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Chapter 01

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YAHF. Xander goes as a Necromancer from Diablo 2 for Halloween.

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Xander, Priest of Rathma A YAHF Crossover of BtVS and Diablo 2

by Jasruv Lundux

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Diablo 2.

Xander wanted to curse as some hyperactive runt took the last toy gun from the rack. He had already cased the store for better gun replicas, but the only ones he had found were part of costume sets that were way out of his price range. On top of Buffy's obsessing over that fancy noblewoman dress in a transparent attempt to draw the attention of the brooding coward, otherwise known as Angel, and the incident with Larry earlier, Xander was having a really aggravating day.

Reluctantly, Xander went to the bargain bin where the shop owner had put a bunch of various costume pieces to at least attempt to make a cool costume. He reached in and sorted through the contents until he found something that gave him a sudden inspiration. He franticly went through the bin and found enough other pieces to fill out the idea if he used some of the stuff at home. He quickly totaled the individual prices and found that he could afford everything. He gathered everything up and went to the register to pay.

He noticed the store owner looking quizzically at the various pieces. As he got the receipt back, the owner, whose name was apparently Ethan, asked.

“I say, what exactly do you plan to do with all this?”

Xander grinned and told him. Ethan looked perplexed for a moment and then laughed out loud briefly before speaking.

“I must say that is the most creative anyone has been since I opened. Tell you what I'm going to do for making my day like that. Do you need something else to make it better? If it's not too expensive, I'll let you have it for free.”

Xander looked around for a moment and then pointed to a item that was part of a costume set.

Ethan looked at the item for a few moments.

“I think Ihave a spare for that or at least something pretty close in the back. If you will wait for a few minutes, I go check in back.”

Xander nodded his head with a grateful expression on his face. His costume idea would have worked without the extra piece but it would be better with it, especially since Ethan was giving it to him for free.

Ethan went in the back, only then letting a evil grin of his own surface on his face. He had noted that the boy was friends with Rupert's Slayer and the costume idea would definitely add to the chaos to come. Ethan took one of his enchanted back up busts of Janus and cast a transformation spell to reshape it into a copy of the item the boy had requested. He honestly didn't know what exactly would happen by including the enchanted bust with the boy's costume but it should be a spectacular addition to the chaos.

Composing his expression so as not to give away the game, Ethan returned to the front and gave the boy his extra prop and wished him an interesting Halloween.

=== === === === ===

Xander knocked on the front door of the Summers' house, decked out in his full costume. He could hardly wait to see the reactions of Mrs. Summers and the girls. He heard Joyce's voice inside as she started to open the door.

=== End of Chapter 01 ===

Author's Note: This is a generic starter chapter I made for a Halloween challenge I did a few years ago for a miscellaneous YAHF costume for Xander. I was going to make several variants for each of the Classes from Diablo 2 but the Necromancer really grabbed all of my creative energy.
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