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I Wonder

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Anna places her trust in Christa.

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At the emergency room Alicia was examined and immediately taken into surgery. In the waiting room Mikey paced while Christa, Claire and Bob sat trying to calm him.

Gerard took Anna’s hand. “We’re gonna step outside for some fresh air.” He said. “Try to take it easy, Bro. You heard the doctor we did the right thing getting her here as soon as we did.”

Mikey nodded, “I’m just fuckin’ glad we stopped when we did and Anna suggested taking her to the RV. Shit, I didn’t think it was that serious at first. I thought she had the flu.”

“You would have realized how serious it was.” Gerard said patting him on the shoulder.

Mikey shook his head and returned to pacing the carpeted floor.

“I called the guys and told them what’s going on.” Bob said. “They are going on to the venue. I told them I’d call as soon as she’s out of surgery.”

Gerard nodded, “Okay. Anna and I’ll be right back.” He led her out of the waiting room and down the hallway towards the exit. Once outside they walked a short distance from the hospital. At this time of night the area was deserted so he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

“Gee” Anna said, “I knew her appendix had burst. I had to do more than simply ease her pain.”

He gave her a shocked look, “Oh shit.” He muttered as understanding filled his mind. “You gave her blood.”

“Just a very small amount. Not enough to heal but enough to stop the toxins that were flooding her bloodstream.”

He took a deep drag digesting the information. “Will she remember?”

Anna shook her head, “No she will have no memory of the incident. The pain made it easy for me to erase it from her mind.”

“Oh shit.” He said as the realization of the situation hit him. “What about Christa?”

“Christa remembers.”

They both turned to see Christa emerge from the shadows. “Christa remembers,” She said again then added, “And she’s very confused.”

Gerard looked at Anna for guidance. He understood the seriousness of the situation.

“Gee, go back in and check on Mikey.” Anna said with a small smile, “Christa and I need to talk.”

“You sure?” He asked. He wasn’t sure what he could do to help but he hated leaving Anna to deal with this alone.

Anna nodded.

Gerard took a final drag off his cigarette then tossed it away. He didn’t look at Christa as he brushed past her.

As the door closed Anna turned to Christa. “Thank you for trusting me.”

Christa took a few steps foreword. “I’m not sure why but I just felt trusting you was the right thing to do but I’m so confused. Anna…” She took another step closer, “What are you?”

Anna glanced away for a moment. She knew she should simply stop this now and erase the memory in Christa’s mind but something about the woman puzzled her. “What do you think I am?”

“I have no idea.” Christa answered. “Since the first time I met you I just felt there was something different about you.” She searched her mind knowing there was something else she wanted to say. “Something different, I felt it.”

Anna watched in surprise. She knew Christa was searching for the memory she’d erased. The memory of them talking and Christa telling her she got a strange vibe from Anna.

Christa moved over to a low stonewall and sat down. “Shit, have you ever had something, a thought, nagging at the back of your brain?”

Closing the distance between them Anna sat down on the wall. “No, I can not say that I have.”

For the moment Christa gave up trying to figure it out. It was more important to her to understand what Anna had done. She knew without question it had helped Alicia but how and why? “Anna, why did you give her your blood?”

Anna knew she must stop this now. She spoke in a low, commanding tone, “Christa look at me.”

At first Christa’s head started to turn but suddenly she turned her head the other direction. “Anna, please. Don’t do that.”

Anna was shocked, “What?”

Christa continued to speak facing away from Anna, “You are gonna make me forget. I think you’ve done it before.”

“Oh my.’ Anna said slowly trying to regain her composure. “Now I wonder what you are.”

Christa turned her head back around but kept her eyes on the ground, “I’m right aren’t I? You have the ability to make people forget things.”

Anna looked down at her hands. “I only do what is the safest thing.”

“Making me forget seeing you give Alicia your blood would be the safest thing for me?”


“I just want to understand. I don’t think you are bad. I know in my heart what you did helped Alicia. You knew her appendix had burst didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Anna admitted softly, “I knew.”

“But how?”

“I can sense things.” Anna answered honestly.

“That isn’t so hard for me to accept.” Christa said softly, “Sometimes I can sense things too. I mean I’m not like a psychic who can predict stuff but I just get these feelings I can’t explain.”

“Yes, you have told me that before.”

Christa turned to look at her, “I have, haven’t I?” That was the nagging thought that had been gnawing at her brain.

Anna nodded.

“Why did you make me forget that?”

“It would be best if you just accept me as a normal, unassuming woman.”

Christa gave a small laugh, “You are anything but that.”

Anna glanced away, “I wish it was true.”

The sadness in her voice touched Christa, “Anna, I’m sorry I asked what you are. That sounded so wrong.” She struggled for the words to explain how she felt, “It’s just I realize you are different but in a good way. Doing what you did for Alicia could have saved her life. I heard what that doctor said. With all the problems Alicia’s had with her kidneys those toxins that poured into her body could have really done some damage. I don’t understand why giving her your blood slowed it down but I know it did.” She reached over and touched Anna’s arm, “And I don’t want to understand. I won’t ever ask you again about what happened and I promise I will never breath a word of this to anyone.”

Anna was conflicted. She knew she should simply erase the memory from her mind and yet that small part of her that longed to be human again wanted Christa to know she was different. She wanted it because it felt like they shared a bond of trust on a human level.

