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A Stronger Weakness

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When an amnesiac mutant arrives at the mansion, Wolverine is assigned as the babysitter. Meanwhile, enemies of the X-Men operate in the shadows.

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A/N: This is a re-do of a story called "A Stronger Weakness". Same characters, same general plot, but a lot of details are changed. Hope you like it! R&R! Additional chapters may take a while because I'm working on a lot of projects, non-fanfiction and fanfiction alike!


I slumped around my small apartment, holding a book to my face. It was brutally cold for October, especially Halloween. I felt bad for the little children who were running around outside, most likely freezing in their cheaply made costumes. At least it was a free night for mutants. The ones with physical differences, that is. They could walk the streets pretending as if they had a costume on. As if they were like everyone else. As if they weren't freaks.


And I was one of them. One of the freaks. I had been locked up in my parents' basement for twelve years for it. I was living in a squeaky old apartment for it.
"Oh, God," I said aloud, setting my book down on the rickety coffee table in the middle of my living room. "Why can't I just be like everyone else?" I asked towards the heavens.

"There is a cure, you know." A sudden voice said from the shadows. I didn't recognize it. It was a woman's voice – high pitched and quick, something like a squirrel's voice should have been.

I swung my head around to where the voice had come from – the kitchen. It was too dark to see anything, but I could hear perfectly. There was a thud, then footsteps, and a mostly black figure came out into the living room.

The woman emerged from the shadows, walking in a feline manner. She was short and small with hardly any curves. Her pale skin was like alabaster in the glow of the moonlight outside, and I wondered if that was her true skin color. Her raven-colored hair barely brushed her shoulders in short, choppy layers, giving her a spunky look. Gleaming in the moonlight that swept past her face was a set of two glowing, yellow eyes with feline irises. The feline woman was dressed all in black leather that looked like it was about to rip, it was so tight.

She stopped at my couch and sat on the edge, licking the back of her hand. Only then did I notice that her fingernails had been cut and sharpened so that they resembled claws.

"Panther, are you trying to turn the girl into a human?" said another female voice. It wasn't from the kitchen, but rather from a few feet in front of me. I couldn't see anything, and was becoming extremely confused.

I backed up, away from the voice until I hit the wall.

Panther just continued to lick the back of her hand as if she hadn't heard the voice. "Camouflage, come out where we can see you." She said, still grooming herself.

A woman appeared out of nowhere, standing tall above me. She was tall and lean, with extremely bodacious hips and breasts. Her skin was the color of creamed coffee, her hair was a dark black. Her face was heart-shaped and warm, with high cheek bones and big eyes. Her dark eyes shone in the moonlight, filled with intent.

I gulped and dug my fingers into the wall behind me, breaking the plaster. "Who are you?" I managed to choke out.

The women just stayed in their positions and looked at each other, then burst out into laughter.

"Camouflage, Panther," snapped a voice from the past. Her voice was cold and shrill, like a rush of freezing wind had just swept through the drafty apartment. Goosebumps appeared on my arms and legs, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. "We mustn't scare the children," said the voice, and the figure it belonged to emerged from her hiding place.

I gulped, and stood my ground. I couldn't show fear around my sister. "Adrian," I said sternly, but was interrupted by the girl.

"My name is Control." The mutant said strictly, as if she was ashamed of her birth name. "And this is Camouflage... and Panther." She introduced the two other women after a second of letting her self-proclaimed name drift into the quiet of the night.

I was guessing that the feline woman was named Panther and the woman that had appeared out of nowhere was called Camouflage. Camouflage must have had some type of invisibility power, because it fit her name and how she had just suddenly materialized out of nothing in front of me. And Control.

Yes, that fit, too. Adrian had always been the one in control of everything. In control of everyone. I wondered if Panther and Camouflage had even joined her voluntarily.

"Yes, they did." Adrian replied to my thoughts. That was right - I forgot my sister could read minds. "I would never force another mutant to do something against their will." She lied, stepping forward towards me.

Panther had stopped grooming herself once Adrian had made her presence known, and Camouflage had stepped back from the main scene to watch the action from the sidelines.

Adrian was only a few feet from me now, staring me down with her coal black eyes. They were like two little onyxes in the middle of a sea of platinum blond hair. Her skin, like the feline's, was also a pale alabaster. It looked as if she hadn't seen sun in centuries.

I didn't know if Adrian was making me feel that way or if she was just that intimidating, but I started to feel a deep rumble in the pit of my stomach – like I had just eaten some spoiled Asian dish.

But, I still didn't understand why Adrian and her little friends were at my apartment. What could my sister possibly want from me? Knowing my sister, she would have to have a very good reason as to come all the way to Trenton from wherever the hell she was living herself, instead of just sending one of her slaves.

"They aren't my slaves, dear sister." Adrian said, still reading my thoughts. "Like I said before, darling, I would never force another mutant to do something against their will." She repeated, taking another small step towards me.

Still, what was she doing here? I couldn't wait for her to process my thoughts. "What do you want with me?" I asked sternly.

Adrian laughed – a crackly, maniacal laugh that sent chills down my spine. "Sister, we want you to join us." She said, like I would take her seriously.

I scoffed. "Like I would ever be on your side. You locked me up in a dirty cellar for all of my childhood! And, on top of the torture you put me through, you expect me to join your little club of evil mutants set to destroy the human race!" I screamed, stepping towards Adrian. My burning face was just inches from hers.

She kept cool, and a little smirk forming at the edge of her lips. "I'm guessing that's a no?" She asked, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

"Yes! Yes! Of course that's a no!" I screamed at her, my arms flailing everywhere.

Adrian laughed her evil laugh again, this time through back her head and smiling wickedly. After her little spasm, she motioned for Camouflage and Panther to come towards us. "Hold her back, sisters." She commanded, and the two other women grabbed my arms and pushed me against the wall.

I was much too strong for them. As soon as they grabbed me, I threw them off of me, sending Camouflage through a wall and Panther into the couch. "You can't keep me, Adrian." I said to my sister.

"Is that so?" She asked, forcing me against the wall. Telepaths were my worst enemy.

Adrian forced her forehead against mine, and there was a horrible screeching in my head. I screamed at the pain, but that didn't stop my sister. The shrill noise was enough to knock off my balance, making it unable for me to even move, aside from my squirming.

The last thing I remember was hearing that ear-splitting sound, and then it was all black.
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