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Raining Blood

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Pete asks Rose to come when him on the last day to finalize his divorce to Ashlee. While waiting in the hall, Rose succumbs to poor judgement.

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Raining Blood:

This morning is going to be brutal. Petey asked me to come along and play witness to the finalization to his divorce. He said that I didn't have to come. I insisted however.

"Please," I pleaded. "Anything to get out of the house before I lose my mind!" Petey nodded at me uneasily.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes!" I blurted out. "Please, I need to get out the house." Petey lightly held my shoulders.

"Okay," he said softly. So, I'm at the courthouse right now. Petey and Ashlee are ending their marriage in the room. I look all around me. Beige and white as far as the eye could see. The wall behind me only seems to have more life because I'm on it. This hallway is too silent. All except for the clock ticking above my head. I can't hear a single word on the other side of the doors. They could be talking about anything.

I shut my eyes for a moment. The ticking got louder in my head. I need to work. No, I can't think about work at the moment. I forced my eyes open. I really need to sort myself out.

Suddenly, a shaking bottle of pills caught my attention. I looked up to see a lawyer standing outside of another room. Her body trembled like a tree in the wind. Despite her sharp suit, she looked really nervous. I noticed that she was dumping pills in her hand. Curious, I stared on at her. She looked up at me.

"What?!?" she snapped. I quickly shook my head at her.

"N-Nothing!" I lied. The lawyer only trembled at me again. I looked on at her.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah!" she said, quickly. "I just need my meds." I kept my eyes focused on her.

"Do they work?" I asked.

"Most of the time," she said. "I need them for today."

"That bad?" I asked.

"Nasty!" she said. "The husband is a cheat and about to take everything. I can't stand it!" I nodded at her.

"I see," I said. I looked at the pills in her hands again.

"What kind of pills are those?" I asked.

"Just stuff at the drug store," she said. "You can get them at a great deal." I nodded a bit her.

"I see..." I said. You know how bad ideas come when you're desperate. Yeah. I leaned in closer to my new potential friend.

"Go on," I said. "What else about these pills?" The lawyer managed a little smile.

"A colleague suggested these pills to me," she told me. "They give you more energy and help kill the stress."

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Yes," my lawyer friend said. "They are a wonder drug." I thought about this with a warm smile on my face. I might have the answers to my problems after all.

Then, the doors opened wide. I looked up to see Petey looking at me. I slowly walked over to him.

"Well?" I asked. Petey gave me a little smile.

"It's over now," he said. "I'm am yours alone." I could hear my heart singing out.

"Oh Petey!" I cheered as I hugged him around the waist. He hugged me back and kissed me on top of my head.

"Yes," he whispered. "It's finally over." I snuggled up to his chest and slowly took it all in. I finally had some good news in my life. I hoped with the pills that my life would be getting much better from there.

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