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Smiles Echo In My Memory

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Gerard's kidnapped, but doesn't expect to fall in love captor. Won't reveal captor until later on.

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Hearbreak is forever.
And I truly believe that.
Sure, my story isn't your conventional love story. There's no happy ending where we walked, hand in hand, into the sunset. The world, who had once shunned us, didn't change their view on us and welcome our love. Honestly, neither of us even has a vagina.
I'd say we were more like Romeo & Juliet. But even they had it better than we did: at least they're together now. And they experienced love at first sight. The nervous flutters in your chest and the damp palms and the muttered "who's that?" to your friend.
Maybe he fell in love with me at first sight. Maybe the flutters and the sweat and the curiosity were all there. We never got a chance to talk about it, so I have no idea.
And that's the thing. Romeo & Juliet got to know each other. Sure, they might have been short on time, but I bet they knew each other inside out. We never got that. We never had breathy post-sex talks about our emotions, our aspirations, and every fucking thing we've experienced.
Maybe I should say I wish we had done that. So I could say how I truly loved him, seemed more distraught when it ended. But honestly, I think the ambiguity and the engima radiating from him was what made it work. Don't get me wrong; I don't fall in love every Tom, Dick and fucking Harry I meet. However, I just think that if I did know all about him, the relationship wouldn't have been so explosive; it wouldn't have worked.
Hah. I'm calling it a relationship. I guess many would think I have pshycological issues. Maybe I do. Maybe he made me this way: manipulating me until I believed it was a proper love story. But I don't think so. I know what it was: Love. Flawed, fragile, devastating, immoral love. I won't lie that people were disgusted when they heard about us.
Although now I'm past caring.

A/N: I know I shouldn't be starting something else when I need to update 'It could be exactly the same', but I just had an idea that became this. I promise I'll update the other story soon! xo, Han
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