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Gerard has ice cream.(frerard)

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Gerard guarded it with his life. Carefully keeping an eye on the boy in front of him, as he perched on the tour bus couch."Share with me..." Frank bounced up and down on his feet, obviously hyper-active. Gerard wished he could say this was a strange occurence for his boyfriend.
"WHY?!" He whined.
"You don't even like blueberry!"
"...Share with me, please?"
"N-" Gerard was immediatly interrupted by a short male flinging himself at him. "FRAN-"
"PLEASE!" His muffled voice came from somewhere near his stomach. Gerard blew a lock of messy black hair out of his face.
"Oh for the love of- Fine, one bite. ONE bite." He clarified, tilting his ice-cream towards his boyfriend's mouth. Who immediatly clamped his lips around and chomped off a huge mouthful. He screwed up his face and wrinkled his cute nose, bulging cheeks. "Gross. Blueberry."
Gerard rolled his eyes. "I told you that."
"Don't be pissy Gee." Frank mumbled through a full mouth, spraying blue dots all over Gerard's new red shirt.
"You're damn lucky I love you Frank."
"Coz no one else would?"
"Huh? Oh, no. Just cause I'd have beaten you unconscious a long time ago if I didn't."
"That too."
Frank watched the floor with a tiny smirk on his face. Gerard was half-afraid to, but he asked anyway, "Why are you grinning like that?"
Frank looked highly affronted. "I certainly was not grinning." He hid his smirk.
Gerard snorted, scratching his neck with a black painted fingernail. "Yes. Yes you were. But why?"
Frank mumbled something incoherent.
Frank looked up with big eyes,"I said that's the first time you've said that to me."
Gerard was mildly shocked."Really?" Frank nodded."Oh. Well...I do. Love you, I mean."
Frank beamed at the floor."Good. Love you too Gee."
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