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the famous actor who holds a secret

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hmm read n you'll see

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hey you guys.sorry i havent updated in like forever DX if it old you my reasons youd think it was sad but heres a story idea that has sparked my influences and experiences into something thats new ok? i love you guys but you have to tell me what you think :3


From hearing my boyfriends sweet and calming voice to him getting frustrated with me not doing what he wants me to do. But i can't help but feel like i"m there as a tool to him. My heart sinks everytime he tells me he loves me, just shows how pathetic my sorry ass is, every girl swoons over him because he has power packed good looks. Like I'm not talking jock hott or Orlando Bloom. I'm talking a rising actor hott cause that's exactly what he is but I feel unligitimate because he's this hott actor. And I'm some average looking girl that follows this guy everywhere whatever his career leads.

Months pass as I find more girls on his facebook and arguements spark more and more

~example number 1~

Watching him smoke his joint and i get a bit harsh "You need to get rid of these girls"

"Well why does it bother you? There just friends." he says defending himself.

I sigh and take his joint and toss it out the window. He gets up and I stagger back a bit when he yells "WHAT THE FUCK BABE?"

~example over~

It's just not cutting it as I watch him run a scene as the directer directs. I decide to text my faithful friend Brandon I've secretly been getting closer to since I moved outta my own place to stay with my boyfriend.

Brandon :3

i miss u. when are you coming back?


i dunno but me n mister famous keep arguing

Brandon :3

well why dont you leave him? everybody misses u. even ur bff is going craz mad
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