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Just Give Me A Chance

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Gerard's gone, but he wants to tell Frankie something. one shot. frerard

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Gerard's POV

'Frankie, I'm sorry, darling' I whispered although he could not hear me. I knew I needed to tell him. He knew how I felt, but not even his love was enough to save me. I sighed, slumping down on the couch as he walked into the kitchen. I could imagine what he would be saying to me. It was all compliments and smiled. Well, for me it was an act. I wasn't happy, and it was blatantly obvious. When I finaly told Frank how I felt, I'd already scribbled a vague, but sincere note and picked my poison. That night, I overdosed and slashed my wrists. That night, Frank found me. That night, I realized that death sucks. Frankie walked out of the kitchen and sat beside me, garing at me. But he couldn't see or hear me, so I brushed it off.
'I know you're there, Gerard. And I'm fuckin' pissed at you' He whispered. I began to cry, the tear drops cracking and falling into a million shards of glass. I looked away, not wanting him to see me cry.
'Frankie, I love you. Don't fuck up like I did. I know you're listening now, so I can leave and rest in peace' I whispered, preparing myself for an amazing ghost exit.
'Rock in peace, babe' Frankie smiled as I disappeared.
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