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Heroes and the Mildly Confused.

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30STM and superpowers... [Two-shot, contains mild swearing]

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Superheroes... Superzeroes... Drugs... Thugs... And Jared Leto... Rate and Review please! part 2 soon!!

“This is way unhealthy Jared.” Tomo muttered, watching his blonde-haired friend gaze up at a poster above his bunk.
“But she’s so amazing…” Jared breathed; he never took his eyes off the poster.
“You have a girlfriend Jared.” Tomo groaned bluntly, in all honesty Tomo loved Jared’s girlfriend like a sister, that’s how Jared had met Zoë, through Tomo and everyday Tomo regretted introducing them.
“I know… But- but this girl saved my life!” Jared sighed; he had a picture of Zoë pinned up on the wall of his bunk, she was petite and cute- almost adorable but Jared was more interested in the other girl, she was quite literally- out of this world.
The girl that Jared was staring at was beyond what he had ever imagined, if it wasn’t for his band’s latest concert he wouldn’t have even known her, her name was Death-Wish and she was a superhero.
“Do you think she remembers me?” Jared whispered; he couldn’t take his eyes away from the picture; it was just a picture that some random person with camera had taken while she was fighting off some thugs.
“What about Zoë?” Tomo grunted.
“Yeah, yeah… But seriously, do you think she remembers me?”
“You’ve been stalking her for two weeks. I’d assume she’d know your face.”
Jared smiled to himself, he didn’t consider it stalking, more of a subtle same time same place thing. He finally understood what went through fans heads when they saw a celebrity. It was weird but it would be hypocritical if he slammed it.
“I want to see her again Tomo, properly.” Jared sighed.
Tomo rolled his eyes, “Whatever.”

Death-Wish struck him hard, flipping over and cracking another’s neck, there was still at least seven surrounding her, she was tired and late for another appointment, ‘Man I need a sidekick…’ she groaned, throwing a burly man in a black suit over her head and round-house kicking the one behind him in the face.
“Ah!” She shrieked, one came from behind her and struck her with an iron bar but it only hurt for a moment, in the moment two made a run for it.
She pushed herself off the floor and spun in front of them, slamming them to the floor with her fists, by now blood was pouring from her nose.
“C’mon girly,” the biggest of all the thugs taunted her, an iron bar in his hand made him look intimidating.
“The bigger they are the harder they fall.” She smirked, running towards him, sliding a knife out of her knee high boots as she ran.
She pounced. Landing on his chest, she struck him through the heart; she was a superhero that killed. She knew she was going to hell for it but it kept the bad people out there in reasonable order. With a back flip she ended up facing two more, one was an over tired woman and the other a small butch man.
The man she had just stabbed landed on the floor, the two looked at her with a hint of fear in their eyes; “Gilda I loves you.” The man muttered.
Gilda gave him a nod, a puppy-dog lip showing for a moment but Death-Wish wouldn’t be merciful and they knew it.
“Cute.” She muttered, standing idly fixing her leather gloves.
They advanced towards her instantly, it was unfair on them really; she had powers they didn’t even know existed- comic-book powers. She was alien to them.
‘Thud. Thud.’
Sirens echoed in the distance as she walked away, the click of her boots the only sound of life in the alleyway. She wiped the blood from her nose, “Ugh that’s going to hurt in the morning.”

“Jared? Jared? JARED!” Shannon called up the walkway of bunks, it was time for the band to rehearse, and they needed him. He was the singer after-all.
“Jared, c’mon- Jared?” Shannon asked, looking around his brother’s bunk, the duvet was tossed and all that Shannon could see was his brother’s few pictures and stickers stuck around it.

Jared stood at the top of the tallest building he could find, he was nervous. He stayed up thinking about this all night, he was frightened. The hairs on his back were standing up and sweat was dripping down his forehead, he felt insane, he needed help- no. He needed her, he knew it.
He stepped onto the edge of the building, his palms were shaking and his mouth was dry, he was desperate.
“What are you doing?” A voice sighed behind him.
“I’m going to jump.” He panted, not daring to look behind him.
“Jared Leto, don’t be stupid.” She called.
“You- you know my name?” He gulped, glancing back for a second.
“Who doesn’t?”
“Leave me alone, I’m done in this world.” He said; his voice edgy and unsure but he was always a brilliant actor.
“And here I thought you just wanted to see me.”
She walked up behind him and passed him, standing on nothing one step in front of him. “Are you flying?!”
“Sorry I don’t share my information with guys pretending to jump to get my attention. I mean seriously Jared.”
“I’m not faking.” He gulped.
‘Hook… Line… Sinker…’ Death-Wish rolled her eyes. “You could have just emailed.” She said suggestively.
“Emailed?” Jared repeated in disbelief. “I could have just emailed?”
“It’s not that tricky Einstein.” She crossed her arms, “Now go back to your tour bus, and don’t be late for your rehearsal again.”
“Ah shit rehearsal…” Jared cursed, “Wait how’d you-”
She was gone, from standing on air like it was solid somehow she knew about Jared, he was flattered and curious, did she think about him too?

