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Milk, Mice and CATS

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Quaxo falls ill the night of the Jellicle ball one year after saving Old Deuteronomy. What turns out to be a normal case of the flu turns suspicious when Quaxo, Tugger and Munkustrap find themselve...

Category: Cats - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Macavity,Mr. Mistoffelees,Rum Tum Tugger - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-09-03 - Updated: 2010-09-04 - 2208 words

Please note:
*Quaxo and Mistofelees are the same person but they alternate names depending on the cats and circumstance
*Victoria is Misto's sister
*Eventual slash
*They look like the human-cats from the DVD
*POV changes to 3rd after chapter 4

First CATS fanfiction, please don't hurt me! hides under table

I looked out into the clearing from my perch on the kitchen chair. I could see everyone was hard at work in preparation for the ball tonight. I could hear some of the cats whispering their fears of another Macavity attack this year, and my mane bristled at the name. I hated to admit it, but I was a little worried about my infamous brother making another appearance. Munkustrap had a tough time last year after the fight. Macavity really dealt some damage, but Munku had never admitted to anyone how far that damage went. What if next time we can't chase him off?

I shook the thought out of my head reassuring myself that we're fine now that Mistoffelees is in the tribe. When I looked around and noticed that the tux was nowhere to be found, I jumped down from my perch and walked over to his turnpipe near the stage to take a look inside. I could see the outline of a cat, and the white tipped tail gave away his identity.

"Misto! Wake up!" I yelled into the pipe. I heard a groggy groan from the back of the pipe.

"Go away!" A tired voice called back.

"Get out before I come in!" I warned. Pouncival, Victoria, and Etcetera had come over to see what the noise was about.

"You wouldn't. Besides, you're too fat," he rolled over so that his back was turned to me. Victoria and Etcetra started to giggle behind me at Mistoffelees' remark.

"I am not fat!" I scoffed, a bit offended. "It's just that you're a midget, and everyone's fat next to you."

"Fine, you're too big," he corrected.

I jumped up on top of the pipe and started to stomp on the metal tube. The crowd of kits had grown, and even some of the older cats came to watch the scene. Using the crowd to my advantage, I showed off my signature moves on top of the pipe, making sure to cause a wave of squeals from the Queen-kits. As usual, Etcetera was the loudest of the youths.

"Fine! I'm up!" Misto exclaimed as he stuck his head out of his den, eyes squinting as he looked around the junkyard. He blushed slightly at the crowd that had gathered around his den. The crowd quickly lost interest and started to disperse. Misto stood up and started to wash his face with his paw. I got down to stand in front of him.

"So why do you want me up so badly?" He asked as he finished cleaning up.

"I dunno," I shrugged. "I just needed something to do. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't put up much of a fight though," I admitted.

"Bast Tugger," he muttered under his breath, lying back down on his stomach.

"So are you going to do something for the ball this year?" I asked as I sat on the ground in front of him. "Shall we expect another catnapping? I can 'steal' Old Deuteronomy for you," I offered. He chuckled lightly, shaking his head at my offer.

"We don't need another scare, Tugger. I have something planned, don't worry," he smiled knowingly, ear twitching. I gave him a questioning glance as he batted his ear out of habit.

"Skimble's coming," he noted. It's very hard to surprise this cat due to his damned sensitive hearing. I looked over my shoulder to see Skimble striding over towards us.

"Morning everyone. Misto, would you like to accompany me in a morning hunt? There's a whole group of them ri-"

"Misto and I already ate. Sorry Skimble." I interrupted. I received confused looks from both toms.

"No, I-" Misto interjected, but I cut him off before he could finish.

"If you'll excuse us, we're discussing secret plans for Misto's act for the ball," I said, not completely lying. He looked between the tux and I suspiciously, opening his mouth to protest but struggling to find the word. Instead, he shrugged and left.

"That was rude, Tugger. Why did you do that?" Misto asked when he was sure that Skimbleshanks was out of earshot. Honestly, I didn't really like how Skimble always hangs around Mistoffelees. It creeps me out a bit as well as annoys me. I don't see how it's necessary that Skimble always be around Misto nearly every waking moment. He was a tom now, he certainly doesn't need someone breathing down his back. Why should I care? It obviously doesn't bother Mistoffelees so why should I get so hot over it? The tom's sober and expectant gaze started to unnerve me.

"Because I wanted to go hunting with you. I found this great nest where the rats are ripe for the picking. I don't think anyone else knows about it, and I'd like to keep it that way," I confided, still only half lying. He scrutinized me for a few moments. I started to think that he didn't believe me and I would have to think of another cover for my 'bad manners', but since when was I ever known for being polite and respectful?

"Telling me defeats the purpose of having no one else know about your secret stash," he chuckled.

"We're buddies," I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was listening in before continuing, "I wouldn't want you to have to feed off the same mangy rats that everyone else has to eat around here."

"Well I'm... privileged to have you share this information," he smiled kindly. Misto was a very polite tom, and we were always teased about how such a kind, calm cat could be friends with me. I agree that our personalities contrasted, but it made it that much better. Besides, Misto's been my friend for years now and I won't have something as simple as clashing personalities come between us. I heard the tom's stomach growling in protest against the cool metal and mine reciprocating the action.

"I think now would be a good time to hunt down those rats," I announced, getting up. The small tom followed me out of the clearing into the denser parts of the junkyard. I was slightly surprised at how easily I found the mice.

