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Welcome To Paradise

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Samantha Tyler was adopted, but what what happens when they pass away? How much will her life change?

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Hello everyone. I've been working in this story for a while now, it's not even finished yet. I still have a lot in my notebook that needs to be typed up and once it is, I'm gonna try to continue it on my computer. I hope you like it!


Being a 16 year old who lives in Southern California is supposed to be amazing. I'm supposed to be having the time of my life. But I'm not. My name is Samantha Tyler, and I just lost my best Friends...and my family. And I just found out that I was adopted. My life can't get any worse than it already is.

A week ago I lost my best friends in a car crash...all of them. It was late, and they were coming home from a party. They were all drunk and stupid enough to get behind the wheel. They ended up getting into a car crash...a pretty bad one too...and they all died. All five of them. A few days after that had happened, my parents told me I was adopted. They obviously thought I wasn't miserable enough, so they told me that news. Great right? That night, we got into a fight and I didn't talk to them till the next day when they saw I was off to the funeral. While I was at the funeral crying my eyes out, my parents and my older brother Danny decided to head up to Big Bear for the day. I came home and found the notes and patiently waited for them to come home so I could apologize. I waited and waited, but no one came home and no one called to make sure I was alright. The next day soon came and still nothing. 5 PM rolled around, and just as my body was overwhelmed with worries and fear, the doorbell rang. Hoping to see Danny at the door acting crazy and random like he usually does, I ran to open it. I opened it and my heart sank even deeper than it already was. There was a cop facing me, and he didn't look too happy. "Are you Samantha Tyler?" "Yea." "I'm officer Gray. I have some bad news..." I fell to my knees and felt my body convulsively shake as officer Gray explained to me how my parent's car plumaged 500 ft. down a cliff. What's worse was was the last thing I said to my adoptive parents was 'I wish you never adopted me.' I ran to the bathroom looking for a razor, but couldn't find one. My parents knew I can be suicidal, so they hid everything I could possibly hurt myself with. What am I going to do?

A Few Days Later

I haven't gone to school, haven't really gone out, haven't even really stepped out of my house except for the funerals. I've just been alone with my horrible, horrible thoughts. But I've decided to do something about my life. After going to the funeral and looking at all the people there...who I thought were my family...I've decided to look for my real family...that is, if they're still alive.

I've made numerous amounts of phone calls to different adoption agencies, and none of them would allow me to see someone about my situation...except for 'Caring hands, Caring hearts.' [sigh] I hope everything goes well.

The Next Day

I walked up to the receptionist lady and told her I'm here to see Jennifer Sanger. "What's your name?" "Samantha Tyler." "Yes, she's been expecting you. Follow me." I followed her into a small office and was advised to sit down. "Hello. You're the one I spoke to on the phone yesterday, correct?" "Yes." "So what can I do for you, sweetie?" "I want to know who my real parents are." "How old are you, hun?" "I'm 16." "I'm sorry, honey, but I can't release that information to you since you're under 18." I felt tears stinging my eyes, "you don't understand. I need this information." "I'm not authorized to do that. Not unless you have consent from your adoptive parents. And let me tell you, there are many uncooperative parents out there who will not sign the papers to release that info." "I can't do that though!" "Why not?" "'Cause, I have no one left. My family died last Saturday!" The tears started to fall. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Let me talk to my boss." She got up and left me alone with my thoughts.

About five minutes later, she came back. "Follow me. Keep quiet." I got up and quickly followed her to a room filled with file cabinets. She opened one, got out a folder and handed it to me. I opened it and saw my baby picture, and what my real parents look like. "Oh my God." She took back the file and pulled out a few papers. She smiled as she read some of the info that was on it, "your parent's names are Ollie and Andrew Armstrong. You have 6 brothers and sisters and they all live in Oakland. If you want, I could give you their addresses." "Yes please." "Okay, I'll be back." After walking over to the xerox machine, she came back and handed me a list of names and addresses. "If you ever need anything else, please call me. I'll be happy to oblige." "Thank you so much for everything." "You're very welcome. I hope you have a great life with your new, old family." "Thank you."

A soon as I got home, I booked a one-way flight to Northern California. I packed my stuff and fell asleep, preparing for tomorrow's adventure.


I checked in and after waiting about an hour and a half, I'm now waiting on the plane, ready for it to take off. While waiting, I was wondering about my new family, so I googled everyone on my internet equipped phone. Not many results came up for them...except when I typed in 'Billie Joe Armstrong.' Every link was dedicated to him. "Who is this guy? How come I've never heard of him?" There was a teenage boy sitting next to me, and he commented on my rhetorical question. "You've never heard of who?" "Billie Joe Armstrong. Apparently he's one of my brothers and I googled him to see if I could find anything out about him, and all kinds of stuff came up. Who is he?" The kid stared at me...wide eyed. "What?" "Your brother is Billie Joe!?" "Yea." "And you have no idea who he is!?" "No, I was adopted. I found out yesterday that I'm part of the Armstrong family." "You're so fucken lucky! I'm his biggest fan!" "Fan?" "He's the frontman of Green Day! One of the biggest bands in the world!" "Really? I've never heard of them." "No way, yes you have. Everyone knows at least one song of theirs. Have you heard the song 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)'?" "Yea. Who hasn't? It's played for everything. I love it." "Then you've heard a Green Day song!" "Wow, really? I never knew they sang that song. That's so cool!" We spent the rest of the plane ride talking about Green Day.

We soon arrived in Oakland, and I said goodbye to my new friend. I headed towards 'my parent's' house and tried calming myself down. Once I was at the front door, I sighed and knocked on the door. A young looking guy opened the door, gave me a funny look and asked "can I help you?" "Hi, are you Billie Joe Armstrong?" "Yes. Are you a crazed fan?" I gave him a funny look this time, I can tell our relationship is gonna be a good one. "Then who are you?" "My name is Samantha. I'm kinda related to your family." "Oh really? Come in." We walked into the house and quite a few people were there. An older woman, whom I'm guessing is Ollie, and, I guess, my dad. Also, a guy with blonde hair and tattoos and another guy with a kinda fohawk hairdo. Billie introduced me to everyone. "This is my mom, Ollie, my step-dad, these are my fellow bandmates." He pointed to the blonde, "this is Mike Dirnt" then he pointed to the fohawk dude, "and this is Mr. Tré Cool." "Hey everyone." Ollie spoke, "so how can we be of service? By the way, you look awfully familiar." I chuckled, I wonder why mom. "Um, my name is Samantha. I came from Southern California and..." I looked at Ollie, "...I'm your daughter."

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