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Cathrine gets kidnapped by Trowa’s rival, Nikol. Nikol torturers and rapes Cathrine. Meanwhile, Trowa tries to maintain his espionage against OZ. NikolxCathrine (non-con)/ mainly a Trowa and Cath...

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Title: Darkening of the Light
Author: Sybil Rowan
Pairing(s)/Characters: NikolxCathrine (non-con)/ mainly a Trowa and Cathrine sibling story
Rating: R
Summary: Cathrine gets kidnapped by Trowa’s rival, Nikol. Nikol torturers and rapes Cathrine. Meanwhile, Trowa tries to maintain his espionage against OZ.
Warnings: non-consensual sex scenes, and it's implied Trowa was molested near the end.
Author’s Notes: Some language, and I made up Nikol's first name (Ivan). The detectives are some bizarre creation of mine.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is owned by Bandai Sunrise Entertainment. Title of the story from a Concrete Blond song.
Beta Reader: My totally awesome, and totally picky, husband WingedPanther73!
Date Written: March 31, 2001
Word Count: 2,957

Part 1

“Hey, Barton! You got a package,” one of the other Lieutenants said, waving a box from across the room. Trowa stood up from his bunk a little baffled and caught the tossed parcel. The other soldiers played indifferent, but all had curious eyes. He flicked out his switchblade and opened up the package. On top was a card with a cute, cartoon lion on the front. Inside was Cathrine’s wide, loopy handwriting.

Hey Trowa,

We all miss you horribly here. I know you said not to send you anything , but everyone likes to get some mail every now and then. I sent you some goodies too. I picked up a new recipe in Tacoma, Washington so tell me how it is.

Some bad news, Goliath came down with a nasty cold. You should have seen Jim and Esteban give him the pills the vet prescribed. It wasn’t pretty. Needless to say they really miss you. I tell them Goliath is just a big kitty, but they still gripe.

Bye for now. Don’t be a stranger!

Love, Cathy.

He removed the cookie tin and looked inside at the mass of photos along with a small poster of their act. He pulled the tin open and took out one of the oatmeal cookies.

“Is that your sister? She is pretty,” one of the soldiers said after he came by to look at the poster. Cathrine held a knife high in the air wearing her pink costume, while he wore his clown suit in the background.

Trowa nodded, not really wanting to start a conversation about her. Their relationship had gotten closer over the last several months; he hadn’t realized he had missed her until he had opened this package.

“Is she in a circus?” another OZ solider asked. Trowa nodded, handing over the tin to the curious blond who was elected to poke around at ‘cat-got-the-tongue’ Barton. “Thanks. These smell good. Hey, everybody. Cookies!”

Trowa found that OZ soldiers were notorious for their quest for baked goods, and Cathrine’s cooking had been known to draw Heero Yuy out of hiding a few times. Trowa started thinking about the circus. He had to admit that he missed it too.

Several soldiers thanked him and looked over his shoulders as he flipped through the photos. At first he thought better of exposing Cathrine, but the other soldiers had started a few rumors about him. If he appeared as if he had some background, they would stop talking about him, and he could carry on spying without scrutiny. He still didn’t feel comfortable showing off a personal life, whether it was real or fake.

The photos were of her and the other performers in various towns and several of his favorite lion, Goliath. The young men got into laughing fit of an old photo of Trowa in boxers; he watched television, while he rested his head on sleeping Goliath.

“He was lonely, so I brought him into my sister’s trailer. The ringmaster got really pissed off,” Trowa said with a blush at Cathy’s favorite picture of him.

“Boy have you got a pair of brass ones,” the blond solider said with awe.

“That’s why he’s so good with Colonel Lady Une. He’s had training,” another one named Sanders quipped.

“Don’t let Captain Boot-lick hear you say that. He’ll make Trowa into a paperweight,” the blond, Deauville, said.

“That bastard can kiss my ass,” Saunders said before eating one of Cathrine’s cookies. “He busted me the other day for being five minutes late to drill. One day I’ll see him off base and kick his....”

“Captain on deck,” a young girl in uniform said, walking into the men’s dorm. Everyone came to rigid attention by the foot of their respective bunks as Captain Nikol came striding in. His dark eyes darted over to Trowa.

“Barton, you have an assignment,” Nikol snapped. The man’s harsh gaze drilled into Trowa. He couldn’t figure out how he had angered the man this time. “Report to Colonel Une. Now!”

Once again, Trowa was chosen over Nikol to perform some task for the Colonel. He wouldn’t stop out-performing Ivan Nikol to save the man’s vanity. He had to get closer to Lady Une, fortunately, she wanted to draw him closer as well. Trowa left after he put the photos back in the box, but he left the cookies and the poster on his bed.


Nikol watched Barton leave. He wished fervently Barton would get killed on this assignment. Then his Lady-deity would start looking at him favorably again. Ever since that boy came to this command it seemed as if failure loomed everywhere, and his precious lady-deity constantly raged at him. It was Baton! That vile warlock!

