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Some Days Can Only Get Better

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A story of lies, addiction and life changing events... could it get all too much?

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Some days can only get better. This wasn't one of those days, on his own, in the back of the tour bus sat Gerard. His head down, eyes focused on the floor and his long, black hair falling haphazardly across his face. His mind clearly set in the past, trying to think about what had led to this.

Having just finished on stage, being the last performing act of the night, Gerard left to find Alice, his lovely girlfriend of 2 years. He went to the bus first expecting her to be there but only finding Alicia, Mikey's girlfriend. "Hey Gee, where's Alice? I thought she was meeting you by the stage?" Alicia and Gerard talked for about 5 minutes before he carried on his search.

After 30 minutes of searching he went to ask some of the other bands if they had seen her. The scene that he was met with truly broke his heart; Alice was locked in a very passionate embrace with Bert Mcraken, leader singer of The Used and now previous friend of Gerard. She explained how she had been cheating on him since the start of the tour and the things she had said cut him deep, leaving possible irreversible damage.

News spread pretty fast about the incident, not only that but the shouts could be heard on the other side of the set up. Mikey was the first of the band to hear the news, he knew what his brother could be like in situations like this, having been on anti depressants before he knew how shaky his brothers mental state could be. He finally found Gerard at a party on some random band's bus, bottle of vodka in hand and near enough passed out. That's where the downward spiral started.

His life had taken a serious beating; onstage he is Gerard Way, front man and creator of My Chemical Romance, living 'Vampire' and role model to thousands of teenagers. But that is only an act, offstage he is Gerard Way, Alcoholic, hooked on prescription drugs, suicidal and going against everything that the band stands for. He spends the most of his days hiding from fans, always looking the same. Beer in hand, cigarette between his chapped lips, black hair greasy and haphazard and dark black sunglasses protecting his eyes from the light.

To anyone who didn't know Gerard this would seem to be his normal self but to his friends they could see that he was slowly slipping back into a depressive state of mind. Not a day went by without Gerard locking himself in the back room on the tour bus for hours on end, shutting himself away from the world, those are the bad days and the good days are few and far between. Gerard could already tell that today was not going to be an ordinary day.


Frank already knew that Gerard was already up, probably trying to start drinking earlier than possible in peace. He knew better then anyone else how Gerard liked to start his days, he is the lightest sleeper out of the whole band so when Gerard stumbles out of his bunk at about 6 every morning he could start to prepare himself for the day ahead.

Frank, being Gerard's best friend was always there for him, when he would pass out in the middle of a set onstage, when he would have to help him back to the bus, when he would be the one with the sick bucket when the alcohol and drugs got too much, and when he had to comfort Mikey when his brother had drank himself into unconsciousness.

But he had enough of being the supportive best friend and wanted to stop Gerard in his tracks before he went any further off the rails. He had seen Gerard taking Cocaine the day before and that's when he knew he had to do something, he couldn't sit back anymore and watch his friend slowly kill himself.

He quietly got out of his cramped bunk and walked towards he front of the bus, Gerard would usually be sat at the table with a can of beer, his anti-depressants and any other pills that could give him a high. To his surprise he couldn't see Gerard anywhere in the front of the bus and he knew he wasn't in the bathroom as the door was open and the light was off.

Over the roar of the bus engine the faint noise of a person crying could be heard, Frank knew it could only be one person, the only other person awake on the bus apart from the driver.

He followed the noise to the back room of the bus, the only place Gerard could be found I he wasn't drinking. Opening the door the sight he saw before him shook him to the core; Gerard sat in the corner of the sofas, knees pulled up to his chest, his head resting on his knees, his whole body shacking due to the sobs that escaped him.

Gerard looked up as Frank failed to quietly shut the door. His eyes red and bloodshot from the alcohol and from crying, tears staining his porcelain face. Frank had only seen Gerard like this once before, a time again when Frank had been the one to save Gerard.

"I'm a bad person Frankie, I don't deserve anything!" was all Gerard could say before totally breaking down.

A/N: I can't help but say sorry for my lack of updating, I know I've already explained myself but SORRY!

Anywho, here is another little thing from my imagination! This is nearly the same as what I wrote in my English exam, and the idea just continued to go round in my head until I found something to write it on.

I do not have a clue where this is going, what's going to happen, who is going to be involved, so this is just as much of a surprise to me as it will be to you :)

xoxo Sam
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