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Sakura Petals

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Just a one-shot that might get picked back up later and put into a full story..Yuuta/Ryoma their feelings become known. WAFF, S-A

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Standard disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me, nor will I ever make a profit off of this story, besides hopefully a few good praises from reviewers ^__^
Rated: PG13
Contains: M/M, Shonen-Ai
Pairing: Yuuta/Ryoma
A/N: Beta'd by my girl, Ladygizarme hugs

@};-- Sakura Petals @};--

Fuji Yuuta stood behind tennis court lines, watching his brother play against his greatest rival, Echizen Ryoma. Years have gone by since their fateful first match, and Yuuta has been aching for a rematch of his life. He studied Ryoma's play, watched as many games as he was able to, wanting to find his weakness so he can destroy the green haired teen.

Sure, they've played a game here and there, but Yuuta knew each time he stepped on the court he was still no match for the prodigy. To put it plain and simple, Echizen Ryoma was as much of a bane to Yuuta, as his brother Syuusuke. Damn prodigies! The last few years he has turned to different mentors to find a move, the perfect move, to defeat Ryoma, and possibly his brother. Mizuki Hajime was in it for himself. Even though he stuck around after he found out that the Twist Spin Shot that Mizuki helped him master was harmful to him, he thought his senpai would help him still with getting stronger, since he had before.

But Yuuta soon realized, after a year or so, that Mizuki had turned his attentions to bedding the younger Fuji brother in hopes to get to the elder brother. The first time Mizuki tried to put a move on the younger brother, he ended up with a nice red handprint on his cheek. Even that didn't deter the darkhaired data collector. He tried and tried again, and after many blackeyes and bloody lips, Yuuta officially called it quits in having practice with the teen. Mizuki didn't mind, afterall, since he had found out Yuuta would be attending a different high school so he couldn't reach his true goal through the boy anymore.

Throughout his first couple years in high school he had learned some moves he was sure he could use against Echizen, but was never able to play against him with all his heart like he had when he first met him. He didn't know why. He couldn't fathom where all his persistence to reach his goals had disappeared to. He wanted to defeat his brother, and defeat Ryoma. He questioned if he just gave up on himself, or perhaps he just didn't feel the need to do it anymore. But still, why? The rivalry against his brother he knew was still there, not as strong as it had once been. Perhaps the realization that he could never win against his brother. Then there was Ryoma. He thought of the boy constantly. Their first match against each other continuously playing in the back of his mind. The matches he was lucky enough to witness. To watch the young teen grow, becoming one of the best tennis players ever to step on the courts. His need for playing the boy became something more of wanting the excitement of the game, the enjoyment of having the full attention of the bronze eyed prodigy all to himself.

The game playing out in front of him, as usual, was a tie still. The two could never one up the other. And they never seemed to finish a match either. Many figured it was pointless to finish after a specific point in the game because it would draw on forever. They would end a match when it was obvious one of them had finally surpassed the other. Here was one of those times the game ended before there was a definite winner. Syuusuke and Ryoma met at the net, shook hands and laughed.

Yuuta's eyes slanted when he noticed their hands had yet to let go. He walked up to the pair, planted a fake smile on his face to congratulate the two on an amazing match.

"Great match brother, Echizen," nodding his head to each. His body relaxed the moment their hands fell apart to begin a converstion with the younger Fuji.

"Yuuta," the prodigies said in unison as their hands fell to their sides. A smile graced both their faces and Yuuta just wanted to scream. Was something going on between the two? He felt jealousy rise in him, because Ryoma was taking away his brother! ...Right?

"Care to have a match, Echizen?" Yuuta asked. Get him as far away from brother as possible!

The green haired teen, now as tall as the rest of his friends, smiled at Fuji Yuuta. "Ne, Yuuta, I'd love to. But perhaps after a break?" And the teen began to walk off the court and grabbed a bottle of water and looked for a comfortable spot underneath a shaded tree.

Yuuta stared after him, but tensed as a hand landed on his shoulder. "Ne, Yuuta, you like him?" his brother asked, eyes closed, lips in an all-knowing smirk. Grey eyes glared at his brother before ripping his shoulder away from the older boy's hand. He stalked over to his bag, threw it over his shoulder and went in search of the younger prodigy who he detested.

Fuji Syuusuke crossed his arms as he watched his brother storm off. Hmm, what an interesting development. His smile softned a bit and he uncrossed his arms. Brother deserves to have some happiness in his life, I just hope Echizen feels the same. Syuusuke thought back to all the times Yuuta had been around Ryoma and his muscles loosened and he walked to his bag. Yes, Ryoma and Yuuta will be happy together. He grabbed his things and headed towards his favorite shushi resturant, Kawamura's.