He tried time and time again to prove to his Lady-deity who the real snake in OZ’s Eden was. It all fell on deaf ears. Somehow that Barton-warlock was bewitching his Lady Une and stealing her away. He would find a way to punish the little bastard, somehow. He had wanted to secretly shoot him in the middle of battle, but that would be to quick. No, Barton-warlock must learn about loss. He had to be punished for soiling his Lady-deity.

He was angry at Lady Une for turning her eyes away from him. Yes, she could love Mister Treize. Nikol could share his love with that noble man leading humanity into a new bright future, but not with a piece of trash like Barton.

“Captain,” Saunders questioned from beside Barton’s bunk. “Are we dismissed, Sir? You’ve had us at attention for half an hour and haven’t assigned us anything.”

“All of you leave now!” The squad of average pilots cleared the deck in record time and he was left alone to morn over Lady-deity.

“Look at me again!” he raged to the ceiling before throwing himself on Trowa’s bunk and wailing for the remainder of the hour.

His hand felt something slick and sticky under it. A cookie and poster? His breath caught in his throat as he saw a ginger haired woman in the picture. She wore a pretty pink dress, but had several knives in her left hand while she patted a lion’s head with her right. He rubbed his fingers over those large gray eyes.

This girl was a symbol of his Lady-deity in a lesser Earthly form! It had to be. She was soft and yet had an unveiled strength that wasn't afraid of men. He despised weak women who were afraid of men. They were no challenge. The ones who weren’t afraid were worth possessing. He sat up and looked at the photos of what appeared to be a circus.

He looked at the card with a scowl, realizing that his wonderful little angel was somehow related to the Barton-warlock. How cruel was fate! He read her name and came to the assumption they were half siblings and made a mental note of the circus’s name. He looked at the poster and resisted the mad urge to tear Barton’s picture out and rip it to shreds.

He whimpered, putting the poster aside and got up to leave. He froze and ran back to the evil warlock’s bed. He had to have few pictures of the Cathrine angel. He stuffed two in his waistband and ran to his private room. He slammed the door and fought to control his breath. Was this some omen? He sank the floor in his room as an idea struck him. The Cathrine-angel was sent to Earth so he could punish that Barton-warlock.

Surely if he could talk to the Cathrine-angel, a message would be sent to his Lady Une about how hurt and angry he was at her. Most important, he could show Barton what it felt like to have the center of your world ripped away from you and be cast into a constant hell. His eyes squeezed shut as plans began to form in mind. He could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.


“Hey, Barton! Your sister is on TV!” someone shouted across the lounge. Trowa stopped playing pinball and watched the advertisement for the circus. It went off and all eyes turned to him expectantly.

“Oh! I guess you guys want to go when they arrive next week?” Trowa asked, understanding their anxious expressions.

“Yeah, man. Can’t you score tickets? Saunders asked as Deauville looked up from the sofa.

“Screw tickets. Just get me a date with your sister,” Deauville said, looking up at the poster they had used to decorate the lounge for the last month. Trowa was horrified at the thought of an OZ soldier dating Cathrine, but she was a big girl, and he could always design his spy activity around any situation.

“I’ll get tickets,” Trowa acquiesced.

“Tickets for what?” a woman’s voice asked from the hallway.

“Colonel on deck!” Saunders shouted, bringing everyone to ramrod attention.

“My sister works for the circus, Ma’am. They’re coming next week and the men expressed a desire to go,” Trowa explained softly as Nikol entered. Something in the man’s eyes sent shivers up Trowa’s spine lately. Lady Une smiled brightly. She was in a gray civilian business suit with her hair down around her shoulders.

“Sounds good. I wouldn’t mind going myself,” she said with a smile.

“I would be honored. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to help out that evening,” Trowa said. He missed performing and there was no reason not to push his luck.

“Of course. This will be good recreation for the men and myself. I just hope I don’t see too many clowns. They’ve always given me the creeps,” Lady Une said, hoisting her purse up to her shoulder. Saunders and Deauville couldn’t repress their snickers as Trowa’s face turned bright red.

“Did I say something funny?” Lady Une asked. Deauville stepped forward and pointed at the poster behind her, specifically at the part with Trowa dressed in his clown outfit. She turned and looked back to Trowa. “It seems I did. I’m sorry about that.”

“No need,” Trowa said, beginning to smile slightly. Lady Une was always so gracious with him even when she was in her ‘soldier’ mind set, though only with him, to his utter amazement. He did realize his privileged came from her educated guess about him being a Gundam pilot; they still played word games and denial over the situation.

“Let us know when, Mister Barton,” Lady Une said, turning to leave. “Carry on.”