Mistoffelees smiled as an extremely fat rat crawled out from under a sofa cushion. He licked his lips in anticipation but quickly turned to me, offering me the first kill. I shook my head at the offer, swooping my paw towards the rat that was struggling to crawl over a broken lawn chair. He smiled, silently thanking me before running after the obese rodent.

I stuck my nose to the ground and caught the scent of another well fed rat near a toppled-over bureau. It didn't take me very long to find the lazy rat nestled in some old papers. It didn't put up much of a fight as I picked it up by the tail. Mistoffelees trotted over just as I finished off the rest of my rodent. I made note of the location as Misto led us back to the clearing.

We reached Misto's den as Jennyanydots distributed the kittens' meals. Victoria walked over and greeted her brother with an affectionate nuzzle.

"Someone left you something at your pipe while you were out. I think you might have a secret admirer," she giggled. Misto's face started to flush at the thought of having an unknown cat fancy him. It was apparent that he didn't know quite how to respond to his younger sister.

"Well, come on Quaxo! Let's go see what it is," she enthused. Misto followed his sister reluctantly as she skipped over to his den. Set very neatly in front of the entrance was a small box with a note attached. He picked up the card gingerly and read the message out loud.

"'Thought you might enjoy a treat before your next big act,'" he read. A flash of concern quickly crossed his face before Victoria was at his side with the box held eagerly out in front of her. I found that she was a bit too prepared for the 'surprise gift.' I gave her a questioning look, and she winked back knowingly. I had a pretty clear idea of who might be the one behind this: Jemima. I knew the little kit had a crush on Mistoffelees. I think he might be a bit put off. After all, she was still just a kit. He opened the box to find a small jar of fresh milk. It was still cold even!

"Well, this is thoughtful. Though I would like to know who brought me this so I could thank them properly," the cat furrowed his brow slightly.

"Just drink it. They obviously wanted you to have it, and it'll spoil if you don't anyway," I encouraged. I heard Jemima call Victoria over from the tire to join her and her friends for a quick practice. Victoria gave her brother and me a quick nuzzle before running off towards the group. Misto opened the bottle, filling the air with the strong scent of milk. I hate milk.

"Would you like some too, Tugger?" he offered politely. When I shook my head no, he took a swig from the bottle. It didn't take him long to finish off the cool,white liquid.

I was distracted by the voice of a familiar queen calling my name from across the clearing. Bombalurina glided over to Mistoffelees and me, entwining her fingers in my mane.

"So, have any plans for after the ball?" She asked seductively. Misto raised an eyebrow at the outright advance.

"Please, Bombalurina. I just ate!" He whined, clutching his stomach for emphasis. I smirked at the comment. However, she did not.

"Maybe you should find a nice queen-friend to spend your free time with, Quaxo," she said icily, causing Misto to open his mouth to retort. Unable to find the words to express his enmity towards thequeen, he shot a piercing glare towards her as she turned back to me. Bomba and Misto have been are constantly at each other's necks, I think Bomba's jealous that I'm hanging out with Mistoffelees asopposed to constantly chasing after her. I'm still the same Tugger who always chases after the queens in the tribe, I just have a friend now who I can talk to and not have to worry about stupid queen problemswith. I'm guessing that Misto doesn't like Bomba for the treatment he's receiving for being my friend. Why he doesn't just give up, I don't really know. It would save him the hassle.

I could see his coat start to shimmer in anger, but was quickly distracted by an eager Pouncival pulling on his tail.

"Can you do a magic trick, please?" He pleaded. Mistoffelees held up his paw to the kitten.

"So what are you doing right now?" Bombalurina turned back to me.

"Well I was-" I started.

"So, nothing? Good," she grinned as she started to pull me away from the clearing. I glanced back to see Misto shaking his head disapprovingly before turning to Pouncival, who was still tugging on his tail.

We walked to a tire pile at the other end of the junkyard so we wouldn't be disturbed.

"That was uncalled for back there, Bomba," I told her as we rounded an old, busted kiddie pool.

"What, with Misto? You're kidding right?" She laughed but stopped once she realized I wasn't laughing with her. "You're not kidding," Her shoulders slumped.

"Why do you have to be so mean to the cat?" I asked in annoyance. Their games were really starting to get on my nerves. She still didn't believe that I was seriously giving her trouble for another fight with Misto.

"OK, so when do you ever give him trouble to pushing me around?" Her voice was raised.

"All the time! And that's not the point. The point is he just came out of kittenhood and you have the audacity to tell him to get a mate. That's a bit below the belt don't you think?" I accused. She let out a hardy chuckle.

"Audacity? You've been hanging around Quaxo too much. You're starting to sound like him. What's next, 'please'?" She laughed.

"He's my friend, Bomba. You need to try to make an effort to get along," I frowned. "For my sake?" I pouted. Unable to resist my incredibly charming personality, she smiled and nodded slightly.

"I can try, but you have to talk to him. I'm not going to put up with him taking advantage of my not ripping his head off at every smart-alec remark," he compromised.

"Of course," I smiled. She grabbed me by the mane and pushed me up against the tires that hid us from the view of any possible passersby, and more importantly, any exploring kittens.

"Now, where were we?" she teased, and I laughed before pulling her into a long overdue kiss.

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