It didn't take Yuuta long to find Ryoma underneath a large sakura tree, arms underneath his head, slumbering. He always looks so peaceful when he's sleeping. He approached the teen as quietly as the brush underneath his feet would allow, and he stood a few feet away, gazing down at the one who he held...something for.

"Ne, Yuuta, are you just going to stand there looking at me, or are you going to join me for my nap?" Ryoma asked, one eye cracked open looking at the teen before him.

Yuuta stood still for a moment, figuring if it would be better to just high tail it out of there, or to sit with the boy and figure out his feelings. He watched as Ryoma closed his eye again, and scooted a bit, yet another offer for Yuuta to join him. He really wants me to. So he set his bag next to Echizen's and sat next to him and leaned back against the tree. Yuuta sat there quietly, looking anywhere but down at the sleeping form next to him. At least, he assumed he was sleeping. He could hear the deep breaths the boy was making which were slowly making him relax, and tired as well.

Brother asked if I liked Ryoma. Can he read me so easily? Hell, I don't even know if I like him in that sense. But, he sighed and ran a hand through his locks, but Syuusuke has always been good about reading people. Perhaps he thinks Ryoma has similar feelings? He looked down at Ryoma, eyelashes fluttering in his sleep, lips parted just slightly, a knee bent up whereas the other lay flat. A gust of wind blew the green hair wildly across the boy's face. Yuuta smiled fondly at Ryoma and he slid his body down so he would be parallel to the body next to him. He propped himself up on his elbow and turned on his side so he could look at Ryoma in a more comfortable position.

He reached his hand up and gently brushed back his bangs that flew in his face. A flutter above their heads made him look up and he watched as sakura petals began to descend on them. Pink petals landed in the dark green hair of Ryoma, and Yuuta's heart skipped when sleepy bronze eyes peeked out from beneath long lashes. Throwing all cautions to the wind, the sight before him being so breathtakingly beautiful, he leaned over the half awake teen and lowered himself until his lips brushed the other's. He pulled back to gaze into the bronze orbs of Echizen Ryoma, praying the prodigy wouldn't be upset with his forwardness.

But instead of meeting eyes filled with anger, or sleepiness, he found himself looking into eyes half-lidded with lust, of want. An arm snaked its way around his neck and pulled the brown haired teen down, surprising him, but he managed to compose himself before the soft lips of Ryoma began to dance against his own.

Yuuta could feel Ryoma's body shaking against his own, or he thought it was Ryoma's. For all he knew, it could have been his own. He placed an arm on the other side of Ryoma to hold himself up as leaned down to deepen their soft kisses. He licked Ryoma's lips with his kisses, the other boy eagerly returning them, and soon their tongues found each other and they slid from one mouth to the other, tasting and memorizing the cavern of their lover. Lover? Is Ryoma my lover now? Yuuta's mind was swimming with emotions and he didn't want to think anymore. He just wanted to feel.


Ryoma had always held a place for Fuji Yuuta in the back of his mind, wanting to play him again. He always noticed the St. Rudolph second year student coming to games, and specifically watching his matches. As the years went by, the two played games here and there, but the rivalry seemed to have been lost somewhere in the past and they just seemed to have a "thing". Not a friendship, not a rivalry. A comraderie? Whatever it was, it was a comfortable thing. They had a few times alone where they discussed life, tennis, and nothing in particular.

He knew he liked the older male, but didn't understand it or know how to go about telling him. He figured with all the games Yuuta had committed himself to watching, and all the glances in his direction with a glint of...admiration? want? need? that Yuuta had to have felt something for him as well.

Ryoma enjoyed playing games against Fuji Syuusuke because he knew the younger brother of his rival would always be there to examine the game, and examine the greenhaired teen. That knowledge made Ryoma play harder, but with a bit more finesse, to flaunt his...assets. The last game was no different. There was Yuuta on the sidelines, watching intently, every move Ryoma would make. Studying the swing of his arm, the bend of his knee, and the flat stomach that would be visible for a few seconds between jump serves and smashes.

Always one to test those around him, Ryoma held on to Syuusuke's hand a bit longer than a normal handshake would require after their match, and his prediction was correct. The younger Fuji radiated jealousy immediately. The daring teen Echizen has always been, he refused a match against Yuuta to nap for a bit, figuring he would in the end follow and they could get some alone time.

Not really surprised in the least when Yuuta found him so quickly, he asked the brunette to join him. Yuuta's presence soon lulled Ryoma to sleep, but a sleep with sweet dreams of he and Yuuta. No more than a few minutes after he dozed off did the scent of sakura flood his head as the wind picked up. Lost in his half-sleep and sakura high, his mind didn't register the light pressure against his lips at first after he opened his eyes. After the brief kiss he was met with grey eyes, and he realized where he was and who he was with. Wanting to keep his dreams alive, he reached up and pulled the larger boy down on him and began to lay kisses on his soft lips.

