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HG/SS Based on Marriage Law Challenge

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Chapter 8 - Tomorrow

Saturday early morning

When Severus Snape woke he could smell the sea, hear birds singing, and feel the warm breeze on his face and a weight on his chest. It was, however, the feeling of being watched that caused him to open his eyes. Hermione was lying with her arms crossed across his chest and her chin resting on the back of her hands.

Smiling she said, "Morning".

He groaned, "Please, tell me you are not a morning person," And closed his eyes against the sun that seemed horribly bright for as early as he knew it to be at Hogwarts.

"No, not usually, but according to the sun it must be about ten, maybe later." She laughed.

He opened his eyes, reached up and stroked her cheek with his finger, "we are not in England." He smirked, "do you even know where you are, Caramia?"

Hermione blinked and looked around a slight frown creasing her brow. They were lying on his teaching robes next to a large driftwood log. Trees, sand, sea, birds all pointed to some where on the Mediterranean. But she wasn't sure that was what he meant. Looking back at Severus she grinned, "I'm on the beach, in your arms, what else do I need to know?"

Severus Snape outright laughed, which had Hermione rearing back to see him better. His smile was very attractive, she had never seen him so unguarded and animated.

He pulled her close and rolled them over, "Indeed, there is a bit of a time difference between England and Greece." He then leaned in for a kiss, which heated up quickly. He pulled back slowly panting trying to maintain control, the urge to simply take her was strong and he had already frightened her once. He had no wish to do so again.

She was looking at him curiously when he opened his eyes. Severus smiled slightly and kissed he on the tip of her nose and growled, "You tempt me," a kiss on the cheek, "to take," kiss on the forehead, "/things/," the other cheek, "you are not offering". He proceeded to kiss a trail from her chin to her ear and was starting down her throat.

Her voice was breathy sending waves of desire through him, "Severus, I freely give myself to you." His head popped up to stare at her. "With no hesitation or reservations, I give myself to you." Her hands caressed his back and shoulders. "I make you /mine/, as I give myself to you."

They both felt, and ignored the magic that crawled over them from the repeated phrase and his reply.

"I am yours as you are mine. Hermione, I give myself to you. With no hesitation or reservations, I give myself to you. I make you mine, as I give myself to you."

The magic once again crawled over and threw with her answer, "I am yours as you are mine." Again neither of then took notice of this, except to note that their clothes had disappeared, they did not know nor care how this had happened.

Hermione's cry of pain with his first thrust shocked him, as the magic coursing through him could not. He was able to still himself and wait for her to become use to him and soon she was meeting his thrusts and crying out in pleasure. As they came to completion the magic once again flared, exploding through and around them like one of the Weasley twins fireworks.

They collapsed exhausted both physically and magically.
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