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From the fields of Dream Land. (:

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"Where exactly are we?"
That seemed to be one good, but unanswerable question.
Just a moment ago we were on the sidewalk of a city street downtown, enjoying the cool day, something that seems to be rare nowadays. With just the blink of an eye, we were here. A place I've never seen or imagined before.
We sat upon a sandy hill, tall blades of grass growing near the bottom. Just behind this hill were endless fields with every kind and color of flower and tree you could ever imagine. It was quite beautiful, really.
The sun shone above, glistening across the clear, blue ocean water. The calm waves rolled in and out at the base of the steep hill.
Now matter how gorgeous this place was, it was still bothering me how we had no clue where we were or how we got here. Nor was there anyone around to help us find the answers to these simple, yet complex questions. I closed my eyes in an attempt to brush off these questions that kept attacking my mind as if it were absolutely mandatory I find them out. I had a strange feeling about this place. Maybe there was something hidden about this amazing new world, something we must discover to find a way back to civilization.

A/N: Okay, so this story will be based upon this very short, but extremely vivid dream I had not that long ago. Obviously, I'm going to add more to it and make it longer so it'll be better than the original dream thought up in my head while I was asleep. Please tell me what you think so far :D Peace, love, empathy. xx
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