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you're beautiful

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You’re Beautiful

I remember the first time I met you. I was out on my usual morning walk near the back of my house. It was one of those cold winter mornings that I loved; where the sun shone brightly through the trees and glistened on the freshly fallen snow. My feet crunched along the path, creating the first footprints of the day as I strayed from the gravel and made my way through the vast snowy field to my left. I loved these walks… the first spark of sunlight, the soft imprints in the snow, the cool wind that danced around me- it was beauty where you wouldn’t find it anywhere else.

And it was there in that overwhelming beauty that I saw you. You were sitting at the same bench I usually stop at…just sitting, staring out into the vast expanse of snow-tipped trees that unfolded in front of you. I sat down silently next to you, almost afraid to say anything. I stole a glance, desperately curious to put a face to the presence.

From the moment I saw your face, I felt drawn to it. Your icy blue eyes sparkled in the morning sunlight; the contrast of your dark scruffy hair against your pale skin sent a surge of butterflies through my body, fluttering ferociously, my heart racing.
You didn’t look back at me… but you were so beautiful I could barely take my eyes off you- as cliché as it was to admit. There was something about you- and aura, an atmosphere- that told me you weren’t from around here. Simply the fact you allowed me to sit next to you without flinching or questioning it told me you were unaware of the danger in this neighbourhood. May6be it was for that reason-my fear for your safety- (or maybe it was simply the feeling you sent pulsing through my veins when those icy eyes met my lonely pupils) that caused the words to flow freely from my mouth and cut the silence.
“Are you alright?”
You seemed less surprised that I was at my sudden outburst. You didn’t reply, but when you looked at me again, those captivating blue eyes were drowning in pain. I felt the overwhelming urge to help you, to heal the pain and cure the loneliness. Although it scared me. It was like looking in a mirror, you were a reflection of my pain, my loneliness.


As I look back on it now, I realize what a risk I took, inviting you home with me. I didn’t even know your name. Truth was, by that point in my life, I had little concern for my own safety. I had nothing to be scared of leaving behind. I had grown too scared to live, yet too scared to die. So inviting a beautiful stranger back to my empty house seemed to be a suitable way of filling the void I was so desperate to fill.


“Do you have somewhere to stay?”
You laughed.
It was music to my ears, warmed my heart… I just couldn’t explain it. I hadn’t heard the sound of laughter in such a long time; I had almost forgotten it existed. You told me you never stayed anywhere very long but you liked to follow the snow. You told me you loved everything about it; the soft blanket on the ground, the way it floated from the sky, the icy touch on your skin. You said it was clear evidence that that nothing is ever what it seems. Your voice was deep and husky, almost as if you had spent so long in the cold that what would have been a soft voice, has frozen over time and become rough and broken… a reflection of how I felt.
I insisted you stayed with me until you had somewhere else to go and you obliged with a soft smile, showing off two dimples on your rosy cheeks and giving your face a porcelain doll resemblance in the spotlight of the morning sun.

I stood up to begin the return to my house. You followed slowly behind me, floating like a feather through the cool breeze, savouring everything around you as if every moment was your last.
We passed the large frozen lake and you stopped to gaze at it, your eyes full of fascination at the icy mirrored surface. I didn’t care much for that lake. There had been too many accidents cause by the innocent illusion of the ice and it sent uneasy shivers through my body to lay my eyes upon it. However you seemed glued to it and I didn’t want to interrupt you. You said its beauty was its downfall and that’s what makes an accident like falling through the ice so tragic. You were right.


I showed you around the house I called ‘home’ although there wasn’t much to show you, I felt it was somewhat polite to do so anyway. I watched as you delicately traced every little detail with your fingers; the doors, the walls, the face-down photographs. I introduced you to one of my spare rooms that you could sleep in and explained I had to leave for work but you were welcome to settle in and make yourself at home.
I showered and dressed for my monotonous job and noticed you were sitting quietly outside on the decking as I left.
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