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Pick It Up

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"But, it's right there!?"

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Said, or more like yelled, person’s head snapped up from a white wood desk. A grow passed from his lips as he whipped the sleepiness from his eyes. He had fallen asleep at his desk…again. He made a mental note to not make it a habit. The side of his face hurt, and he had a crick in his back.

“Sir?” He responded hastily. He rubbed the drool from upon his tanned cheeks.


“Coming, Sir!” Saix groggily rose from his seat. What could Xemnas possibly want at this hour? It was at least two in the morning! Why was he never done with his work? He was starting to feel like a slave. He yawned as he climbed the long stairs of Addled Impasse to a room section near the Altar of Naught. Xemnas’ office and master bedroom was settled here. He stopped at a large door engraved with the Superior’s number. He pushed open the extravagant door cautiously and poked his head in.

“Can I help you, Sir?” Xemnas was sitting in a furnished chair by a coffee table in a corner of the office. Xemnas looked up casually, his gloved knuckles rested under his tilted chin.

“Yes, come put that in its proper place for me.” Xemnas pointed to a silver fountain pen on the white carpet near his feet.

Saix’s eye twitched and his left ear flickered in annoyance.

“But, Sir, it’s right there…” Saix stared at the fallen pen.

“Yes, I know. Pick it up.” Xemnas continued to hold an indifferent expression.

“Couldn’t you have-Why did I have to….I mean it’s right there!!” Saix gestured to the horrid thing. The tips of his ears were turning red.

“Come. Pick. It. Up.” Xemnas reiterated.

Saix scooped it up with a huff through his nose and plopped it down into its home in the pen holster. He then turned to stare back at his leader.

“Well…?” Saix bobbed his head.

“Well, what?” Xemnas gave him the And What?! look.
“I put it back.”

“I saw that. Now shoo.” Xemnas’ long fingers gestured toward the door.

Saix grumbled under his breath muttering curses.

“You have something you’d like to say, Saix?” Xemnas’ voice boomed.

“Hmm…” Saix never paused in his pace out.

Saix was just about to pass out of the enormous door until…

“Saix?” Xemnas asked quietly. He yawned loudly. The deep rumble in his chest became audible.
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