He inhaled sakura and Yuuta, a musky smell from his life of sports and a hint of mint. Every cell in his body felt like they were going to burst, making his body quake when Yuuta came down on him, their mouths connecting hotly with one another. Ryoma held Yuuta down with his one arm wrapped around his neck, and slid his other along the side of the brunette's body before wrapping it around his back to glide it up and down encouragingly.


Yuuta felt like his entire being would explode at all the sensations he was having at once.This love he'd never felt before, a need to touch and kiss someone, to love someone back with everything he was. He slid a hand up to cup Ryoma's cheek and he gently stroked the rosey mound with his thumb.

Ryoma's body fluttered at the contact of Yuuta's hand on his face, and he felt his breath hitch at some of the simplest moments. Throughout his years, he was not one to show others how he felt, so this was all new to him. Why he chose Yuuta he was still not for sure, but they needed each other and it was obvious when the two pulled away from one another and gazed into each other's eyes. Glimmering with happiness, with understanding, love, and completion.

Both boys smiled fondly at the other, Ryoma cupping Yuuta's cheek, mirroring the teen. "I-..." both began, when shouts were heard and sounds of feet running towards them became obvious. Their foreheads met in a promise to finish talking later, and Yuuta stood and reached for Ryoma's hand and pulled him up right when Momoshiro Takeshi and Kaidoh Kaoru came to a stop next to them.

"Momo-senpai. Kaidoh-senpai," Ryoma nodded to each of his friends.

"Echizen. Fuji," the dunk smasher and viper said in unison.

"Care to join us for some burgers?" Kaidoh asked.

"Eiji-senpai lost a bet so he said whoever beat him to the burger joint first he'd pay for!" Momo happily informed.

Ryoma smiled and nodded as his stomach decided to voice its hunger at the mention of burgers, and the four males laughed before running in rows of two to beat Kikumaru Eiji for a free meal.

Ryoma kept glancing to his side and would see Yuuta staring at him. "Something wrong, Yuuta?"

They just made it to the burger place and Kaidoh and Momo ran in, but Ryoma stopped before going in to see what was wrong with Yuuta. Thoughts of what they did earlier crossing his mind, hoping the brunette wouldn't now decide what they did was a mistake.

Yuuta simply smiled and reached up past Ryoma's face and slid his fingers through the green locks, and traced his fingers gently along his cheek when he pulled his hand back. Ryoma looked at him a bit startled at the open gesture. Yuuta's hand popped up in front of Ryoma's face to show off his prize. A sakura petal left in his hair from earlier.

"I think I'll hold on to this," he winked before placing it in his tennis bag.

Ryoma's cheeks blushed for a second but he schooled himself quickly. "Let's eat Yuuta. I'm starving." Yuuta agreed and they walked in to stop in their tracks as they saw Eiji at the counter, tears streaming down his face as he emptied his wallet for the few who did beat him.

Ryoma's mouth fell open at the sight, "But how?"

"You two were off in your own world when Eiji came flying in," a voice sounded behind them.

"Syuusuke!" the two said turning to see Fuji Syuusuke standing in the doorway.

"Come, let's eat. My treat, for the scent of love is in the air and one cannot resist love," eyes closed and a truly happy smile lit Syuusuke's face up as he led his brother and rival to a booth with their other teammates and friends.

The evening carried on with soft brushes of the hand between the two and knowing smiles filled with promises and a future. When everyone finally went separate ways, Yuuta walked Ryoma back to the shrine, holding his hand when they were out of view of prying eyes.

"Will you be willing to go out with me tomorrow, Ryoma?"

Ryoma smiled and leaned in for a small kiss. "Hn. Yeah. Definite possibility of that happening," he said with a wink.

Smiling wickedly, Yuuta swept in for a deeper kiss from his boyfriend and combed his fingers through his soft hair, stilling when he came across something.

Ryoma pulled back and looked at him, eyes filled with worry. Yuuta pulled his hand back in front of Ryoma and held out yet another sakura petal.

"We'll be finding these in your hair for the next week, Ryoma!" the two laughed and kissed again before arranging their first date for the next day. A last deep kiss was held before Yuuta headed back home and Ryoma turned in to his.

Both boys landed in their beds, eyes fluttering shut, thoughts of deep kisses, soft touches and the scent of sakura flooding their minds before they drifted off to sleep.



A/N: Well there ya go..a bit of Waffiness from Houseki. I really love Yuuta and think he deserves a lot of happiness, and if I do decide to get into this story once I'm further along with my other...10 projects, then I'll get into his past and get a bit angsty, cuz I mean, who would want to do a non-angsty Yuuta? lol Anyways, hope you enjoyed it...I kept making it cuter and cuter and I was afraid I would never be able to find a spot I could end it at but I did and again, good reviews makes the fic-ka want to write more!! hint hint wink wink nudge nudge

Thanks again for reading!

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