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Chapter 26: Skill

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Chapter 26 : Skill

Day 3 of training : 9:10 am

Luke and Jesus approach the grasslands . A light breeze swims through the grass and Luke takes out gods blades .
"The reason we are here today is for me to teach you some basic skills of sword fighting . " Jesus explained.

Jesus takes out his own sword . "The objective is to find me within 24 hours ! This will also test your determination and how far will you try to find me ! Once you find me you must defeat me ! " he said . Luke nods . "It begins ...Now ! " Jesus said and disappeared . Luke looks around the grassland .
"The best thing for me to do right now is to stay calm and make him come to me ! " He though to himself .

Back on earth : On the remote island : Hero walks into the house . "Did you call for me galaxia ? " Hero asked . "Want you to take vin and merc and head to the northern Africa ! " galaxia ordered . "Yes ma'am ! " Hero said and leaves the house . He notices vin and merc waiting for him with swords attached to their belts . "I'm guessing that she has already informed you two too . " Hero said .
"The boat is ready hero for our departure . All the stuff that we'll need is already on board . " Merc informed hero . "Okay ,then let's go . "Hero ordered .

At the destroyed base : "Who are you ? " Marik asked . " I'm Aaron , the servant of Luke . " The person hidden in the shadows replied . "Do you know where he is ? " Marik replied . "He never came back after the last battle ! " Aaron replied .
"So , what happened here ? " Marik asked looking around the room . "Devil and his demons destroyed this place ! " Aaron replied . "Do you know where he is now ? " marik asked. "I heard him say that he was going to norther Africa ! " Aaron replied . Marik turns around and walks back out the hatch .

Near the great walls of china : The demon-plane lands . The devil walks out of the plane . "Take out the brain leeches ! " He orders . A gate opens on all four sides of the demon-plane . Worms with tiny legs begin to scatter out into the fields and across the wall . "Second task complete ! Now to the south America ! " He announces . He walks back into the demon-plane . The plane soars into the sky and flies to south America .

Back in heaven : 19 hours into the second training . "I wonder if he's still up ? " Jesus asked himself . He opens the door . "That stupid idiot , he left himself wide open sleeping like that in the open ! " Jesus thought to himself . He feels a poke in his back . He turns around to see Luke standing there . "Found you ! " Luke said .
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