“Did you ring Zoë?” Tomo said in an exasperated voice. He was getting sick and tired of Jared neglecting his best friend for some superhero.
“She has a show tonight.” Jared said sounding bored.
“You have to stop this Jared. Seriously.” Shannon grunted at his brother, “You have an obsession, Zoë doesn’t deserve this.”
“You’re right…” Jared sighed, “I’ll dump her when she’s finished with her show.”
Zoë was a singer in a band too, like Jared but she was more lovable, Shannon never knew how they really got along, they were so different!

Death-Wish sat in her apartment, her mask lay delicately on the coffee table and her leathers were thrown across the back of her sofa, she was cleaning off the blood off her arms, some of it wasn’t even hers but it stung like crazy.
She had put her wig back on, her real hair was jet black but her wigs were violent red, it usually hit the scars across her neck nicely.
There was a light knock on her apartment door; it could only possibly be two people, the only two who knew who and what she was; her closest friends. “Hey honey.” One of them hugged her, she had to hover off the floor to hug him properly; she was shorter without her boots.
“How is he?” she asked awkwardly, shutting the door behind them.
Tomo rolled his eyes, “Worse than ever, he’s going to dump you because of his obsession with well you!”
Zoë cracked her neck and sat down on her soft fluffy sofa, “He’s just being ridicules.”
Shannon gasped at the amount of cuts across her arms, “Were you out fighting again Zoe?”
She nodded slightly and sighed, “Toe-Toe has been importing some crazy shit. It makes them act like zombies if anything.”
“Sounds rough…” Tomo breathed in through his teeth.
“Please guys will you help me out with this one?” She said looking at the floor.
“You know we have normal stuff to do Zoe.”
“We have responsibilities Shannon, people are messed up. Jared tried to jump off States Co. Tower to see me yesterday.” Shannon gasped at her; he could tell from her eyes that she was serious, even if they were green contact lenses.
“You’re not serious.” Tomo groaned, “Do you still have our suits?”
Zoë jumped up and floated towards the cloakroom at the opposite end of the room. “How was your show tonight anyways?”
Zoë shrugged, “Brilliant audience, I didn’t even have to sing most of the time.”

Jared sat staring at a photograph of him and Zoë. She had blazing red hair and dark green eyes. She was very pretty but Jared couldn’t keep kidding to himself over this, he felt in himself that he loved Death-Wish.
“Oh Zoë…” He whispered.
There was a rough knock on the door of the bus; Jared dragged himself to it, “Hello?”
“Where’s your gi’lfriend?” grunted a huge man with a gun.
“Zoë? What do you want with Zoë?!”
The man chuckled, “So she has a name, now we find out if that’s her real name Mack.”
The gruff man behind him nodded and lowered his gun an inch. “Grab him Toe-Toe, we’ll bring him down and nag his girl.” He laughed.
“What do you two want? I can give you money just leave me and Zoë alone.” Jared pleaded.
“Your girl has been hittin’ all our guys. You know how this messes up our industry?” The man said roughly.
Mack patted Toe-Toe on the shoulder, “Look a’ him boss, he doesn’t know what his girls doin’.”
“What the hell are you two on about?!” Jared begged.
“Why would I spoil ‘er fun? Haha, thanks boyo.”

Tomo and Shannon had their masks on and their suits dusted down, “Were these trousers always so tight?”
Zoë laughed, “Maybe you just fill them out a bit more.” She winked, pulling down her mask, “Well Night-Roach and Axe, we have a mission to get through.”
Night-Roach was Shannon, when the three were younger he stayed up all night every night, so much he started to hallucinate about talking roaches, when the three crashed into a military base they changed- something in their edited their DNA, they were only teenagers ranting about being heroes after that.
“Remember we’re not your sidekicks.” Tomo laughed at her.
She pulled his mask and snapped it against his face, “You two are newbie’s really.” She joked, handing him a black sword, “No practise.”
“Not newbie’s…” Tomo argued, pulling on his steel-tow boots, “Just… Rusty with our powers.”
Zoë raised her eyebrow, “How about we go practise for a while? Can you still fly?”
“You mean defy gravity…?” Shannon teased, looking at his feet; he was an inch off the ground.
“Good…” She smiled, “And Tomo?”
Tomo looked unsure; he closed his eyes for a second and then shrugged, “Earthbound.”
“I’ll carry you,” She laughed, “Shannon needs balance.”