Trowa’s eyes caught sight of Nikol who was trembling and smiling while he walked after Lady Une. She must have done something nice for him was Trowa’s thought as he resumed his game.


This was the omen! He knew for certain his Lady-deity was granting him permission. She was making a gift to him of the Cathrine-angel. She was granting him permission to finally destroy the Barton-warlock’s life. Lady Une was begging him to rescue her from the spell. Soon. He had to be patient or all this would be destroyed.

He had spent a month carefully preparing for this occasion. He had secretly taken a week’s worth of vacation and followed the circus before this. Every performance was graced by the Cathrine-angel. He could scarcely contain his urge to claim her.

He kept to the top of the bleachers, wrapped in a black trench coat. Keeping a low profile wasn’t easy as he stalked her every move. Hardly anything escaped his eyes as she went about her daily routines, except the ring master caught him loitering once and shooed him along. Who did that bastard think he was keeping him from his way to salvation? No matter. Things were falling into place.

He hadn’t anticipate Barton and the others attending the very weekend he was planing to claim his prize and punish the evil doer, but all the better. He would unite with the Cathrine-angel under Barton’s nose and make a huge fool of him in front of Lady Une and her other men. It would make his victory all the more sweet.

His mouth watered as he imagined that impassive face of Barton’s displaying grief. He repressed the thought as he helped Lady Une into the black limo and slid in beside her.


“Trowa, this is so great! Everyone is covering for you, by the way,” Cathrine whispered with a smile and a wink. He nodded, putting on his mask.

“Did you tell the other clowns not to get around the Colonel?” Trowa asked.

“Yeah, but boy were they disappointed,” she said with a slight giggle. He shook his head and sighed. “That’s our cue.”

“I know I usually don’t show off, but would you mind letting me go on first?” Trowa asked.

“Sure, but upstage me and it may throw my aim off,” Cathrine teased, tugging on Trowa’s ear affectionately. He grinned at her and ran out towards the ring. He did a series of hand springs and lunched himself upwards doing a triple axle. He landed kneeling in front of Lady Une and the rest of the unit. They hooped and cheered calling out ‘Go, Barton! Go, Barton!’

“Now the ‘Amazing Blooms’ will demonstrate skill and bravery. The clown you see before you is Trowa Barton.” The spotlight fell on him. “And this is Cathrine Bloom, the knife throwing star.”

Loud whistles erupted form the soldiers who had all talked about trying to get a date with Cathrine for a month. Trowa rose and did a series of back flips until he reached the target. The crowd grew silent as Cathrine tossed her first blade between Trowa’s fingers.


Nikol waited in the shadows, watching the bus head back for the OZ Installation with Lady Une’s limo following it. He had faked illness after the Cathrine-angel’s performance and had announced to three people he was catching a ride in a taxi. He wasn’t telling much of a lie. Every knife she threw he willed to sink into Barton’s flesh and grew more nauseated at each miss.
He imagined Trowa as a bloodied heap, pinned to the large target, while his stunning Cathrine-angel turned to him, smiling demurely. The Lady-deity would rise and lead the special angel over to him and offer those blood-stained hands over to him. She would then tell him to dominate the Cathrine-angel so the evil Barton-warlock would be punished. Even after death Barton still would need to suffer. He would hurt!

He watched as the angel walked over to her trailer with an elegant stretch towards the clouded night sky. His Lady-deity even provided the cloak to hide him from the heathens that surrounded the Cathrine-angel.

He removed the chloroform and a rag from his pocket and waited an arduous ten minutes. The shower was running now. He knew from the letter he intercepted to Barton that she was going to leave the door unlocked so he could come by after he finished fire watch on the base. He wouldn’t be by for six hours!

Nikol slipped in quietly and ignored all of her things laying around the trailer he had already rummaged through weeks earlier. He walked up to the shower stall with bulging, chocolate eyes. He had seen her naked before, but it took his breath away every time. Her back was to him. He quickly turned off the lights and darted in before she had a chance to move.

Nikol had her in a firm grip as he forced the cloth over her mouth. She struggled a little and then slumped into his arms as the spray soaked him.

Next he toweled off the sleeping angel and redressed her in her costume. He stopped to admire how she looked like a ballerina. Nikol had always loved ballerinas since he was little. Mother was a ballerina. She had been naughty and ran away. He had wanted to punish her too. He shook his head to banish those thoughts.

It was so easy. Cathrine had left the door open for him and handed her flesh over to him. The Cathrine-angel wanted this moment. She wanted him! This was what she was born for. Just to satisfy his desires. He picked her up after wrapping her in a quilt.

He slipped out of the trailer in his soaked clothing. He quickly moved towards the parked rental car he was using under a fake identity. He quickly put her in the trunk and changed his clothing in the back seat.

Nikol fumbled with the ignition key, too thrilled at his success. He felt the need to hurry so he could start to fulfill his Lady-deity’s commandment.

To be continued.
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