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Honey, I Bet That I Can Tell The Real Moans From The Ones That Are Oh So Fake

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"You never loved me, did you Patrick? Well... Not since my life went wrong..." Peterick oneshot

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random one shot xD

Pete's note to Patrick.

You never loved me, did you Patrick? Well... Not since my life went wrong... You never understood the urge, how it feels to want to take your own life. You didn't speak to me for weeks. I could see it in your eyes, the hate, the anger... the fear. You were too scared to lose me, so you neglected me. Sex became a chore. Your moans would be fake. I could tell. I'd run into the bathroom and cry for hours. You wouldn't notice. A smile became, to me, a blessing. The photos on the dresser make me cry. I'd give everything and more just to see you happy. You want to give up on the band. You want to give up on me, just like I gave up on myself. I know you don't understand the feelings I've felt, and I'm not asking you to. I'm just asking for forgiveness, I guess. I want you back. The real you. I could sit here and write how much I wish for everything to go back to how it was before, but I'm sure it won't because you're so obsessed with keeping me safe.

But how is neglecting me keeping me safe? If you want me alive, Patrick, I'll be at the bridge tonight at midnight. That gives you sixteen hours. I'm leaving now. And I might not be coming back.

My life depend on you, honey. I hope you understand. Oh, and I'm sorry for taking this paper from your notepad. I couldn't find any other paper.

I love you Patrick.

Pete x
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