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Talking and Other Things

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HG/SS based on Marriage Law Challenge. Hermione must make the best of a bad situation.

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Chapter 12 -

Sunday Morning

Hermione woke to with a strange awareness. The whole island was like Hogwarts in that it was almost sentient. There seemed to be a feeling of satisfaction to the island.

She started to roll and stretch but realized too late that there was nothing to role onto, she clutched at Severus and wound up pulling him off the couch with her.

They landed on the floor in a tangle. Hermione had to laugh at the expression of utter confusion on his face as he looked around and down at her through the tangle of his hair. When he frowned at her she reached up and smoothed his hair away from his face pulling him down to kiss him thoroughly. "Good Morning, Luv. I didn't realize we hadn't made it to the bed." She said.

She went ahead with her stretch yawning and wiggling underneath him causing him to groan and press into her as he claimed her lips again. She could feel his desire, not only against her thigh but also through the link with the Isle. He had left her mouth and kissed his way to her ear where he whispered haltingly, "Caramia? Are you? ... OK Do? ... Do you could...bear my attentions?" He pulled back looking at her with a strange combination of concern and lust.

She smiled, "Here on the floor or will you take me to bed?" She asked sensuously.

He stood pulling her to her feet. "The bed I think." And sweeping her up into his arms he carried her to the bedroom.

Some time later as they lay holding each other, his head resting on her breast, Severus sighed, "I keep expecting to wake and find I am dreaming. A perverted old man, lusting after his student." His voice was rich with self-disgust.

"Severus," she spoke softly stroking his hair, "It is not perverse for a man in his prime to want a nubile young woman in his bed." She had to fight to sound stern, "However, if I catch you letting some floozy make eyes at you, someone is going to get hexed."

He chuckled, "I would have to give you a detention." He raised his head to look sternly at her but she could see in his eyes he was delighted with the teasing.

In a sad voice she said, "No more lusting after students for you." She shook her head.

"Not even you, Caramia?" He asked with a mock pout.

She pretended to consider this then said "Well, OK. I think we can make one exception." And she kissed the tip of his long crooked nose. Then she giggled, "Would you really give me detention?"

He smirked, "Of course, you would have to be 'properly punished' for hexing another student."

She bit her lip then with a wicked grin and a gleam in her eye, "Oooh! What kind of /punishment/?" and she wiggled against him.

A grin spread across his face as he moved and her eyes grew huge and a smile was growing as he whispered in her ear.
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