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Ink Smears and Lynx Spray

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Bob perched in the seat of the black plastic chair in the huge gym, idly watching the other boys dashing around after the small white ball. The gym stank of the male deodorant, Lynx and Bob inhaled in happily. He secretly loved the scent of Lynx.

Ray lay on the bright, empty stage, bored as hell and took a deep breath of the scented gym. He liked the smell. It was a nice change from the normal sweat-dust-and-rust scent of the huge school gymnasium.

His classmates were playing soccer and the boys who couldn't play were waiting for the double class to end, up on the manky stage. The scent of Lynx and softly rotting wood drifted up to him.
His headphones were jammed in his ears and blasting music at top volume. His eyes drifted around the 'loser's stage. There was a lanky, ridiculously skinny boy hunched over a notebook and gripping it tightly as if he was afraid somebody was going to steal it. He kept fixing his shoulder-length brown hair. Ray thought his name was William, William something-beginning-with-a-'B'. English sounding name.
Another skinny pretty-boy watched the class imperiously. His name was Ryan. Ray kind of liked him. He was sort of pretty-boy, but he was cool in a strange way, and he wore make-up. Ray thought that any teenage boy who had the guts to wear make-up in a boys-only public school deserved some respect.
There was a boy sat on a black chair, too. Ray knew him better than the others because he was in his math class. He was really smart, and nice. He had glinting blonde hair cut short, and electric blue eyes. Ray knew a lot about him. He knew how he wrote secretly in the back of the class and he ached to know what about. He knew his favourite colour was red but he usually only wore black. Ray thought this was to hide himself. Ray knew a lot of stuff about him, although they had rarely spoken. He knew abut him because he was kind of crazy about him. He thirsted for his glance and he could count on his hands the number of times they had spoken. As a matter of fact, he could count on one finger. Once, when Ray had leaned over the scratched desk in math class and requested a loan of a pen. Bob had said, "Yep. Here." and Ray had said "Thanks." and shoved his own pen up his sleeve. It didn't matter much to Ray how much they had spoken yet, he knew when they met properly it would be fine. Bob would talk and Ray would say something funny and witty and they would just gel, because Ray loved how he bit his nails when he was nervous and how he waited at the back of the class for everyone to leave first so he wouldn't be caught in the crush out the door, and he loved how he always had ink smeared on his wrists and how he scribbled notes and reminders to himself on his hands, then forgot about them and rested his face in his hands and left the inky imprint of need new copy smeared on his cheek when he walked away. Ray kept his eyes on Bob and blinked in alarm when he suddenly stood up with a determined expression on his face and strode decisively to Ray. Be calm. Caaaalllmmm, his brain threatened his open mouth, 'So help me God, if you embarrass me, I'll make you pay. Keep it together.'
Bob stood in front of Ray, his arms at his sides and a proud look on his face. "Hey." Bob said clearly. "Do you mind if I-I mean can I?" He gestured to the empty side of the stage Ray was sprawled across, and waited, crossing his arms until he responded. Which it took Ray a while to. He nodded and watched in disbelief as Bob sat himself down and got comfy beside him. He turned his head, checking if anyone was looking. They weren't, so he turned his head to the right to look at the now-lying down Bob. "Hey." he said. "Hi." Bob responded and Ray smiled. "Hello."
" 'Lo." Bob smirked in understanding. " 'Sup." Ray grinned, his head naturally falling closer to his companion's. Bob looked around, and the boys playing soccer had grouped at the far end on the long gym and the only people on the stage were William and he was looking far too interested in Ryan to pay attention to them. "Come on." Ray requested, pulling tugging on Bob's sleeve and dashing behind one of the many hanging blue curtains at the side of the stage. He waited in the semi-darkness until he saw a muscular, tall body join him in the darkness. "Hi." Bob whispered, facing Ray. "Hey." Ray returned quietly. Bob moved closer, slowly and looked around himself to see if anybody could spot them. They couldn't so, gathering his courage; he pressed his body closer to Bob's and paused, a few inches between their lips. "Heya." Ray whispered, almost inaudible. " 'Sup." Bob murmured, closing the tiny distance between them, sealing their mouths together in a natural kiss. Tongues moved and slid carelessly, hands pressed against warm skin and unfamiliar territory, and when human limitations hand broken their kiss, they stayed pressed tight and lose against the heat of the other's body, supporting each other with their foreheads pressed together. "Hey. Guess what?" Ray murmured. Bob tilted his head, in question. "I like you." Ray murmured childishly. Bob smiled sweetly. "I like you too." He whispered.
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