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Freak 5

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Chapter 5 sorry it took sooo long

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Authors note: I am very bad at writing battle scenes. And am suffering major writers block.

If any one has any suggestions on how to write a good fight scene please share it!

Also MYSTERY GUEST appearance in this chapter!

Thanks and enjoy!

Tonight was it! My first real regular performance! I was nervous and excited! I'd go on next after Limbs. My stage make up was a bit different then usual. I had 'blood around my mouth and on my hands and neck. Black make-up was caked around my eyes and I wore black lip stick, with blood red gloss to add a bloody tint to them. I looked pretty haunting dress in black from head to heel except for a blood red sash hanging from my belt. My little tribute to Mr. C. My bodice didn't have a back, and a choker decorated with spiders and bats around my neck. There were gold coins on my belt and chains on my boots and at my waist. I jingled when ever I moved and the metal caught the light where ever I was and drew attention to my weapons.

"Good luck little bat!" Mr. C told me. I could only nod as I hear Mr. Tall announce my act.

"Ready for more? Then please welcome… The mysterious…the beautiful,. exotic, the deadly weapons wielder of the night...Mistress Nyx!"

I slowly walked on to the stage as the lights went down so much it was almost pitch black, my eyes searched for my mentor, he had promised he'd be watching. He was, I saw his bright red hair and matching clothes. But I had to wonder who was he talking to? I brushed off my questions and started my act. First thing Mr. C taught me was illusions….

I put that to good use now. A special candy Mr. Tall made allowed my eyes to glow blood red, and I growled in the dim lighting. From one hand I threw fake spiders at the crowd and some screamed. I roared, (yet another sound affect, courtesy of Mr. Tall) My flash flashed in the small pool of red light, (those were not fake… other vampires don't have fangs but I do… then again most vampires aren't born , but here I am.) . I threw a rope at one boy I caught ogling me, in midair it turned in to a black wiggling thing, he screamed at it landed on him, before realizing it was just a rope again. Haunting music was playing, and the stage was decorated with noses, a shadow of the gallows, chains, axes and other fake weapons the looked just too damn real.

After a few minutes of tormenting the poor crowd, the lights brightened: The candy wore off the illusions were gone and people had claimed down. I smiled evilly and I finally spoke up in my fake accent:

"Good evening, good evening to you all, I must say it is such a pleasure to be here in this anonymous small town that used to have character but is now surrounded by chain stores and slums. And I am so honored that, blah, blah, blah, excreta, excreta, so and so forth add nausea... I fear I have some rather unfortunate news, my usual partner, Shanus Von, has come down with a bad case of the flu and is unable to perform... But not to worry, for our Strong man, Vulcan, has volunteered to take his place."

(Mystery guest and Mr.C)

"Ah, Larten, when you said that she was your daughter, I had foolishly hoped her personality would differ from your own." Larten chuckled. "No, my friend, it does not. There is a fire in her, She is a good vampire presently, but imagine if she had grown in vampire mountain! She would be the jewel of the generals! I just know she would!" The vampire whose identity was hidden in the shadows chuckled." Let us see how she handles her weapons as well as you claim she does, THEN we shall see if she will go with us to Vampire Mountain."

(On the Stage)

"And I will!" The strong man Vulcan, boomed as he walked on to the stage. The crowd cheered. "Ha! Mistress of weaponry… I do fear your audience is in for a grave disappointment." I eyed the over confident man, "And how do you figure that?" Vulcan boasted, "Why look at yourself, you are small… I am huge and strong… and very handsome…" I took his barb with grace and added, "Do not forget vain, conceded and over confident." The crowd laughed. "Ha! How will you little one ever beat me?" I grabbed my staff. "Grab a weapon and I shall show you."

And so the fight commenced….. (Badly written fight scene! Sorry!)

All sound, and distractions disappeared… crack, bang, twirl, left right… were the only thoughts in my head. First I fought with my trade mark staff, then several types of swords, a shark tooth club, then my staff again. But never did I use a shield. I hated them, the only got in the way of my line of sight. It wasn't long until I found myself five feet in the air balancing on the top of my staff, with one hand, avoiding a blow and showing my hallmark stunt. The blow passed and I used my height to my advantage and landed on Vulcan's chest, knocking him down flat and ending the fight with my staff at his throat. "Maybe next time Vulcan… but for now, I remain the Weapons Mistress." I allowed the Strong man to get up. As the crowd applauded. I bowed as the little people quickly cleared and set the stage for the next act.

I went back stage to Mr. C's temporary room. He told me to meet him there after my act, before the show had started. I knocked on the door out of habit. I heard two distinct voices, one was Mr.C's for sure but the other I didn't recognize.

"Come in Nyx," I heard Mr. C respond from behind the door, I walked in to the room and sitting in a chair was someone I'd never seen before. "My friend, meet my daughter Nyx. "Greetings Nyx, Larten has told me much about you." They said. "Hi…" I responded awkwardly looking at Mr. C in question.

MR. C smiled, "Nyx, I want you to meet a good friend of mine…...

(EVIL LAUGH!) Muah hahahahahah! You all will have to wait for the next chapter to find out who this mystery guest is! I will not give you any hints to who it is either!

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