Jared paced around the bus, shaken up by the experience, what the hell could Zoë have done?! He tried ringing Tomo and Shannon but neither of them answered his calls. He glowered at his phone and dialled Zoë’s number, “…Hello?”
“Jared, hey what’s up?” She answered politely.
“Well two thugs showed up here with guns, anything you need to tell me?”
“Under Tomo’s bed is a handgun, take it and hide in the drivers cabin on the bus.”
“Tomo has a handgun?!” Jared shouted down the phone, “How the hell did he manage that?!”
“Will you just dump me and get it over with please?” Zoë sighed.
“Is Tomo there with you?” Jared demanded.
“Jared I have to go will you just say it?”
“Say what?”
Zoë hissed down the phone, breathing lightly for a moment, “Jared Leto it’s over because of your obsession with Death-Wish.”
The line went dead. Jared stared at the phone; tears streaming down his face, his friends had betrayed him and told her. They had warned him about this yet it hurt him so much to know it was over, “I am such a twat…” Jared told himself, running towards Tomo’s bunk and then out of the safety of the bus.

“Harsh…” Shannon muttered, running across the air with Zoë beside him, Tomo was on her back holding a gun around them defensively.
“I bet we look stupid.” Tomo muttered, earning a single laugh from each of them.
“He needed to be out of the relationship Shannon, and I don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t want to be with me.”
“He does want to be with you!”
Zoë raised her eyebrow, “He wants to be with Death-Wish.”
“You are Death-Wish!” he argued, slipping off the imaginary wall for a moment.
Zoë grabbed his arm so he didn’t fall fully, concentrating still on staying in the air herself, “He thinks it is someone else.” She breathed, holding tightly onto his shoulder, “Concentrate Shannon, concentrate!”
Shannon struggled to get up, for a moment he looked like he was about to slip. Tomo reached down and pulled him also, “Can you get us to a rooftop Zoe?!”
She nodded and pulled them over onto a ledge, “You guys weigh a ton each…” She panted, rubbing Shannon’s arm where her hand had been, it was red and aflame.

Jared trudged through the streets, following Mack and Toe-Toe loosely. He was sure they would lead him to Zoë. “Oi! Up there boss!” Mack cried, loading his gun.
At the top of a building sat three dark figures, one of them Jared could make out to be Death-Wish, his heart bleated mildly at the sight of her but she was holding two others beside her.
“Call the guys.” Toe-Toe shouted at Mack, shooting up at Death-Wish, she was standing on nothing now, running down towards them, blocking the bullets with her arms.
“Fuck off!” She shouted, landing on the footpath but still blocking the bullets, ‘How many bloody bullets can one guy have?!’
She grabbed the gun and twisted it out of Toe-Toe’s hand, “What’s your problem?!” She yelled, crushing the metal of the gun with her hand. Mack gulped and reloaded his gun.
“Don’t move Death-Wish.” A voice came from behind her.
“Jared?” Zoë gulped, feeling the gun aimed into her spine, “Put the gun down Jared.”
“I hate you Death-Wish, it’s your fault Zoë left!”
“Ha, looks like your boys gonna kill you!” Toe-Toe laughed at her.
“Jared put the damn gun down!” Shannon called behind him.
“Shut up Sha-” Jared turned and looked at the superhero stumbling to the ground behind him.
“Shannon what the fuck is going on?”
“Ah!” Zoë dropped to the floor, distracted by Jared and Shannon Toe-Toe injected something into her arm.
She dropped and lay screaming on the ground; tears causing black eye-paint to dribble down her cheeks. Jared panicked, “Death-Wish?! Can you hear me?!” He dropped to his knees beside her, panting as tears dribbled down his face. “What’s wrong with her?”
Shannon was busy fighting Mack, he was rusty, and stiff- being in a band wasn’t as draining as fighting guys with guns! He pulled out the sword Zoë had given him and began to swing it around him. Toe-toe’s laugh could be heard over Zoë’s screams, her pain echoing through the streets, people rushed to the scene.
“Can’t believe it was so easy to kill her.” Toe-Toe said chuffed.
Shannon was grunting and fighting Mack still, Shannon’s cheeks were flaming red and sweat was rolling down his face, he was a lover not a fighter!
Tomo was steadily making his way over, ‘Need to do this. Need to do this…’ He chanted to himself, breathing slowly in and out as he made his way towards the others like he was going down a stairs carefully.
“Death-Wish? What is this?!” Jared panted.
She only screamed in response before stopping flat and falling silent. Her limbs twitched and spammed, her eyes going bare for a moment. “Don’t worry dude I’ll help!” Tomo called behind him, tumbling into action, “CPR no?” He criticized Jared as he pumped Zoë’s chest. “This stuff is a bitch.” He groaned.
More gun-fire. Around twenty other men racing to the scene. Toe-Toe’s boys.
Shannon threw Mack to the ground, finally he was still; “I say we leave Tomo!”
Tomo nodded, “I’ll take Zoe!”
“Zoë?!” Jared cried, lifting up Death-Wish.
“C’mon!” Shannon cried, forcing Jared onto his back while Tomo picked up Zoë.
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