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Part 4

“What would you do?” Trowa asked across the café table in the early Sunday morning light. Heero put aside the newspaper and sipped on his espresso. He glanced at the article again, with Cathrine’s picture splashed across the page.

Heero and Quatre had been on an assignment together when the news reach all the way down to the Saudi oil fields they were defending against OZ influence. They had decided that Heero would go help Trowa, while Quatre would stay because of his Arabian connections. Quatre, however, had given Heero a ‘blank check’ in case of a ransom demand or anything that may help Cathrine.

Heero looked back up and studied one of the few people he labeled as ‘friend.’ He had never seen the green-eyed boy looking so wrung out. He had helped Trowa this weekend, to no avail. He knew he had a duty to point out something he loathed to do, but he had to be true to Trowa’s friendship.

“Trowa, she’s been gone for six days now. I don’t think there's a likelihood...”

“Shut up, Heero,” Trowa hissed with narrow eyes. “Why didn’t you send Quatre if you weren’t going to help me?”

“I am helping you. The statistics say that kidnapping victims seldom survive after the first twenty-four hours,” Heero said. “I've never known you to be one for overlooking the practical.”

“I’ve been kidnapped twice in my life, and I’m still here. You have. Duo has. If the three of us beat the odds why can’t she?” Trowa asked before sipping his coffee.

“It’s nice to see you getting emotional for once,” Heero said, giving Trowa a lopsided smile. “I would find Cathrine if I were you. There is a reason she was taken, but do you think it had to do with her?”

“She was the one who disappeared,” Trowa answered.

“Yeah, but not the only one to hurt from it. The ringmaster and you. Maybe we should approach it from that angle?” Heero suggested.

“You may be right,” Trowa admitted.

“Has anyone pegged you as a spy?” Heero asked low, as he cast his eyes around. Trowa shook his head slowly.

“My first girl got herself killed by spying. I take a lot of precautions to ensure my safety,” Trowa said.

“No ransom or threats against you?” Heero asked. Trowa shook his head. “The ringmaster?” Heero asked. Trowa shook his head again. “We’ve covered everything for now, Trowa. All we can do is keep our eyes moving and rely on Cathrine being strong enough.”

Trowa stared down in his coffee. He hoped the detectives found the kidnappers before Heero and he did. They had planned for a short ride to the waterfront with the person.


“This is only a small set back. We should approach it from a different angle,” Wing Li said, looking up to the giant Pollock and smiling. “A different approach is needed. What if someone is doing it to harm one of her loved ones?”

“We’ve run through everything else with a fine tooth comb. Let’s start with the brother. He’s an Ozzie, so it should be a breeze to get information on who doesn’t like him. After all...”

“...Oz soldiers are the worst gossips known to mankind,” Wing finished Kulfe’s thought and got up from her overly cluttered desk opposing his orderly desk. “We need to talk to Mister Barton and get a game plan together.”

Wing glided into the OZ Specials' lounge with a massive mound of paper bags. A pink baseball cap adorned her head. She was dressed in a white short order cook’s outfit and wore a grin. The soldiers, one by one, looked over at the aroma coming from her burden.

“Delivery. Courtesy of Lieutenant Barton,” she called out cheerfully.

“Hey! It’s a kid with free food,” Saunders called out as Deauville vaulted over the sofa. They quickly snatched away every bit of the Moo Shu pork, General Tao’s Chicken, and Egg Foo Yung she had carried in.

“Mister Barton said he was sorry for not coming today, but he hoped this would compensate for the lack of his presence on the Monday Rushes,” Wing said, keeping her milky jade eyes casting around.

“Yeah that bum,” Deauville said with a smirk. “Word is that he was invited over to Captain Ironside’s house tomorrow night. Twenty buck said that’s why he’s gold bricking.”

“I don’t blame him. I’d rather have a root canal,” Saunders said, using chopsticks on some lo mein. The men chuckled heartily.

“Why did he invite Barton over? After all, isn’t Barton the flavor of the month for Lady Une?” Jenkins piped into the gossip as Wing slipped out into the hall, but remained within ear shot.

“No! He’s not that,” Saunders’ growled. “Lady Une only has eyes for the General. Since you're new we’ll catch you up. Captain Nikol was Lady Une’s right hand man until Barton showed up and made him look like the boob he really is.”

“You can say that again,” Deauville snorted. “Anyway, Lady Une and Trowa became fast friends and that pissed off Nikol even worse. Barton’s cool though. He’s solid. It’s not like he set out to upstage Captain Codeine of the Space Cadets. Barton doesn’t let things get to him.”

Wing smiled and found the door marked Colonel Une; she knocked. She was buzzed in by the bespectacled woman behind the desk.

“This lunch was on Mister Barton. He came down with the flu, but felt badly about having to take the day off,” she explained. The Colonel nodded and turned to the man standing beside her. Wing noted the bruises and scratches covering the man’s stern face.

“Too bad Barton won’t be here,” the man’s tone held the barest gloat. “You know, Lady Une, with what is going on with his sister I think he deserves a vacation. His duties are being glossed over, and I’m sure he needs the time to himself.”