“Anna, I do promise. You asked me to trust you and I did. Now I’m asking you to trust me.”

Anna nodded, “I do trust you. Perhaps it is because like me you are different. I sensed this from the first time we met. You have an open mind to all that you do not understand with logic. Just please remember for your own safety this must always remain a secret.”

Christa smiled, “A secret we share.” She leaned over and hugged Anna impulsively, “Thank you.”

The early morning light was just peeking over the horizon when the tired group of friends left the hospital. They had all wanted to wait until Alicia, who had come through the surgery well, had been placed in her private room. Mikey was staying with her and when she was released would be taking her home to recover. Plans were already underway for his replacement to step in until he could return to the tour.

“Shit, I need some good coffee.” Bob said stretching. “Not that hospital shit.”

Beside him Claire smiled, “I understand what you mean.”

“We need to get to the venue and get some sleep.” Gerard yawned. “I’m so fuckin’ tired.” He put his arm around Anna and pulled her close.

“How far are we from the venue?” Christa asked.

They had just arrived at the RV and were slowly trudging inside.

“About a hundred miles.” Bob answered. “I talked to Frank a few minutes ago and he said he for Gee and me not to worry about anything for tonight. We’re just supposed to get our asses there and crash until the Meet and Greet.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Gerard nodded. He looked over at Bob, “Hey you drove most of the night. Want me to take over?”

“Or I could.” Claire said suddenly, “I did sleep a bit last night before everything happened.”

Bob shook his head, “I’m good. I’ll get us there but I’m gonna hit a Drive-Thru for some real coffee before we hit the Interstate.”

A few hours later the RV pulled into the venue parking lot. Gerard who had just nodded off while sitting next to Anna jarred awake. “We’re here?”

Bob turned off the engine and laughed, “Yeah, Sleeping Beauty.”

Ray was already waiting at the door for his wife.

“Hey” he greeted them. “Long night?”

Bob rolled his eyes, “Ya think?”

Christa walked directly into Ray’s arms. “I missed you.” She whispered.

“Missed you too, Babe.” He hugged her tightly. “Come on lets get you into your bunk. You look dead tired.”

“Well thank you so much.” Christa laughed. She let him lead her across the lot to the bus.

Bob glanced over at Claire, “Why don’t you come with me? We’ll let Gee and Anna have the RV.”

“All right.” Claire answered.

Bob was secretly pleased she had just made a decision without turning to Anna first.

As they walked across the lot Gerard put his arm around Anna. “Come on Sugar, lets go lay down.”

Walking back into the RV he headed towards the bedroom but noticed Anna had stopped by the table. He gave her a questioning look but then understood. “Where is it?”

Anna smiled, “There is a bag in the bedroom.” She walked past him and pulled out a black leather bag from the small closet. Gerard took it from her and prepared the injection.

“Lay down.” He said. Once she had he moved over to the bed and sat down. He gently pushed up her sleeve and injected the liquid. He smiled when her eyes flashed, “God that is so beautiful.” He whispered.

Anna smiled up at him. “I am glad you feel that way.”

“Only way a man in love can feel, Sugar.’ He put the needle away then lay down beside her. ‘Shit, as fuckin’ tired as I am I still want to make love to you.”

“Yes but sleep is more important at this time.” She rolled over and snuggled up to him. “Perhaps tonight we can get away.”

Gerard nodded, “Yeah, that’s right. We don’t have a show tomorrow night so we can.” His eyes were heavy but he still asked her about Christa. “Did you erase the memory?”

Anna sighed, “No.”

Gerard’s eyes popped open, “You didn’t?”

“She asked me not to.”

“Wait, I don’t understand. Are you saying she knew you were gonna do it?”

“Gee we can talk about this later. Go to sleep.”

At first he was angry she was giving him an order but the exhaustion he felt was stronger. “Yeah, okay.” He closed his eyes, “Are you gonna sleep too?”

“No.” Anna answered honestly.

“I wish I could stay up with you.” He murmured feeling sleep rapidly closing in.

“I will be right here when you awake.” She gently kissed his lips.

Ray tucked Christa into her bunk then leaned down to kiss her lips. “Get some sleep, Babe.” He whispered.

“It was a long night.” She answered yawning. “I’m just glad Alicia is okay.”

“Me too.” He said standing. “Gotta say I was pretty freaked out when I woke up and you were gone.”

“I left you a voice mail and I told Frank.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I know but still. How come you went with them?”

“I was so worried about Alicia. I woke up when I heard Mikey and Anna talking. So I got dressed and followed them to the RV.”

Ray had wondered what had actually happened, “How come they moved her?”

Christa was sure the idea has been Anna’s but did not want to draw unnecessary attention to that detail. “They thought she’s be more comfortable in a bed.”

“So I guess she got worse so they decided to take her to the hospital? I mean last I talked to Mikey he thought she just had the flu.”

“She got a lot worse.” Christa said. “Actually it was Anna who suggested the hospital first. She mentioned to me that Alicia’s symptoms could be an appendicitis attack.”

Ray thought a moment, “Well it’s good she thought that. From what I’ve heard it’s good you guys got her to the hospital when you did.”

Christa nodded then closed her eyes. She heard Ray move off down the hall. Left alone with her thoughts she replayed what had happened. She knew she would never forget the look on Anna’s face when she’d bit her own wrist and offered the blood to Alicia. If she didn’t truly trust and care for Anna that look would have terrified her.

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