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Save A Man, Kill A Snake

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This is a dream I had the other night. You may not classify this as horror, but I do because it was scary as HELL to go through!

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So, as I said, this is a dream of mine. It scared the hell out of me when it was happening, but in an effort to make it connect and be less dream like it lost some of it's gore, language, and a bit of everything else. I hope this is coherent. Enjoy.
September 3, 2010
I was in my room, well it felt like my room I should say. It looked nothing like the warm room I have grown to love over the years. This was more like a toxic prison. The walls were lined with boxes and crates full of noting in particular. There was no door and a giant tank of water in my wall. Everyone in my family was gathered at the front of the room, watching the gypsy perform. Her movements were fluid like as she made her predictions. Her wrist bore a green beaded bracelet that shown even in the dim lighting of the room. I sat on a crate nearest my aquarium, which bore not fist but frogs, specifically the joy of my life, my frog. She had no name as far as I could remember, but I loved her with all of my heart. Suddenly, she began to speak to me!
“You know, Sarah, I still don’t understand why you let her stay here all of the time.”
I was in a state of awe. My lovely frog just spoke to me!
“You just spoke! Like…talked…and I understood you!” I screeched.
“Oh dear…Ha ha, I suppose I did! This is fantastic. Now we can actually have a two-way conversation.” She joked.
The end of the show came about and the gypsy beckoned me to the front. For some unknown reason my body could not touch the floor. So, after crawling awkwardly over the junk I made it to her. She told me that I needed to speak with my frog to see if she was truly happy with me. So, I approached her and asked.
“Well….I am, in a sense. I really want to know what it is like to be in a bigger home.” She stated, almost seeming afraid of my response.
“As you wish.” I stated. I spoke to the gypsy as my frog got ready to go, whatever that means. Before departing I wanted to thank the gypsy for the gift. Now I can speak to my best friend. She gave me the beautiful green beaded bracelet from around her wrist.
“..For luck with your journey ahead.” was all she said before disappearing.
Suddenly I was at the zoo with my best friend Autumn and my frog was sitting in her usual place, my shoulder. It was in Indonesia. I had taken her out so she could get the feeling of a big home. When we arrived there we went straight to the reptile house. The exhibit was a big caged in room full of trees, other frogs, snakes, and it came complete with a small stream to swim in. It was her utopia.
“Be safe in there. Those snakes are pretty big.” I cautioned like any friend would.
“I will. See ya soon!” and with that said, she leaped off of my shoulder and into the caged in room. She seemed right at home after making a few friends.
For some reason or another Autumn had disappeared from next to me and was nowhere to be seen. I was completely alone now. The thought crossed my mind; maybe she was better off here. Far away from me and the toxins that seemed to flow around me. It was decided; she is staying here. It is for the best. With that thought I marched into the caged room in search of her, to say goodbye. I saw the peeling black tail of the largest snake known to man, the anaconda, so I went another direction to avoid it. Only following the stream since that is where she would be. She loved water. I heard a loud thump to my left and a hiss to my right. I turned only to be face-to-face with the black snake from earlier. Its head was a ghostly white while its body was a pitch black. It opened its mouth and swung for me. Thankfully, I evaded the blow by stumbling over the wall in front of me. I landed in the opposite side of the stream. With the snake preparing to strike again, I had nowhere to run: Left side, snake body; behind me, locked door; in front of me, snake fangs; right side, hey! The right side is open, but there was something swimming upstream at an unnatural speed. There goes that plan. This is great, Sarah Squires, killed by hungry ugly snake. I prepared for the impact of either the water creature or the snake before me. But neither happened as I heard six loud bangs from behind me and the water ran read. A wonderful safari man had come to my rescue! I’ve been saved! I scurried out of the cage as quickly my human body could and he screamed,
“Run! I only had enough for the baby!” Well some rescue this was turning out to be. With a giant snake hot on our tails.
“Thank….you.” I said panting as we climbed up a yellow tube slide, in hopes that it would get stuck or something. Wrong. It somehow made its way up the slide, and we went down its twin pink one. We ran out the doors of the zoo in hopes of obtaining a vehicle. The safari man was keeping an eye out for the snake and I got into a jeep and realized…I was in the passenger seat. Apparently this car was American made and I was a Brit. So I ran to the opposite side, only to hear,
“Look out!” from the safari man, who still doesn’t have a name. The car was crushed before me, by the snakes’ tail. It was if it was getting larger as the day went on.
“Got’cha.” It hissed. Wait…now the snake can talk too! What in the world is going on?
The jungle man tried his best to distract the snake as I hunted down a car. Everyone just kept driving and riding their bikes as if there was no giant snake attacking us. One man, only one, acted as though he saw the beast. He did this by almost crashing his car into me. I told the safari man to get in and off we drove. The man was so frazzled by the beast he floored it kept speaking in some unfamiliar language. Then he just refused to use the steering wheel while flooring it. It’s like he wants us all to die! So I grabbed the wheel and drive us across bridges (which were planks of wood secured by a webbing of ropes) and through tunnels. Miles and miles down the dirt roads. Finally, we got out of the car and the man puttered away in his jeep.
My hero and I ran through tunnels and tunnels of ropes and wood planks that towered miles above the forests below. It was like the pathways were leading us to something; a labyrinth to safety perhaps. He stopped abruptly and handed me a machete.
“Take this, just in case things go sour from here.” That was all he said before continuing to walk, as if all was right in the world. I could not see the beast, but the drumming of his tail hitting the ground pierced the air around me. After a few moments, the drumming stopped.
“We should set a trap for him. Cut some of the ropes so he falls when he slides across or something. What do you think?” I asked the nameless man with hope.
“Sounds fun.” He said. With that said, we began planning where to be in comparison to the cut ropes, so he had to go that way only to get us. The ropes were cut and we barricaded ourselves in one of the corners.
The drumming began again, only more persistent now and speedy. I realized our plan had failed. We were cornered, lost, and hopeless. It was a foolish plan that never would have worked on a beast as smart as he. It had chased us deliberately back to its’ nest. It was a pathway to him; to death. And for the first time all day I had felt the cold chill of defeat.
“We could always try t-”
“No.” I interrupted him.
“Well, we have to do something. You know, try to beat him at his own sick game.” He said hopefully.
“Haven’t you realized, we are going to die here! There is no escape. Haven’t you heard the drumming!?”
He paused, taken back by my outburst, “Sarah I…wait, what drumming?”
Bum bum bum bum. Bum bum bum bu-They stopped. His heart stopped. The white face of the beast appeared behind him. His body was crushed by the mass of the snake, and the man was swallowed before me.
Hopelessness filled me, and then it was replaced by something I had never felt before: blinding rage. It was a fight I was sure I would lose, but I charged at the beast, machete in hand, ready to die and take that demon with me. It opened its mouth, ready to take me. Blood sprayed around my body as I stabbed the beast, open mouthed through the brain. I ripped the blade from its body and the snake lay dead before me, only to transform into the man I knew to be as my best friend, Brendon Jason Murphy.
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