“You’re right. That poor boy is going through hell right now, even though he puts on a strong face. I admire him for that. Trowa is the quintessential soldier. A true prodigy. See that he has his leave,” Lady Une said. The woman didn't give Nikol another glance as she turned to her computer, unlike Wing who studied the man’s blazing eyes.

Wing had never seen such a true expression of unfettered hatred. She slipped out of the office and made her way off base, where Kulfe waited in their sedan, smoking a cigar and reading Popular Mechanics.


Cathrine held her breath as she heard the door slide open. Her hopes were dashed when she caught his odor. She had fought hard to keep track of the days by his movements, but she found her mind was slipping into atrophy along with her body.

“It’s Tuesday, the eighth of April, Cathrine. This day will be very important to us,” he said, sitting beside her. He leaned over and kissed her lips softly.

He laid beside her, pressing his body close. She had realized two days ago the man was an OZ soldier of some sort. She had washed Trowa’s uniform enough times to realize what her kidnapper was. She prayed the man had nothing to do with Trowa. The man hadn’t mentioned her brother before, so hopefully he was still safe.

“Why?” The blandness of her own voice scared her a little. She had to remain hopeful and walk the imaginary tight rope.

“We are having company tonight. Mister Trowa Barton.” Her heart stopped for a long minute. “You should thank me.”

“Please don’t hurt him. Please. I’ll do anything. You just can’t hurt him,” she begged, fighting back tears.

“My love, I’m doing this for you. Hear this?” A swishing sound in a glass container, she guessed. Cathrine nodded knowing the man despised it if she didn’t respond to his questions. “It’s strychnine. Tonight, while we play chess and have coffee, Barton will be consuming this, unbeknown to him. Once he’s dead, you won’t be in danger any longer. Then you can be free to show me your love.”

“You monster,” she sobbed as tear bust forth.

“You’re trembling,” he said, trying to comfort her. “It’s all for you, my beautiful angel.” Her mind raced, trying to come up with a way to protect Trowa from the maniac.

She felt revulsion at her idea, but she had tried to influence the man every other way. She turned her head towards him and made her way to his mouth and began to kiss him. She could tell he was thunderstruck, but came around to her false passion. “Cathrine! What does this mean? You're beginning to show your love for me?”

“Yes! I love you, so much,” she forced sincerity to her voice and hoped she could live with herself after this. It was to save Trowa, so her dignity and pride was irrelevant so long as he was kept safe. “I want to stay with you forever, but you have to forget about Trowa. Stand him up and stay with me tonight. I need you.” The man was silent. She raised her dizzy head up and planted a kiss on his stubbled chin. “Please. I want you with me. You said to forget about the outside world.”

“Yes, I did. I suppose you want me to spare Trowa.”

“I just want you to be with me. Think about the trouble that could happen if you killed him. It could put you in danger,” she said, hoping to reason him into forgetting Trowa.

He was silent again as she started to kiss his neck in faux sensuality. He moaned softly. She finally choked out the words, “Please stay and make love to me.”

He began to kiss her back after he laid on top of her. She had to force herself to relax this time rather than tense up, or else the man might catch on to her.

He rose up and slid down to her breast nipping and licking them in turn. Cathrine was appalled to feel a tingling sensation run through her. Why was her body betraying her to this man? He continued down towards her belly. She had fought off every attempt he made to please her, but he wouldn’t be convinced otherwise.

His tongue played around with her navel, bringing her closer to pleasurable feelings. She parted her legs and let him go down on her. She forced herself to hold still and imagine something else. Heat began to spread through her as her mind drifted away peacefully to happier things. Her climax was slight, but identifiable.

The man murmured her name afterwards. She listened to him unclothe himself and slowly enter her. She had never felt so degraded in her life until that very moment; she felt him drawing her to a more intense orgasm. She gratefully felt him come inside of her and withdraw before she had to cope with her mounting sensations.

He lay beside her afterwards and started trace soft patterns over her belly with his fingertips. She felt him kiss her again as his fingers traveled down between her legs and started to rub her moist clitoris. To her utter abhorrence, she couldn’t stop the powerful orgasm from shaking her entire body and knocking the breath out of her. She never imagined it was possible. Was she starting to fall for the man?

“Stop! You hurting me now,” she shouted out after she regained control again.

“Now I know you really love me,” he breathed in her ear. She nodded, fighting her gag reflexes. “That’s why I know what I’m doing is right. I promise it won’t cause him too much pain, even though I would love to smash his head in with a baseball bat.”

“Stay with me! You need to let him go. Please,” she begged with mounting horror.

“No. He dies tonight so that you can be free to love me,” he said. Fury and disgust caused her to kick at her kidnapper.

“You son-of-a-bitch! I kill you if harm Trowa! I swear to God you will be dead. You bastard,” she shouted and thrashed around. She fought as much as she could.

He flopped on her and struggled to cuff her feet down. He straddled her bucking stomach and plunged the electric shocker on her rib cage. The fight let her involuntarily.

“Good night, angel. I’ll be back when I’m finished with your little brother. Don’t bother calling out; everything is sound-proofed.” She wailed out after he left.

She couldn’t bear the fact that Trowa was going to die because she couldn’t stop her tormentor. She had whored herself out for nothing, and Trowa was going to pay the price. Her feet began to slip off the imaginary tight rope she had kept herself on.

To be continued.
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