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Hot & Cold - HELP!

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Just need a little help with my story :D YOU COULD BE IN IT XD

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Some of you might have noticed that Hot & Cold is taking me forever to update... Truth? I'd run out of ideas.
But now I've got one and this is where you help...


I'm looking for a new character in this story. I would make one up, but this story is actually based on real people. Chloe and Lucy are my friends.
I would use another of my friends, but Chloe and Lucy are inside on the sort of joke beyond the story.
So I want you to be in the story! Just fill in the littttle form below and you can be in it (:
NOTE - You'll be playing somebody pretty mean, so if you're going to get offended, don't offer to be in it... :3 Thanks
[Name's have to be real ones but first name only, if necassary I'll make up a last name. But everything else can be made up]

Name -
Strongest School Subject -
Weakest School Subject -
Favorite Food -
Catch Phrase -
Colour Hair -
Colour Eyes -

Thanks, I need people to sign up ASAP :D
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