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Suprises From The Doctor

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Five months, oh my god. I’m really starting to show. I’ve been eating a lot as well so they guys just think I’m getting fat. We’re in LA now and we have the day off so Mikey should be by any minute to pick me up for the doctor appointment. It felt nice being home, I was uneasy thinking that there was a good chance that next time I was here I would have a baby with me. I can’t believe I got pregnant. What was I supposed to tell my parents? Oh, by the way, I got pregnant ‘cause I was horny after a concert so I begged the lead singer to fuck me. Ya, that’ll go over well. I sighed and rubbed my temples. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I started for the liquor cabinet but stopped myself before I could get there. Fuck being pregnant. The doorbell rang right before the door opened. The band was like brothers the doorbell was more of a warning than anything else. “Hey, Frankie.” He greeted me. “Ready?” I nodded and we walked out to his car. I sat down in the passenger seat. I was really nervous about all this. I turned to him, “What do I do, Mikes?!” Tears were pricking the back of my eyes. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He changed gears on the car and pulled out of my drive way. “Honestly, I think you should tell my brother, then sit down with him and figure out how you want to raise the kid or if you want to put it up for adoption, and how it’s going to work with the band. I know the rest of the guys would try their best to help out with a kid on tour, I’m just not sure if you guys want to do that.” “How the hell am I supposed to tell Gee?!” I asked. I didn’t mean to snap, but I did. Mikey was being really patient though. “You gota tell him. When did this even happen?” He asked. I sighed, closed my eyes and leaned against the seat. “After the concert 5 months ago.” “We play a lota shows, that doesn’t really help but ok. You said you guys had no feelings for eachother, dare I ask?” “I was horny, we had to get on the bus, we were the only two up, now I’m pregnant. You can fill in the blanks.” He nodded and we pulled into the parking lot.

“Mr. Iero?” The Nurse called and I stood up. She pronounced my name wrong, they always do. I don’t really get how you can get “Eario” from Iero. Whatever. I stood up and followed her into a little room, Mikey following me. I sat/laid down in the chair. Your know the ones where your half sitting, half laying down. I have always hated these damn chairs. The doctor came in, a tall blonde girl. She seemed nice though. I had always been pretty good at reading people. “Hello, Frank.” She said and smiled. “I’m Dr. Johnson.” Could you get an any less original last name? If she wasn’t married I hope she marries someone with a really cool last name to make up for having that last name her whole life. “Are you the father?” She asked turning to Mikey. “No, the Uncle. My brother couldn’t be here today.” I silently thanked him for covering for me. I really didn’t want to get into all that with a doctor. “Ok. Well let’s do your ultra sound and see how this baby is!” She said turning back to me and smiling. “This is going to be cold.” She said putting some gel on my stomach after rolling up my shirt. She put the machine onto my stomach and moved it around until it was in the correct position. “Do you want to know the sex of the baby?” She asked. I looked at Mikey, bit my lip, then nodded to Dr. Johnson. “Well, your having twins! A boy and a girl!” She said smiling. “TWINS!?” I scream. “What?! No.. There has to be a mistake.” “No mistake, hun. Two little babys.” She said still smiling. Oh my god. I was trying to wrap my head around one but two!? “Oh, ya.. Twins run in my family.” Mikey said looking at the floor. I grabbed his shirt. “OH MY GOD! How could you not tell me!?” “How was I supposed to know my brother was gona go get your pregnant!? Why would I tell you!?” He said back, about to laugh. “They both are healthy and your moving along quite nicely.” She said. “Well the check-ups all done. I’d like to see you back here in another two months for a follow up.”
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