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The End

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Two months have gone by a lot has change over the last two months, first of all Gerard finally got better. I was beyond proud of him but the sad part is he left. The doctor told him it was time for him to leave that he was much better now I was broken. Gerard got to come back to get the rest of his stuff, and saying goodbye to me. He promise me when I finally get to leave the asylum we would be together.

After he left, I started to go down hill I started to lie for weeks I would lie to anyone I saw, until I finally realize I could no longer lie. The doctor made me another deal if I could stop lying for two whole months without any mistakes I could finally leave.

It was beyond hard at first I lied but the doctor never found out, only Stephanie knew. She kept telling me it was all right to lie that since I have been lying for years it was going to be hard to just stop. I remember the promise I made Gerard that I would finally get better, so I plan on keeping my promise.

One whole month had gone by since Gerard left he got to come see me I was very surprise. He had change so much for a second I did not recognize him. I told him how after he left I went back to my old ways that I started to lie, and that I was angry at myself for letting it happen.

Gerard just told it takes time to get better that there would be days were I will slip but slowly I would started to get better and I would finally stop lying. I cried when he left I wanted to go with him to be free from this place, but I still had another month to go.

After Gerard left, I wanted to go back to my old ways without him here it was hard for me to get better; I just could not do it without him. But I kept telling myself if I wanted to be with him I had to get better I had stop my lying, and be the normal person I always wanted to be. I set goals for myself I went two days without lying the I went a week without lying.

So after I found myself not lying for five whole weeks, just one week to until I could finally leave the asylum. I was very proud of myself it was beyond hard in the begin I never thought I could stop lying. There were days I just wanted to throw everything I work hard for away and just got back to the old me. I never let that happen, I made a promise to someone and I plan on keeping that promise.

I think the last week was the hardest for me it seem like my mind was always on lying, I could not think of anything else. Every time I would see someone I wanted to lie just so I could feel that high from lying, but if I made it five weeks without lying then I could make it one more week.

A week has gone by and I finally made it I went two months without lying, I was beyond happy. I honesty never thought I could do this I never thought I could stop lying. I could finally be free I could finally live the normal life I always wanted.

“ So is that all Frank, “ The therapist

“ Yes that’s my story, “ I replied.

“ Frank you come in here everyday with the same story, you say you want to get better but it never happens. You have never been to an asylum. You only met Gerard once nothing had ever happen between you two, “ The therapist replied.

I’ll explain everything this whole thing has been one big lie, I was never at some asylum. I only met Gerard once but I never saw him again, I live by myself. I come see a therapist so someone will listen to my lies, I had to lie to come here. As I said before never trust a liar.

The end. I hope everyone like this story. Thanks for all the reviews.
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