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Guilty Partner

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Breaking up with a clairvoyant is hard. Ken x Crawford

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Title: Guilty Partner
Author: Sybil Rowan
Pairing(s)/Characters: Ken x Crawford
Rating: T
Summary: Breaking up with a clairvoyant is hard.
Warnings: slash
Author’s Notes: This story is a play off of my larger detailed story 'Round and Round.' This is written for the 'FicTicTacToe' community on Live Journal. My competitor is my hubby, WingedPanther. We're posting these to our Live Journal blogs.
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.
Beta Reader/ Opponent: My wonderful hubby, WingedPanther73.
Word Count = 525
July 24, 2010 3:58 pm

“I can't do this anymore. It's gotten too complicated.” Ken tug on his tee-shirt, defensively crossed his arms, and gave Crawford a defiant look.

Ken grew disturbed as Crawford placidly cinched up his gold, silk tie. The American didn't take his eyes away from the hotel room's mirror for even one second.

“It's alright with me,” Crawford said. He put his cream colored jacket on and didn't spare Ken a parting look. Ken went from distraught to baffled. It was always the same, Crawford never explained himself and never let his aloof facade drop. His bafflement shifted into slow, burning anger.

It had been the same now for the last three months since he had taken up this clandestine affair with Crawford. Ken flopped back onto the rumpled bed, smacked his fist in his left palm, and cursed that disastrous subway ride where this all started.

Last March, Ken was on an errand to help do some chores around a Christian orphanage in desperate need. He was dismayed when Crawford happened to be on the same subway car. They traded some snide words and then quietly tolerated each other for several more minutes.

Ken openly stared at Crawford because he could feel the American's eyes on him, even though he hid behind a newspaper. That's when three random hijackers opened fire. Things happened so fast between he and Crawford afterwards that Ken couldn't even remember the transition between violence to sex. It all seemed to blend together in an exquisite dance.

Now, he couldn't break this twisted and heartless arrangement. This time, he did mean it. He had to break it. The others, in particular Yohji, were starting to suspect Ken was seeing someone. He always worried Kritiker was watching, and they wouldn't particularly understand.

He bolted off the bed, agitated. Not this way, he needed the final word. Ken stormed out of the hotel room and ran down the stairway to the parking garage. Being the middle of the day, there weren't many cars left. He spotted Crawford's red Austin-Healy easily as it came around the corner and headed towards the exit. Ken was quick, he raced between concrete pillars and jumped in front of Crawford's car before it reached the gate.

The car screeched and stopped; the bumper was an inch away from Ken's knees. Ken went to the driver's side and leaned over the open window. Crawford's impassive expression didn't take Ken by surprise, but it did stoke his anger. Ken fought to draw in breath; his chest was constricting.

Crawford held up his hand to silence what Ken was about to say. The American said, “I'm not worried because you'll come back to me. I know what it takes to make you come back to me when I want.”

Ken jolted back as Crawford drove off. He walked over to his motorcycle; his mind was numb, but he was still trying to understand why he kept seeking out Schwarz's leader. He drove in an indirect path back towards the flower shop. By that time, he was resolved to never see Crawford again. Never again, he couldn't risk it.


(Snapshot piece based on my story 'Round and Round')
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