses. “I swear I’ve never seen that bottle before in my …. ” Gerard paused. In fact he did recognise that bottle. Because it was the exact same one that he’d smeared on his arms to get rid of the smell of cocaine when he last saw his parents. The strong coffee flavour had masked it perfectly; in fact he’d even been tempted to try a bit. He felt his stomach churn and the palms of his hands go clammy. He was covered in the stuff that his brother had been using to lubricate himself when … well.
“You were saying?” Mikey muttered impatiently
“I’ve never seen it before and I don’t know what happened to your lube.” He lied “I also have no desire to discuss this with you so how about you stop making such stupid accusations and just leave it alright?”
“but theres hardly any fucking left!” he cried.
Gerard just blew out a puff of air onto his fringe and walked outside. The chilly English air brought him back to his senses, realising that he had an overwhelming craving for nicotine he pulled out a packet of cigarettes from the inside of his jacket. His lighter was still inside. Damn.
As he leaned against the side of the tour bus he realised that he wasn’t alone …. Shit, there was somebody next to him.
There was a click and a small yellow flame to his right flickered on.
“and how were you gonna do that without a lighter dickhead?” Frank joked.
“I was gonna’ rely on you for that” he giggled reply
“course.” He grinned “so what brings you been out here then?
“Mikey being a wanker … quite literally, something about somebody else using his lube.”
He felt frank tense up next to him.
“yeah about that …. I may have, um …. ‘borrowed’ some of it. What kind of bottle was it in? because there was a blue one … and I didn’t realises … I though that I might just have been left there … so I just … ummm”
“wait. what?” Gerard laughed “You’re telling me that it was you who used the rest of it?”
Frank nodded slowly before they both erupted into fits of laughter.

Still buzzing from the show Gerard clambered up the bus steps and collapsed into his bunk, the rest of the band did the same and after a while Bob’s snoring could be heard from above him. His thought wondered back to the little blue bottle that was probably still on the bathroom windowsill. He tried to think back to when he used it. Was it before or after Frank had? Frank did take a while in the bathroom about …. Three days ago he thought. So chances are that he could do it again pretty soon.
Sure enough late that night he heard a creaking of bedsprings as a certain 5ft 4 someone
Made there was to the back of the bus. Gerard followed as he got a small bottle from the bathroom and closed the door to the recording studio, why would anyone jerk off in there? He pressed his ear to the thin wood separating him and Frank and heard a bottle being put down somewhere. A quiet rubbing sound followed and soon muffled moaning came from inside. Curiosity getting the better of him, Gerard peered in through the keyhole of the door, what he saw made his pants tighten. Frank was leaning against the wall with one hand on his crotch, moving faster and faster, and the other hand holding a photograph frame which he recognized. It was a picture of him and frank kissing on stage, it had only been taken by a fans mobile phone but you could still tell it was them.
He leaned in for a better look when his foot slipped forward causing him to come crashing into the small cluttered studio. Frank froze in shock as he saw that Gerard had been watching him, he pulled his hand out from the bulge in his pants and put the photo down quickly.
“Gerard?” he asked his face beetroot red.
“o-oh, um …. H-hi” he stuttered “I was j-just uhmmm-”
“watching me Jerk off.” Frank finished, looking anywhere but Gerard’s face. His eyes settled on the bulge in his pants, similar to his own. A new found confidence in hand he walked forward towards his bandmate. He whispered so that Gerard could only just hear him, “you’ve got a bender and it shows …. So why don’t …. you blow me –” he was cut off by Gerard’s lips crashing into his forcefully. Gerard let Frank push him back against the wall gently, their mouths moving slowly against each others like some dance that only they knew. Frank’s eyes flickered shut as their tongues lapped against each others’ like ice, the friction like fire. Wandering hands strayed to and from limbs and hair, never settling in one place. it didn’t even feel wrong, it just felt like all the time they’d known each other there was something that they were supposed to do, and they’d just found it.
It was the next morning as they woke up in each others arms that they knew that there was no way that anybody would ever understand how they were drawn together like magnets, how the nights that they spent like this were more important than any other, how they could never tell anyone about what they were doing, how they could lie to their wives and everyone that they knew and not regret it in the slightest. They could do it because every second of it was worth it, and every drop of stolen lube.
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